Access Darnied 2012 Trip


Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to go on a number of road trips that have brought me thousands of miles from home. It’s one of those things in life I suggest every BMX rider does at least once in their life. Go outside of the comfort zone and experience places you never thought you would be. Things might not go to plan, but that’s why you gotta do it. There’s no way for you to know where things will go.

The past few years, I’ve had the chance to do a handful of trips with the crew from Milwaukee. The last three years I’ve made my way to meet up with them to load up in the van and head towards Toronto for the annual BMX jam. Each year, there were some unexpected moments, but I don’t think anything can top what happened this year…

Above you can find an edit from some of the riding time we were able to get in during the trip. Jeff Dowhen handled most of the filming and all of the editing with the help of myself and Jon Wells for some of the filming. We figured, a tribute to Detroit was necessary so you can find the 7 Mile Anthem for the song. After you check out that, make the jump and check out some photos and the full story…
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