Tomas Fuentes Bike Check

Bike photos: Rodolfo Lagos

The other day, our friend from Chile, Tomas Fuentes, had hit us up with a few photos of his setup that he’s currently running for us to check out. We were loving the look of his bike and figured that you guys would be stoked on it too! We figured with him recently joining Etnies along with representing Odyssey down there, that it would be a good time for a bike check and to get some bonus questions to find out more about just who this guy is! Ready? Let’s check it out!

Name: Tomás Fuentes
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Subrosa – Introducing the Street Rail

We got a preview of the Subrosa Street Rail a little while back and we have been patiently waiting for it to drop since! Here’s a little promo video showing you how easy it is to setup and take apart along with a little clip of Hoang Tran. You can check out more photos and get full specs and details Right here. I want one of these for some fun driveway sessions!

Specifically designed for BMX use, the strong and stout Subrosa Street Rail will immediately turn your driveway, backyard, or a parking lot into a fun session whether you are a beginner or a rail assassin.

The Subrosa Street Rail is also one of the few rails that is easily portable! It breaks down into 4ft sections, to fit into most trucks and cars, making it easy for you to always have something to ride no matter the circumstances.

Bring it anywhere for an instant spot!

Check out all the spec, and detailed photos at

The Subrosa Street Rail will be available worldwide

Photos and Edit by
Austin Bonner

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Sneak Peek: Fly Bikes – 2015 Proton Complete


Fly Bikes dropped a preview of their 2015 Proton Complete bike, along with it’s 3 color options; flat Military green, flat Mustard yellow and flat black! Get more info below and check out the other colors after the jump!

The third bike in our 2015 range of complete bikes, the Proton. For this year we have given this bike a full chromoly setup with the frame, bars and fork, decked it out with Trebol and Flybikes parts and given it three new color options.

The Proton is ideal for taller riders or riders that are looking for a more stable geometry. This bike features a 21” top tube length, a 13.60” chain stay length, a 32mm offset fork and big 8.75” rise bars with a top load stem to bring the bars up even higher. This bike also comes with our Manual brake lever, cable and the new Manual Springhanger brakes.

This bike, along with our full 2015 range of products, will be available in October through all shops and mail-orders that carry Flybikes worldwide!” – Fly Bikes

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The Shadow Conspiracy

Santa Cruz Bike Park Session

The other day, Stephen August, Wolfgang Ray and Sam Stebila made their way out to the Santa Cruz Bike Park with filmer, Chris Bracamonte, for a laid back session! They stacked a ton of clips that were filled with style in this brand new video for you to enjoy! Hit that play button!

Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte

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Dan’s Comp – Buy 3 Get a Stevie Tee


Now through August 21st, if you buy 3 t-shirts or more ($17.99 value or higher), you will get a FREE Stevie Churchill signature Dan’s Comp shirt! Buy 3, get a Stevie Tee… Easy as that! Check out all of the shirts Dan’s has to offer RIGHT HERE.

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Cult BMX

Grip It Rip It – Stay Rude

Just saw this on Facebook and we’re so glad we saw it… These are “Scrap” clips of Evan Johnson from the past two or so years ago and DAMN do we want to see the actual footage they’re sitting on. Hit play and prepare to say “hell yeah” at least 10 times! MUST SEE for sure!

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Paul Ryan Bike Check


The Shadow Conspiracy dropped a new bike check with Paul Ryan and his current setup decked out with all the latest parts from Shadow! Get over to their website and take a closer look by clicking here!

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Dew Tour Portland 2014 – Streetstyle Highlights

Yesterday, things got heated out in Portland, Oregon for the Streetstyle contest at the Dew Tour! Dennis Enarson took home the win with Garrett Reynolds taking second and Drew Bezanson coming in third. Check out some highlights from Dennis, Garrett, Drew, Ty Morrow, Tyler Fernengel and Stevie Churchill after the jump.

Dennis Enarson puts down creative lines, big bangers and technical tricks to take home the BMX Streetstyle win in Portland.

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Profile Racing

Dew Tour Portland 2014 – Dirt Session Highlights

Last night, Kyle Baldock took home the win in the Dirt Sessions contest at the Dew Tour in Portland! It sounds like they mixed things up for this contest and made it a 30 minute jam format where you had to complete at least 3 runs to even make the top 5. Seems like it was a good idea because the guys didn’t seem stressed out and the riding got crazy. Check out one of Kyle’s runs above and a few quick runs from Ryan Nyquist and Kevin Peraza’s after the jump!

For the second year in a row, Kyle Baldock takes home first for BMX Dirt.

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Sneak Peek: Fly Bikes – 2015 Neutron Complete


Next up on the 2015 Preview from Fly Bikes is their Neutron complete. They’ve gone and upgraded the bike with a 100% chromoly setup, high quality Trebol and Fly parts and two new color options! Above is the Burnt Flat Orange and below is the flat orange with Military Green accents! Get full details below!

For 2015, we have given our Neutron complete a few new elements to make it even better! For this year we have given the Neutron a 100% chromoly frame, loaded it with new Trebol and Flybikes parts and added some fresh paint! Above is a look at the second of the two new color options; Flat Burnt Orange.

The Neutron Complete is ideal for tech riders or the medium size riders with a 20.6” top tube length, 27-degree offset fork, 8.50” rise bars with a front load stem, 13.20” chain stay length and much more! Not pictured is the Manual brake lever, cable and Manual Springhanger brakes that also come with this bike!

This bike along with all of our 2015 products will be available in October through all shops and mail-orders that carry Flybikes worldwide


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