Photogallery: Chris Marshall April 2014

Sean Ricany BMX

The other day, our friend Chris Marshall hit us up with a few of his latest photos to check out. Anyone who has seen Chris’ work in the past knows he produces some phenomenal work, and you better believe these were no different! We couldn’t pass up sharing these with you guys, so check out this brand new photogallery featuring Garrett Reynolds, Sean Ricany, Joe and Ryan Niranonta, Stephen Salley, Colin Varanyak, Chris “Special” Dolan, Anthony Yacovelli, Steve Kulischenko, Mike “Smallfry” Almodovar, Nick Bardzilowski and Anthony DeRosa by clicking the link below!


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Threads Vol. 6


Man, I don’t know about you, but this week flew by! It’s Friday, so that seems to be the time we’ve been taking a look at Bikeguide to see what they have going on over on the board. We’ve picked up two interesting threads that will get you thinking or have you laughing your ass off to look at!

The first one we picked out is 3D Printing Titanium Parts! There’s been a lot of talk about 3D printing lately and it seems like there’s been more and more people looking into how to make it work for bikes. There’s been a few uses of titanium that are proving to be more affordable than CNC machining and it seems like the concept is getting even closer to actually being used. We even get a look at George French of G-Sport‘s personal 3D printing setup he has been using to prototype designs. Well worth looking into!


3D Pritning Titanium Parts


The second thread we’ve picked out is for anyone looking to laugh. The Post Internet Funnies (NSFW) thread has a ton of hilarious meme’s, Facebook screen shots, .GIFS and more. This one hits the Not Safe For Work Zone, so only check this out if your boss or mom isn’t around, haha.


Post Internet Funnies (NSFW)

This is just two of the thousands of threads that cover BMX to really anything you can think up over on Bikeguide, so head over there and take a look at It’s also FREE to create an account and get in on this, so get to it!

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Product: Shadow Conspiracy – Cinco De Drinko Tank Top


With the 1st of May just about 2 weeks away, it’s time to start preparing for Cinco De Mayo! The Shadow Conspiracy have released these limited edition tank tops for you to get your hands on to celebrate! Hit their WEBSTORE to get one ordered up today!

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Chris Silva and the Animal Axle Nuts

Mike Headford photo_600x
Photo: Mike Headford

Coming up with this intro is a little tricky… Chris Silva is a Canandian BMX legend regardless if he wants to believe it or not. Over the years, Chris has destroyed A LOT of rails all over with and without the help of his pegs. Although grinding without pegs seems damn near impossible, he does it.
Some of you older riders out there will remember the classic Primo “Jewel” axle nuts that were essentially axle nuts that were rounded off to work more like pegs back in the day. Thanks to this little invention, it helped and inspired Chris to push the limits of his grinding abilities and helped make him into that legend we were talking about above that he is today.
A few months back when I was talking with Chris, he had mentioned that he was working on something with Animal Bikes that he was really psyched on. After bugging him a bit, he let the cat out of the bag that they were developing a newer, better, Chris Silva signature version of the Jewel axle nuts that would be coming out this summer.
There was no way we couldn’t find out more, so we got Chris to talk about these axle nuts (don’t call them a peg!) and the history of what lead to today. Let’s see what he had to say!

Name: Chris Silva
Check It >>

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Subrosa – Park Party Tour Stops 5 & 6


The party ain’t over yet! Subrosa just announced stops 5 and 6 of the Park Party Tour going down at Ray’s Cleveland April 5th and Chenga April 27th! They’ll have Lahsaan Kobza, Kyle Hart and Nick Bullen there to ride with the locals, so if you are in the area, get to this! More info right here!

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Odyssey – Gary Young 2 Signature Grips Promo

FACT: If you haven’t hit play on this yet… You are blowing it! Odyssey dropped this new promo for the 2nd version of his signature grips and damn is it good! Enjoy!

Gary Young = Legend and shredder of all.

When it comes to grips, Gary has very particular ideas and preferences. Click play to find out the details on Gary’s new grip from the man himself and to watch some great riding. Enjoy!

Gary Young 2 Grips available now in Black, Red, Royal Blue and Tan/Black Swirl.

Shatner Mask by Demoni

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Product: Profile Racing – New “Wing P” Shirts


Profile Racing just got in their new “Wing P” shirts in 3 different colors; black, army free and navy blue! These are available NOW, so have your local shop hit up Profile to get you some ordered up or hit up their WEBSTORE to pick ‘em up for $22.99 each!

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Subrosa – Park Party Tour: Cranx Bike Park

The Subrosa crew continued north on their Park Party Tour and hit Syracuse, New York to hang out with the locals and get some laps in at the place! Check out what went down in this video, then Click Here for photos of the park!

Check out the 3rd stop of the Subrosa Park Party Tour at Cranx Bike Park in Syracuse, Ny.

The edit features Subrosa pro riders Hoang Tran, Mark Mulville, Lahsaan Kobza, and a ton of locals shredding the place!

Cranx is one of the parks that has to be on your BMX Bucket List! I’ve been to a lot of places, and I’ve never seen this many ramps in on place. The park has everything, and Subrosa is proud to sponsor another bike park!

Thanks to Cranx, all the employees, and all the locals for coming out and helping make this Park Party such a good time!

Another huge thanks to Subrosa pro rider Kyle Hart who produced the music!

Edit by Bobby Kanode

Galaxies Become Canibals
Kyle Hart

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Dan’s Comp – 10% Off Everything In Sales Section Extended


Do you need to get your bike dialed in for the spring? Dan’s Comp have extended their 10% off everything in the sales section for you. No code necessary, just go make an order and they will take 10% off if it’s from the sale section. This offer will only be good for a few more days, so get on it now!

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Insight: Fit Bike Co. – T/A Tire

Fit Bike Co. T/A BMX Tires

This past winter we got an email from Chris Moeller over at Fit Bike Co. wondering if we would be interested in checking out something they were cooking on that would be out this spring. As always, we were more than interested to take a peek into just what they were working on. Shortly after, he hit us back with some photos of their new T/A tire and asked if we would be interested in giving a sample they had in their possession a go. There was no way we could pass up the offer, so we had them on the next shipment out their door to check out in person!
After giving these guys a go for a while and the tires finally being released worldwide here in the next few days, we figured it would be good time to give you guys a look just incase you’re looking to get some fresh rubber on your bike for the warmer weather hitting the northern hemisphere. Let’s take a look!

Check It >>

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