S1 Helmets – “Off the Top” with Morgan Wade – Part 1

S1 Helmets caught up with Morgan Wade to talk about all sorts of things from deciding to loop the Baldy Loop… again… to why he chooses to wear a helmet all the time, what helmet he likes to use and of course his teeth and how he lost that front tooth of his. Morgan is the man.

Morgan Wade talks about corkscrewing out of Baldy, wearing a helmet, and knocking his teeth out. Morgan rides for Empire, Hoffman BIkes, S1 Helmets, Maxxis, Ethika, 5-10 Footweear, Megaramp and Atomic. Part 2 coming soon!

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S&M – “44 Something” – Full Video

Talk about a classic! I don’t know what you were doing in 1993, but I know it was still about 7 years before I ever started trying to ride. The S&M Bikes “44 Something” video came out in 1993 and it was JAM packed full of guys we consider legends to this day! This is BMX history at its finest.

On their bikes: Keith Treanor, Chris Moeller, Dave Clymer, Jimmy Levan, John Paul Rogers, Mike Lausman, Mike Ocoboc, Ian Morris, Sean Butler, John Englbert, Mike Griffin, Mike Castillo, Aaron Kreuger, Lawan Cunningham, Bob Kohl, John Peacy, Todd Lyons, Tim Hall, Chad Herrington, Will Smyth, Ronnie Farmer, Pete Augustin, Brad Blanchard, GG Hawkins, Jamie Spritzer, Randy Lawrence, Shawn Yarrell, Jay Miron, Dave Mirra, Steve Swope, Bubba, Chris Potts, Jay Eggleston, Dennis McCoy, Dave Parrick, Jay Lonergran, Alan Foster, Brian Foster, Hippie Jay, Paul Roberts, Chad Roberts, Jody Donnelly, Psycho

“Somehow, this video made for under $1,000 sold more than 8,000 copies, and was named by BMX Plus magazine as one of the Top Ten BMX videos of the 1990′s. Crazy. And yeah, that really was Dee Snider of Twisted Sister in the video.” – Steve Emig (Editor)

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Felix Prangenberg – Palma de Mallorcra Vacation Clips

Felix Prangenberg recently took a little vacation out to Palma de Mallorcra out in Spain for some sunshine and riding. Here’s a little video he put together from the trip showing you what he got into on and off his bike! Looks like it was a good time to me!

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The Shadow Conspiracy

Kink – Chris Doyle Vs The Curved Rail

Chris Doyle is pretty notorious for his trails skills, but he also is known to drop the hammer on parks and streets too! This video Kink dropped gives you a look at a long fought battle filled with a lot of ass kicking on an insanely scary rail that Chris did a while back for the “Safety First” DVD! Needless to say, Chris is the fucking man! Watch this video, then make the jump to watch the full DVD part!

We were filming for Kinks “Safety First” DVD, and the road had lead us to Atlanta, Georgia. I believe this rail was in Murietta, a suburb of Atlanta. Doyle was pretty heavy into filming mode, shredding everything from street to transitions. When we drove by this rail, he called it out, and we didn’t leave until he pulled it. Short run up, shitty rail, and a seemingly impossible curve. We had only been traveling together as the current Kink team for about a year and a half at this point, and we obviously knew what Doyle was capable of. However, this triumphant session ended up being one of the most intense we had experienced in a long time. This day in Georgia, Doyle showed everyone what it means to not only be a true professional, but also how versatile he really is on a BMX bike.” – Kink

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Shadow Conspiracy X Subrosa – Guilaume Marie-Sosnowski Welcome Edit

Guilaume Marie-Sosnowski is the newest Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa connect out in France through the Les Trois Roux BMX Shop! Check out this welcome edit jam packed with style from some of his local trails, street spots and parks! Definitely a ton of goodness in this!

Guillaume come from Normandy in France and ride now for Subrosa and The Shadow Conspiracy via Les Trois Roux BMX SHOP. Here, trail, street, park, chill & friends.
Name of song in the video.
Les Trois Roux BMX SHOP
Follow Thomas Zilberdoukaten
Follow BlackLightProduction

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Subrosa Brand

Andy Maguire – The 20″ Pianist

It’s a well known FACT that Andy Maguire doesn’t disappoint! Not only does he come through with some amazing riding, he tears up the piano for this new edit! Enjoy!

Had to dust off the cob webs on a few tricks as well as my piano playing to make this happen. I can’t imagine how challenging it was for John Williams to come up with a space opera saloon song, and the range of instruments used in the actual song are pretty amazing. So this is for you, Mr. Williams! All of this was filmed in the 831, and thanks to everyone who pointed a camera at me in the process!

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10 Trick Tuesday – Jack Watts

Damn! Jack Watts coming through with a TON of bangers for this new 10 Trick Tuesday at the Southsea Skatepark! Hit play!

Southsea skatepark, one of the oldest parks in the world, held their annual Southsea Summer BMX Jam recently and hosted a crew of big names throwing down even bigger tricks. Vid producers HangupTV teamed up with Jack Watts for this edition of 10 Trick Tuesday and the kid didn’t disappoint. From nose manuals to 540 flairs, jack mixed it up nicely and kicked everything with a hero style. This kid is just rolling and having heaps of fun.” – Epic TV

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Real City Spin 2014

Just spotted this video from the Real City Spin contest over on Flat Matters! Tons of amazing riding went down at this one that you gotta check out!

Real City Spin, what a pleasure to be a part of this fantastic contest setting. The preparation, ability to bring many talented people together for such a successful weekend is rare these days. Dub poured his heart and soul into the contest and I would only hope many others would follow in his footsteps. Thanks to all that made this weekend one to never forget!” – Lachlan Cameron

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Subrosa Brand

Dope, Heavy Tunes and No Showers

Raphael Jeroma-Williams’ European adventure with Jerry Vandervalk continues! Here’s a ton of riding and skateboarding footage collected throughout Germany and Amsterdam from his latest part of the trip! These videos have kicked ass so far and you know this one does too!

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Delayedit 6 – Clelayedit

Damian Racut is back at it again with a new mix of footage he has collected on his phone the past few weeks! Take a peek and see everything from jibs to some big rails and more!

I am sure this series will slow down a little now due to the fact I am no longer traveling around. Here is some footage from the end of the trip that was already on Instagram.
People in the video with Instagram accounts:
Music: soundcloud.com/multiplesightings
” – Damian Racut

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