Rare Air with Bas Keep

For the next episode of Rare Air, we get a little insight into what got Bas Keep into BMX and what keeps him psyched to this day!

BMX High air legend Sebastian Keep talks about the ripple effect of jumping a ramp for the first time and changing his life into one of world travel and adventure beyond his suburban neighborhood.

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Empire – Chris Doyle: Pittsburgh to Bethlehem

Chris Doyle has been a personal favorite rider of mine since as long as I can remember and this new Empire edit is a good reminder of why! Check out Chris, along with some Aaron Ross clips mixed in, riding at the that TRA Double Cross, The Wheel Mill and a few other parks and what looked to be Hazelwood in this amazing new edit!

Join Chris Doyle on a journey of self-discovery and timeless BMX biking, with special guest Aaron Ross. filmed and edited by Devon Hutchins
band: The Anniversary
song: “The D in Detroit”
album: “Designing a Nervous Breakdown”

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Macneil – Jack Leonard 2014 Edit

Macneil released this quick new edit of Jack Leonard putting in some work on a few spots! Take a peek!

Jack Leonard is one of those riders who can ride a curb, a bump or a crack in the sidewalk for hours and make it looks so damn good and this edit is proof positive of that. This one’s short and sweet but, never fear, Jack’s always cookin’ up more in the lab. Press play and watch the dude get down and go follow him on Instagram at @rajaclonked.

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Sunday Bikes

Product: S&M – Whammo & Tall Boy Frames Out Now

Here’s some news I’m sure some of you are psyched about! Craig Passero’s signature Whammo frame and Charlie Crumlish’s signature Tall Boy frames from S&M Bikes are out now! Check out the flipbook above for photos and full specs on these frames.

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Simple – Ole Andre Kristiansen Summer Sessions

Today, we’re stoked to premiere something that is a little different than what we traditionally see these days. A lot of riders will spend their summer filming for a video, but not too often do we see a photographer and a rider team up to shoot photos over the course of a summer for one special feature. The other day, Niels at Simple Bike Co. hit us up asking if we would be into checking out some photos of their rider, Ole Andre Kristiansen, who we’ve known about for a while. What we didn’t expect was this dialed flipbook that documents Ole’s summer through the lens of Mads Oliver, all prepared and ready to check out! We couldn’t pass up showing you guys this one, so here we have it! Check out what Ole and Mads got into during their sessions around Bergen, Norway these past few months! Great stuff!

If you’re digging Mad’s work, check out his website — MadsOliver.Tumblr.com

Sunday Bikes

Tanner Easterla Bike Check

Tanner Easterla BMX Bike Check

Tanner Easterla is a name that has been popping up more and more over the past few years and gaining a reputation from some of his gnarly web videos that have dropped in that time. Today, we are stoked to announce that Tanner was recently given a well deserved spot on the Radio Bikes team as their newest U.S rider! As you would imagine with a new sponsor like Radio, that means he is rolling around on a brand new bike! We were curious to see what he was riding, so we got ahold of him for a closer look at his fresh Radio Toren setup decked out with Radio and Eclat parts and then figured we would toss him some extra questions to see what he has been up to these days! Let’s take a closer look!

Name: Tanner Easterla
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Alex Donnachie Interview

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.29.20 PM
Photo: @KRSoneforyou

By now, there is no doubt that you have heard of Alex Donnachie and there’s an even better chance that you have become a fan of his riding from the Nearly DVD’s to all of those amazing BSD edits that were nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve been big fans of Alex for a while now and with his new signature frame from BSD coming along soon, we couldn’t hold out not getting ahold of him to find out more about him! Check out this fresh interview to find out what’s new with him and what he has coming in the future!

Name: Alex Donnachie
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Product: Shadow Conspiracy – Limited Edition Copper Vein Local Bars

shadow_ copper-vein

The Shadow Conspiracy released a VERY limited edition run of Ben Hucke’s signature Local Bars in a “copper vein” colorway! These Local bars are made from 100% post-weld heat-treated chromoly with a 8.5″ rise, 28″ width, 12-degrees of backstop, 1-degree of upsweep, a 6″ crossbar height and a 10.25″ crossbar width! The bars feature a slim tear drop cross bar, an anti-rust ED coating under the paint, a weight of 27.7 oz and the Copper Vein paint to finish it off! You can pick these bars up exclusively in The Shadow Conspiracy Webstore for $82.99 now! Get on these now because they will go fast!


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Profile Racing

Снимаем НЖМ4

Not much for info on this one from Russia! It looks like it’s a promo for a full-length video that should be out in 2016. Either way, check out a bunch of crashes, extra antics and teaser clips for this video that’s in the works!

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BSD Street Battle Festival Bike 2014

Check out some highlights from the BSD Street Battle that went down at the Festival Bike Jam down in Portugal! Some real solid riding and it looks like they all had a real good time!

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