Texas Toast 2014 – Dirt Qualifying

The dirt contest at Texas Toast is always so good because it’s a way less pressured style dirt contest and needless to say it shows in this video Ride BMX dropped from qualifying! Check out just under 4 and a half minutes of goodness!

Dirt Qualifying at Texas Toast was a treat to watch. With so many varying styles, this video from qualifying offers a little bit of everything. From big moves, to triple-trick combos, to the straight steeze cats… No matter what you’re into it’s all here.


1. Mike “Hucker” Clark
2. Ryan Nyquist
3. Chris Doyle
4. Anthony Napolitan
5. Josh Hult
6. Cristian Porras
7. (TIE) Larry Edgar
7. (TIE) Drew Bezanson
8. (TIE) Clint Reynolds
9. (TIE) Corey Bohan
10. Brandon Dosch
11. Ben Voyles
12. Morgan Wade
13. Justin Spriet
14. Matt Cordova
15. Matt Roe

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Mutant Bikes – Alex Miroshnichenko Welcome To The Flow Team

Mutant Bikes have a new connect out in Russia on their flow squad! Check out Alex Miroshnichenko unleashing his big bag of tricks on ramps and a few street spots in this new welcome edit from Inside BMX!

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Texas Toast 2014 Day Two Highlights

Yesterday looks like it was nothing short of amazing at Texas Toast! Check out highlights from street qualifying along with some footage from the other smaller events that went on throughout the day in this recap from Ride BMX and Vital BMX! After you check that out, go check out who qualified for street and dirt over on the Odyssey website!

One of the best things about Toast is that it isn’t an invite event. All you have to do is sign up in time and pay your money and you’re good to ride…but it also means that there’s 75 dudes taking runs, making the prelims one hell of a long day…but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Prelims on the street course were a damn good time and here’s five minutes of highlights for ya. Tomorrow will be nuts.” – Ride BMX

Texas Toast 2014 – Day 2 – More BMX Videos

Madness from day two at Texas Toast. Dirt and street prelims went down and the riders went off. Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds, Simone Barraco, Ryan Nyquist, Broc Raiford, Morgan Wade, Greg Illingworth, and more. Check it! Credit: Vital BMX

One of the best things about Texas Toast jam is all of the mini events that go down. From the Gantlet of Death, to the high hop contest, the Creedence “More Cowbell” contest, veterans jam, and a brick hubba jam in memory of Mike Tag. Check out all the mini event highlights in this one awesome video.” – Ride BMX

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Kink BMX

Lifestyle Ikonic – Jabtape Scraps

Remember the Japtape HD video we dropped a few weeks back? Well, here’s just under 4 minutes of some leftover footage that didn’t make the cut the first go around. It doesn’t mean they’re bad by any means either! Enjoy!

Scraps that didn’t make it into the Jabtape, as well as some other homeless clips collected here and there.
Featuring the Lifestyle Ikonic Crew and the one and only CA$HMAN as himself.
Film: Everyone
Edit: Tristan Sweet

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Products: Vol. 127


Saturday already? Where time goes, I don’t know! Either way, it’s that time again for a fresh round of Products:! This week we’ll take a closer look at the Lahsaan Kobza signature Chula Upload stem from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Freedom Bars from Freed Bikes, the City front hub from The Daily Grind, The new Stock V2 Cassette wheel from Madera then we’ll wrap things up with the Agua fork from Flybikes! Ready? Let’s do this!

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Freed Bikes

Hit & Run Gdansk

The scene in Poland has been on fire latest! Check out this video from a jam that went down in Gdańsk recently. Huge turn out and some great riding. This is what we like to see!

22/08/2014 Gdańsk/Polska. Bmx Street Jam.
Organizer of event:
JAMAJEvents / jamaj.org
Monster Energy / monsterenergy.com
SSG / smokestory.pl
BmxLife / bmxlife.pl
Army Of The Pharaohs – Seven / myspace.com/armyofthepharaohs

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Waldemar Fatkin – Flat Ark Hype

Can’t go wrong with fresh Waldemar Fatkin footage! Check out this new edit loaded with practice flips for the Flat Ark contest over on Flat Matters! Dialed to say the least!

Cant wait to go to Japan next week!! Here some clips from my iPhone.Practice for Flatark Competition in Kobe Japan. See you….

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Texas Toast 2014 Day 1 Highlights

Yesterday was the first day of Texas Toast 2014! Check out highlights from what went down out on the street course in not one, but two videos courtesy of Ride BMX and Vital BMX! Looks like everyone is having a damn good time as expected!

The street course at this year’s Texas Toast Jam is absolutely amazing. From roller coaster rails to small wedge setups, step-ups, euro gaps, and other various obstacles, it seems like the course will lend itself well to letting each rider take their own unique approach. This first session on the course today was out of hand, so it’s hard to imagine what’s to come with qualifying and finals. Shit is about to get out of hand to say the least.” – Ride BMX

Texas Toast 2014 – Day 1 – More BMX Videos

Some of the antics that went down on day one at Texas Toast 2014 including the Mike Tag Brick Ledge Session, Haro Vet Quarter Contest, random shredding, and plenty of good times. Riders include Trey Jones, Kyle Hart, Brandon Begin, Matt Closson, Sean Burns, Colt Fake, Broc Raiford, and more. Credit: Vital BMX

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Madera BMX

Diamondback x It’s The South – Paul Jeffries Edit

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a video from Paul Jeffries, but it looks like he’s still throwing it down! Here’s his latest for Diamondback UK and It’s The South where he puts his bag of tricks to proper use at the Prevail park!

Filmed and edited by Adam Frame
Music: Lupe Fiasco – That Funny Feeling – Enemy of the State

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Weedian – Marty Shields & Mikey Babbel Split 2014

Marty Shield and Mikey Babbel have teamed up for one badass edit where they both put down some real good riding. Marty comes through with some solid lines with plenty of freecoaster use and Mikey drops some heavy hammers on some unique setups! Needless to say… This is well worth a look!

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