Over It – $cience

The Over It crew dropped this short but sweet video of Gabriel Herbotte and Juan Pablo Moura getting some clips for you to check out! Hit play!

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Sneak Peek: Odyssey – Tom Dugan Pedal


Head over to The Merged for details on the new Tom Dugan signature pedal from Odyssey! They drop some specs and details along with a ton of photos to see just how good both versions of the pedal, metal and plastic, look! Check it out here!

Fit – Fall 2014 Softgoods

Fit Bike Co. have a few fresh shirts and hats for you to get your hands out! Hit that flipbook above to slide through and see just what they cooked up this time around!

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Freed Bikes

The Conception of Heroes of Dirt

It has been a long time coming, but the Heroes of Dirt movie is on its way to being released in select movie theaters here in the U.S. To celebrate the release, they decided to release a documentary giving us a behind the scenes look into the making of it and find out just what it took to make it happen. Part one gets Eric Bugbee and Dave King’s perspective on how the idea all came together. Take a peek! After you watch that, check out HeroesofDirt.com to find out more!

The first installation of a documentary video series we’re doing on Heroes of Dirt – the first BMX movie in a generation.

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Act Like You Know – Troy Tunney “No Days Off”

Here’s one section I personally was waiting to see surface online! Troy Tunney’s section from the Act Like You Know “No Days Off” video is jam packed with manual lines for days! Manuals don’t get nearly enough love these days and Troy keeps ‘em going strong!

Filmed primarily throughout the years of 2011-2013. Released in April, 2014.
Edited by:
Scott Marceau

Filmed by:
Brandon Galosi
Jake Frost
Ryan Howard
Scott Marceau




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Subrosa Brand

Get The Case! with Mike Escamilla

We got a preview of this one last week and now here it is! The new Lowepro short film taking Mike Escamilla on a hell of a ride!

Hardcore. Hardworking. Hardside
Lowepro is thrilled to premiere “Get the Case”, the exclusive Hardside Series video from Mike Escamilla, Adventure & Sports Photographer.
It’s over-the-top, action-filled and truly hardcore.
Go to lowepro.com/hardside to see these killer hard cases and also lowepro.com/loweprofessionals/mike_escamilla to learn more about Mike.
Enjoy the ride!

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Chance Brejnakowski – Truck Driver to 360 Nose Manual

Holy crap… Chance Brejnakowski dropped this clip of him doing a truck driver to 360 nose manual on Instagram! Absolute banger!

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The Woodyard – iPhone 6 Slowmo Test

Spotted this gem over on Can You Dig It! If you were on the fence about picking up a new iPhone 6, I’d imagine that this might persuade you a bit! Johnny Elia tested out his new phone’s filming capabilities at 240 frames per second at The Woodyard and got some AMAZING results. Check out what Bob Manchester and Andrew Thompson threw down in this new video!

Got the new iPhone 6 on Friday, upgraded from the 4s. Really wanted to see how the camera handled the 240fps slowmo feature. Pretty impressed to say the least! To able to film this all on an phone is pretty insane. The footage is compressed quite a lot and you need to film in very bright situations but saying that, not bad for a phone!

Bob Manchester and Andrew Thompson riding Woodyard Trails in the UK. Filmed on the new iPhone 6 at 240fps. Edited in Premiere Pro CC 2014.

Instagram: @johnnyelia

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Normandy Mixtape

Thomas Zilberdoukaten sent through this new mixtape he put together giving us a look at what the crew out in Normandy, France got into this past summer! We don’t see a whole lot of footage surface from there, but it looks like the crew knows how to get it done right! Check out footage from a bunch of different skateparks they hit up, some street spots and some of the partying they got into along the way! Looks like they did their summer right to us!

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Braeden “Birdman” Mathieu – Scraps

Soooo many young guns out there just crushing it these days! Check out this new one from the Gnarnia crew featuring Braeden “Birdman” Mathieu putting those pegs and his freecoaster to good use! Definitely want to see what he came up with for his actual video part!

The crew is steady filming for the upcoming full parts, Birdman had a lot of extra footage that he didn’t mind using in a side edit. So here’s a small scrap edit of Braeden during the 2014 grind.


Rider: Braeden Mathieu

Cameo: Bobby Blaine

Edit/fimled: Colby Moody

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