Through The Lens: Woodward Digital Media Camp


Although most of you know that I headed East for the summer and ended up taking on the role of head photo instructor for the Digital Media program at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania, you may not know anymore than that, or might not even know what the program is really about. After spending three months back on my home-coast, it made me realize how different the East Coast is compared to the West Coast. More specifically Los Angeles, California compared to Woodward, Pennsylvania. I had the opportunity to take on an important role at one of the most influential places on earth. If you know anything about Woodward, you know how amazing it is. Every person that goes there has the same exact sentiment towards camp. It’s a place where you can truly be free and exist in this unique, almost surreal environment based around action sports. As for the Digital Media side of things, they have one of the most progressive programs around and truly put in the effort to do things the right way for the good of the campers. The future is looking bright for upcoming photographers and filmers thanks to a unique program that lets kids work not only with professional creative’s, but also have the chance to meet and shoot with some of the most talented BMX riders and Skateboarders in the world.

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Through The Lens: Six Reasons To Shoot Film


For this week I wanted to do a bit of a follow-up piece to the “Film vs. Digital” feature TTL #99. Although I mentioned many of the benefits of shooting film I figured I would give a little more detail on each. I started out shooting photographs and gaining an interest in photography well before the DSLR burst out onto the scene. I have and always will have a passion for analog photography and even though I constantly mention that my main workflow is about 99% digital I still try to shoot a bunch of film along the way. For instance when I travel to a different state for a commercial project, I will always bring along a couple of film cameras for the ride as well. There is no better feeling than exploring a new city, town or anywhere for that matter with a film camera in hand. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with digital in comparison; I’m just expressing the love that I have for film. Check it!

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Through The Lens: What You Didn’t Know – Chad Kerley


There has always been something intriguing to me about getting some behind the scenes details on a photo. I don’t know what it is about it but I just get stoked on seeing exactly how someone shot a specific photo and get a little insight into the process. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that every photographer shoots a little differently, which in turn makes each story unique in its own way. I can remember studying photos in magazines and borderline obsessing about the way that they were shot and honestly over the years not much has changed. I still find myself getting lost in photos to this day with the same level of curiosity that I had when I first started shooting. With that said, enjoy round seven of WYDK.

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Through The Lens: Last Days in California with Brandon Dosch


Well here it is… The one I have been waiting for. I have been talking about this column for months and months now. Every time I mention to someone that I write a weekly column and tell them how many weeks that I’ve been doing it for it reminds me how crazy it is. I can’t recall anything that I’ve done specifically and routinely for 100 weeks in a row and I think that goes for most people. That is why this column is one to remember. For this week I had the chance to catch up with Brandon Dosch and interview him before he starts on his next chapter in life in a new State. Brandon is an amazing rider and has been killing it for years. He has the drive and determination to progress and continue to push his riding forward for a long time to come. He wants to give back to BMX, and understands the importance of making riding look appealing to the younger generation. Take a few minutes to see what he had to say and thank you to everyone who has been down with TTL since this column started. Here’s to 100!

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Through The Lens: Print Vs. Online


When it came down to choosing this week’s topic I actually had to run through my archives and see if I ever happened to write about this before. I’m sure there has been mention of it here and there but I have never officially talked about Print vs. Online and gone into detail about the differences between the two. I have worked for both online and print simultaneously for years now and have definitely done so long enough to form solid opinions on both. I have had multiple covers, written countless articles and had hundreds of photos published. Honestly, I guess when it comes down to it I am pretty torn between the two, but we will get into that a little bit later on. For now, we all can agree that print is taking on a new shape and the online world has been doing just that since the Internet went public in 1989. Take a few minutes and dive into what will be my first time openly discussing this subject in any kind of actual detail.

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Through The Lens: 2013 Year In Review


Another year in the books and another 52 TTL features in 2013. I’ve found myself all over the place at times up late on Tuesday nights from California, to Pennsylvania and wherever else I’ve been this year writing and dialing in the week’s TTL. It’s crazy to look back after that many and see which ones got the most feedback and which ones stood out the most to me. I decided that since I am putting this one together on the last day of the year in 2013 that it only makes sense to a top ten list (in no particular order) of my favorite features of the year and give a little insight as to why. I guess in the meantime though, I would like to thank each and every person out there that has ever read a single column and anyone out there that has been down to work with me on these it really means a lot. Thank you; here’s to the New Year and the mystery of what it may bring.

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Through The Lens: Creative Minds – Working Freelance Vs. Daily Grind

Freelance Photography

This month I hit the two-year mark as a freelance photographer after almost five years straight of working for a magazine full-time, as a salaried photographer/assistant editor and it’s been one hell of a ride so far. I seem to always have this discussion with people and it’s interesting to hear everyone’s varying opinions on the subject of freelance vs. the daily grind. This very column is one of the best parts of working for myself and has been since TTL number one. Now for those of you out there working a 9-5 I have nothing against that lifestyle. If it’s paying the bills and helping you maintain your current situation then I say go for it. There is something about creating that I am addicted to. Whether it’s shooting a photograph, or writing a 4,000-word story I seem to have the need to constantly be working and moving forward. I decided to take a little bit of time and reflect on the differences between the two, and the ups and downs of both since I feel at this point I have seen from both perspectives.

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Through The Lens: Creative Minds – Nick Sawyers


When it came time to get the third edition of “Creative Minds” done I had no problems picking the next artist to feature and that happens to be Nick Sawyers. It was a name that I wasn’t necessarily familiar with but after realizing all of the stuff that he has done in the BMX world I quickly realized that I had already been into his work without even realizing who he was. It’s not every day that the BMX world is graced with talented artists so when it happens it’s rad to see them get the opportunities to create and showcase their skills within the BMX community. Nick is a jack-of-all-trades, can work in a multitude of mediums, and has a sense of humor that shines through in almost every piece he creates. Take a few minutes and get to know someone who is down to put in the work and do what it takes to become successful as a creative, regardless of the trials and tribulations that come right along with that.

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Through The Lens: Fact Check with Raul Ruiz


This week’s column comes in the form of the second edition of “Fact Check” featuring Raul Ruiz. I have known Raul for years now and have been riding with him since 2007 so it’s always a good time when we catch up and kick it. We met up in Highland Park, California, caught a sesh at his local park, talked some shit, shot some photos and this is the result. There have only been a few recurring features that I’ve done for the column but one like this is always a nice break from the regular interview process. I like being able to provide riders with a place to be creative and be themselves. It’s been my goal from day one to use this column as a place to interview riders, get creative, and share my passion for photography. It’s amazing to have an outlet that lets me have full creative control and it’s always an honor to be able to select each rider that I want to work with. No outside influence ever effects any decisions that I make for the column and that’s the way it will stay until it’s over. On that note, enjoy the second-edition of “Fact Check.”

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Through The Lens: Something Different


When I tell people about what I do as a photographer I also run down the list of freelance projects that I currently work on and one of them happens to be this very column. I tell people that I write a weekly photo-based column and that the next time it comes out it will be number (whatever it happens to be next) and they always seem to be shocked by the number of weeks that I have done this. I know for a fact I am kind of shocked as well. It’s one of those things where it doesn’t really hit me until I start the next week and fill in the “check back next Wednesday for the next column” section at the bottom of every TTL and realize how many weeks it’s been. If you have followed the column from the beginning you know that one thing’s for sure and that is you never know what to expect. I have done my best to keep things interesting and keep them fresh so that people have a reason, or at least curious enough to check out what the subject matter is week after week.

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