Tanner Easterla Bike Check

Tanner Easterla BMX Bike Check

Tanner Easterla is a name that has been popping up more and more over the past few years and gaining a reputation from some of his gnarly web videos that have dropped in that time. Today, we are stoked to announce that Tanner was recently given a well deserved spot on the Radio Bikes team as their newest U.S rider! As you would imagine with a new sponsor like Radio, that means he is rolling around on a brand new bike! We were curious to see what he was riding, so we got ahold of him for a closer look at his fresh Radio Toren setup decked out with Radio and Eclat parts and then figured we would toss him some extra questions to see what he has been up to these days! Let’s take a closer look!

Name: Tanner Easterla
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Alex Donnachie Interview

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.29.20 PM
Photo: @KRSoneforyou

By now, there is no doubt that you have heard of Alex Donnachie and there’s an even better chance that you have become a fan of his riding from the Nearly DVD’s to all of those amazing BSD edits that were nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve been big fans of Alex for a while now and with his new signature frame from BSD coming along soon, we couldn’t hold out not getting ahold of him to find out more about him! Check out this fresh interview to find out what’s new with him and what he has coming in the future!

Name: Alex Donnachie
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Shadow X Subrosa – Kevin Kalkoff Welcome To The Family

It was announced a few weeks back that Kevin Kalkoff had been added to The Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa‘s teams! Now we have the welcome edit to show you just why they picked him up! This is the definition of STYLE and damn does it look good!

The addition of Kevin Kalkoff to The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa Brand and the Sparky’s family was an easy one. From being a huge staple in the French scene, to his friendship with Shadow Art director Arnaud Mauler, it only made sense to welcome him with open arms. We are proud to release this amazing Welcome edit from the creative mind of Will Evans.

Hit play and check out Kevin shred France in a style that is undoubtedly his own. From stylish bowl lines to some insane street moves, this video is one you won’t want to miss.

Filmed and edited by Will Evans.

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The Shadow Conspiracy

Print Ad: Profile Racing – Mark Mulville


Here’s a look at Profile Racing‘s latest print ad featuring Mark Mulville along with the Column 22mm cranks and Galaxy spline drive sprocket! This can be found in the new issue of BMX Plus!

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Print Ad: Dan’s Comp – Tony Neyer

Photo by Chris Mortenson

Dan’s Comp just dropped their latest print ad featuring Tony Neyer and a few of his signature items and some clothes he rocks. This can be found in the new issue of Ride BMX!

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Profile Racing

Kink – The Stealth Pivotal Seat System

The Stealth Pivotal Seat System from Kink has been available for a little over a year now, but I bet you didn’t know a few things about it like the system is compatible with traditional Pivotal seats and posts? Check out this video to learn more!

quick video shedding some light on the Kink Stealth Pivotal Seat System. Kink Team Manager Jay Roe runs through the setup, and its features, hopefully answering any questions you might have about the system.

The Kink Stealth Pivotal Seats and Posts are available now!

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Subrosa x The Sword – The Stormswitch Bike

Here’s a quick promo video for the collaboration bike that Subrosa is releasing with the band, The Sword! Check out the promo, then get full specs, see more photos and more RIGHT HERE! If you’re digging this, have your local shop get ahold of Sparky’s Distribution to get yourself one pre-ordered now!

Following in the footsteps of their branded beers and hot sauce, The Sword is now expanding their brand to the world of extreme sports by partnering with Subrosa for the creation of the “The Stormwitch” bike. Overseen by Sword drummer and longtime BMX rider, Jimmy Vela, “The Stormwitch” features artwork from famed comic book artist J.H Williams who designed the most recent Sword album, Apocryphon. The bike features quality components by Rant and the Shadow Conspiracy. The bike was displayed last month at Interbike in Las Vegas but will have its first public viewing starting today at Texas Toast in Austin.

The bike will be available worldwide. U.S distribution will be handled by Sparkys distribution, info@sparkysdistribution.com. For dealers ex-US go to http://subrosabrand.com/contact/. During Texas Toast, the bike will be on display at the Subrosa tent. It will also be available at Empire BMX in Austin, TX http://empirebmx.com, Dan’s Comp and all Subrosa’s worldwide distributors.

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Products: Vol. 127


Saturday already? Where time goes, I don’t know! Either way, it’s that time again for a fresh round of Products:! This week we’ll take a closer look at the Lahsaan Kobza signature Chula Upload stem from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Freedom Bars from Freed Bikes, the City front hub from The Daily Grind, The new Stock V2 Cassette wheel from Madera then we’ll wrap things up with the Agua fork from Flybikes! Ready? Let’s do this!

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Sunday Bikes

Product: Profile Racing – Mini Complete Wheels


Are you on the hunt for some new wheels? Well, here’s some good news if you’re looking to build up some Profile Racing Mini hubs! They’re now offering stock complete wheels with the help of Sun Ringle and Deco! The front wheel starts out with Profile’s Mini hub laced to a black Sun Rignle Envy rim with Deco 14 gauge steel spokes and aluminum nipples and a Deco rim strip. The wheel weighs in at 1.86 lbs. (29.9 oz. / 859g) and comes in your choice of hub color with black, matte black, polished, red, blue, gold, matte Army green, purple, green, white or aqua!

The stock Mini front wheel is available for $190.95 in the Profile Racing Webstore or you can have your local shop get ahold of Profile to get you one ordered up today!


The stock Mini cassette wheel, like the front wheel, starts out with a right or left side drive Mini cassette hub with a 14mm GDH chromoly axle and 9-tooth driver that is laced to a black Sun Ringle Big Baller rim with 14 gauge steel spokes and aluminum nipples from Deco along with a Deco rim strip. The wheel weighs in at 2.6 lbs. (41.65oz./1210g) with colors of black, matte black, polished, red, blue, gold, matte Army green, purple, green, white or aqua!

The Profile Racing Stock Cassette wheel is available for $279.95 in the Profile Racing webstore now or you can have your local shop get ahold of Profile to get you one ordered up today!

You can find out more about Profile Racing and their products by visiting their website — ProfileRacing.com

Photogallery: Devon Denham October 2014

BMX Bikes

It’s always a good day when a guy like Devon Denham hits us up with a fresh batch of photos. We’ve featured Devon’s work on our site a handful of times and the photos are always so damn good. As expected, this time around was no different! Today, we’re psyched to show you 12 new photos featuring the likes of Pete Sawyer, Troy Merkle, Jake Seeley, George Dossantos, Ralphy Rodrigues, Oscar Ruiz, Mikey Almodovar, Ryan Howard and Scott Steele in this brand new photogallery! Check it out by hitting the link below!

Check out the full photogallery here!

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