The Daily Grind – Plaza Session

The Daily Grind‘s Troy Merkle, Jon “Gremlin” Betchtold, Tony Cherry and Scott Steele recently loaded up and spent some time getting a session in at the DC Skate Plaza! They had a super productive session and ended up filming a ton of clips for this new edit. If you’re looking for plenty of peg use and some freecoaster gold, this is where you want to look. Hit that play button now! You won’t be disappointed!

Filmed and edited by Tony Cherry
Song: Papoose – Higher Learning

Jack Nieraeth – Welcome to The Bridge BMX Store

Jack Nieraeth is one of those guys who we have seen a few videos from in the past and we’ve always been more than stoked on what he has always been able to produce. Jack was recently added to The Bridge BMX Store over in the Netherlands and we’re more than stoked to premiere his brand new edit to bring the news and for you to enjoy! Check him out putting in some work at the Skateland Rotterdam, Skatepark Utrecht, the Sweatshop and the now closed Skatepark Amsterdam where he shows you just why they picked him up!

Filmed and edited by Mike Askari

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Flashback Friday – 2013 Original Videos

flashback_2013 copy_600x

This past year seems like it just blazed by us. It went from ice cold to blazing hot and back to ice cold here in Minnesota faster than I would have liked, but that’s just life, right? Over the course of those 12 months, we were able to work with a handful of filmers and riders to produce a handful of Original Videos that were all so rad. We figured with the new year kicking off and it being Friday, it would be a perfect time for a little Flashback Friday action to look back on all of those different videos! Below we have all of them re-embeded for your viewing pleasure, so kick back and take a look at all of the videos you might have missed or want to see again! Let’s take a look!

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2013 Skatepark of Tampa Roast Bowl Jam Video

The annual Skatepark of Tampa ROAST Bowl Jam went down the other weekend! With Matt Coplon at the helm of the event, you already know things went off awesome! Check out this video featuring Matt, T.K Billups, Mike Sugdinas, Kent Pearson, Anthony Bolash, Lee Bennett, Matt Leviege, Dillon Leeper, Cade Wall, Jake Miller, Chris Pryzwara, Spencer Foresman and Niles Harper all throwing down some great riding from what looked to be a hell of a good time during the jam!

Filmed and edited by Brett Rohlfing

The Daily Grind – ATL 2013 Trip

This past weekend, some of The Daily Grind crew loaded up and made their way to Atlanta, Georgia to check out the spots, have guns pulled, turn down some prostitutes and get loose! Check out this dialed video featuring Ryan Howard, Gremlin, Tony Cherry, Greg Goldberg, Zack Gerber and Scott Steele crushing spots and cooking up some heavy hangovers. This is one video you won’t want to miss!

Filmed and edited by Tony Cherry

Austin Miller – Summer Favorites

One of the best parts about waking up every day is checking out all of the different submissions for the Daily Section that we get from all over the world. Because of it, I’ve ended up talking to people I’ve never met from countries I’ve never been to more than people I grew up with that I still see pretty frequently. Austin Miller might not be from another country, but there’s no denying that he’s always actively sending through new videos he put together for us to check out. We were talking a little while back and decided it would be rad to feature one of his videos, so he went out and stacked a few clips over the last few months he was stoked on. The footage might be a little rough and it’s not the craziest riding to ever grace the internet, but it’s rad because Austin went out of his way to put in work for this video for us all to check out. So hit that play button and take a peek! Shout out to Austin and everyone that chipped into film a clip or two for him.

The Daily Grind – DIY Jam Video

Sometimes in order to have a good time, you need to put in some hours to build something awesome. The Daily Grind crew recently got a crew together, pulled out the welder, a few bags of quick crete and a jackhammer and went to work on creating a do it yourself spot that was a pegs dream come true! Once everything was set and ready to ride, they rallied the troops for a day filled with good times. Check out this video featuring Jon “Gremlin” Betchtold, Scott Steele, Vince Smith, Alex Hetrick, Jordan Stump, Zack Gerber, Troy Merkle, Cody Thomas, Shay Lashley, Jake Coulson, Greg Goldberg, Frankie Lang and Damien Racut all getting plenty of use out of this rough spot turned amazing.

Filmed and edited by Tony Cherry
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Mark Mulville – Summer Street Sessions

Subrosa and Profile Racing‘s Mark Mulville is one of those riders who no matter what you put them in front of, they’re going to be able to come through with some damn good riding. Typically, when you think of Mark, you think of some serious trails style, but he’s also pretty notorious for his dialed park riding as well.
Even though he’s usually found in the dirt or hanging out on some ramps, he does get down on some street spots from time to time as well. Mark and Brett have been going out on some missions the past few weeks to see what they could come across down in Florida. This video is what came from their time… As expected, it turned out awesome. Hit that play button and enjoy!

Filmed and edited by Brett Rohlfing

Paul Barnum Video

After spending a few months taking it easy while his back healed up, Merritt‘s Paul Barnum is finally feeling good and starting to crush it again. Since things have been feeling good again, he’s been on it with filming. Paul recently spent some time with Shane McLellan cruising some of his local spots along the east coast filming for this brand new edit that’s loaded with heat for us. All I know is it’s good to see some fresh footage of this guy and that there’s no way you are going to want to miss this one.

Filmed and edited by Shane McLellan
Song: Lloyd Banks – Chosen Few

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The Union X TdUp – Morning Mixture

Over the last few months we’ve seen a bunch of videos from the TdUp crew. They always have a real good vibe and the riding is always real solid. We got talking and decided it was time they did an original for The Union and they went to work on a fresh mix edit featuring the crew for you all to check out. This video features Mike Milford, Austin Miller, Kaleb Retzer, Cody Stahl, Joe Wolfgang, Eli McCloskey, Chris Adamson, Travis Cherry, Jacob Milford and Charlie Bowers all putting in work on their local parks and street spots making for a real good watch. Kick your weekend off right with this rad new edit.

Edited by Kaleb Retzer
Song: The Grateful Dead – Shakedown Street

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