Vans Rebel Jam 2014 Highlights

Did you miss the live feed, or do you just want to see some more footage from the Rebel Jam? Well, you’re in luck because here’s not one, but TWO videos giving you a look at some of the highlights! Hit those play buttons

The Vans Rebel Jam consisted of 66 riders on one street course, each given the chance to pull a “best trick”. Here’s a glimpse into the chaos that ensued… Alex Donnachie, Garrett Reynolds, Alex Kennedy, Bruno Hoffman, Simone Barraco, and countless other amazing riders throwing down their most difficult moves.” – Ride BMX

Vans Rebel Jam 2014 – More BMX Videos

Insane riding from the 2014 Vans Rebel Jam in London featuring Alex Kennedy, Garrett Reynolds, Alex Donnachie, Joris Coulomb, Matthias Dandois, Ty Morrow, and more. Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

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Red Bull Dreamline 2014 – Full TV Episode

Did you catch Red Bull Dreamline when it aired on TV the other week? Well, they have the entire episode on TV now giving you a look at all of the action that went down! Definitely well worth a look because it shows a lot more than the edits that surfaced.

Watch more Signature Series here:
Galdiators, mixed with warriors, mixed with champions, mixed with legends — everything you get, at Dreamline. Pitting the best in BMX against each other on the one of the craziest dirt courses seen in competition.

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Alex Donnachie Wins Rebel Jam 2014

Vans Rebeljam Alex Donnachie_600x

Yesterday, the 2014 Vans Rebel Jam went down in London and things got wild! At the end of the day, Alex Donnachie ended up taking home the well deserved win after destroying the course! Check out the full press-release below then check out a photogallery over on Freedom BMX!

If you missed the live feed, head over to the Red Bull website where they have the full live stream ready to replay now!

Expect a bunch of footage from this one to start flooding in soon as well!

Check the full press release after the jump.

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Kink BMX

Ryan Taylor – Winter Sessions

Ever wondered what Ryan Taylor gets into during his day when he’s not riding? Well, here’s a video following him around from 6 AM until 9 PM giving you a look at what he got into during one winter day! Coffee, gym, cars, riding and more… Looks like it was a good day to us!

Filming & Editing credit: Scott Pattenden

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PAR BMX Mixtape 2014

The PAR BMX crew coming through with a dialed new mixtape featuring their team putting in work on street spots all over Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and the UK. Hit that play button and take it all in! Also, go follow their new Instagram account — @parbmx_shop

Here’s a mix of all the footy that did not make it into any other of our edits this year. It is what it is and we hope you enjoy this lil piece of the PARBMX world.
This is released along with our new Instagram account. Follow us at

Riders featured:
Ed Zunda
Janis Cunculis
Oskars Zajarskis
Kristaps Reimanis
Tom Silins
Janis Dreimanis
Marek Kuhalskis
Simonas Norkus
Deivydas Petravicius
Rudolfs Veidemanis
Filmed by a whole lot of people, put together by Tom Silins

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Kink BMX

Sneak Peek: Division Brand – Tactical Hubs


It looks like Division Brand are working on their first set of hubs called the Tactical hubs. Not a lot of detail other than it looks to be a unique hub shell design, cassette with a male axle in the rear, female axle up front and colors of black and polished. Check out more photos right here!


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Battle In the Rockies – Final Session

After the Battle In The Rockies contest wrapped up, Dez Marrsen, Benjamin Hudson and James McGraw decided to get in one last session before heading home from the contest. Check out this video we spotted on Flat Matters from that session. Looks like there was plenty of damn good riding left to do!

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Yard Skatehall Halloween Jam

What happens when you fuel a bunch of BMX riders with booze and ramps on Halloween? You get some riding… and a lot of antics. Check out this video Gangbang Bikes dropped.

Team – escalation in Hanover !! 300 liters of free beer , Jägermeister all you can drink , Rambo , X, and a handful of small brains.
Video of this year’s Halloween Jam at the Yard Skating Hall in Hanover.

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Subrosa Brand

Products: Vol. 132


Saturday once again! That means it’s time to take a closer look at 5 dialed BMX products in our latest round of Products:! This week we’re going to check out the Crank & Bones sprocket from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Storm front hub from Sunday Bikes, the S.O.S frame from Cult, the Profile Racing X Native Bikes Pivotal seat and then we’ll wrap things up with The Daily Grind‘s Front Hub Guard! Ready? Let’s do this!

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“Another Beer in El Rancho” – Andy Maguire

Whenever Andy Maguire drops us an email, we know we’re in for a treat. Andy decided it was time to split up the sections from the “Another Beer In El Rancho” video so we could check out each one, one at a time. Check out Andy’s section up top! If you don’t want to wait for more sections, watch the full video in the link below!

This is my part from the video I made almost two years ago, “Another Beer In El Rancho.” You can watch the whole video here

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