Insight: Subrosa’s Combat & Warhead Locks


I think we’ve all been there before where we need to set the bike down for a few minutes to run into the gas station or Taco Bell to get some drinks and food and didn’t have a lock, just hoping you won’t come out and have your bike missing. It doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds for somebody to grab your bike and take off before you realize that your pride and joy just got jacked. I mean, let’s be real… Bikes are expensive and it’s never a bad idea to invest in something that’s going to keep it from being damaged or stolen. Just like you put a hub guard on to keep you from wrecking your hub when you grind, tossing a lock on your bike could be the difference between being robbed or having somebody think twice before they try.

The guys at Subrosa have been working on their war on theft for a little while now, but we have never really taken that in-depth of a look at what they have to offer in the ant-theft department. We recently got our hands on their Combat and Warhead locks and figured it would be a good time to talk a little bit about just what makes these guys so important. Let’s do this!

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Zenen Saneshige – Summer 2014 Edit

The level of riding coming from the kids now days is absolutely insane… This edit of Zenen Saneshige is so crazy. Although he’s just a little guy, he’s charging man sized rails and knows how to get down on the streets like the old guys. The future is bright and I hope we see a hell of a lot more of this kid.

Film: Landon Selewsky, Chase may, Edgard Melendez, Anthony Kalb, Yazen Odeh
Edit: Zenen Saneshige

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Simplified BMX – Thomas Calcagno

Thomas Calcagno has been a busy man lately! This new edit for Simplified BMX over in France covers parks and street spots in Toulouse, Cologne, Germany and Barcelona, Spain! Thomas has a fast, smooth style that you gotta love. Take a peek!

Music: Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – Now I See
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Subrosa Brand

Nico Badet Bike Check


Get over to The Shadow Conspiracy website for a fresh bike check with their newest recruit in France, Nico Badet, and his new Subrosa Thunderbeast setup he’s running! Get to it right here! Oh and watch his welcome to the family video from yesterday!

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Welcome Back To Jefferson State – Marcus O’Brien

Just spotted Marcus O’Brien’s section from the “Welcome To Jefferson State” DVD over on Can You Dig It! Marcus is a driving force behind this whole video happening and he still managed to bang out this awesome section. Enjoy the riding and the song!

This is my section from Welcome Back To Jefferson State DVD. Thanks to Aaron Huff at Solid bikes for hooking me up and Jesse Duval for all the filming. Hope you all enjoy!

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Juan Pablo Restrepo Edit

Check out Juan Pablo Restrepo getting some time in at a unique little trails spot. The line looks pretty tight, but he has a solid bag of tricks for it! Take a peek!

Song: Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz
Cams: Canon t3i // GoPro Hero 3

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The Daily Grind – Scott Steele 2014 Edit

The Daily Grind crew have been going hard stacking clips for their new DVD project for a while now. They had a bunch of footage of Scott Steele that won’t be making it into his section, so they put this video together to show you how much work Scott is putting in! There’s a ton of great riding in this and a whole lotta ass kicking. Cannot wait to see how good the clips going to the DVD are!

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Anthony Perrin – Raw & Unseen BCN 2013 Footage

It’s crazy that this footage has been sitting on Vimeo, locked up, for the past year. Fernando Gomarin Olaiz decided it was finally time for this footage of Federal‘s Antony Perrin, along with a few clips of Dan Lacey and Bruno Hoffmann, putting in work on the streets of Barcelona! Hit play because you already know this is golden!

Filmed and edited by Fernando Gomarin Olaiz

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Cult BMX

Sneak Peek: Camo S&M BTM Charity Frame


This is awesome. The guys at Transition BMX Shop up in Edmonton, Canada got their hands on a one off, accidentally painted camo 20.75″ BTM frame from S&M Bikes. Instead of taking advantage of this rare occasion for their own profit, they have decided to auction it off for a good cause and donate everything to the Wounded Warriors of Canada. The auction will start September 1st on Ebay at $1 and run for 7 days. We will be dropping a link Monday as soon as it goes live, so make sure you keep an eye out for this!

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FBM’s 21st Birthday Party Relocated


Steve Crandall hit us up to let everyone know that the plan for FBM‘s 21st birthday at the warehouse has been moved to the HCS skatepark! Check out the flyer for full details. They will still be doing the street ride with Animal’s Ralph Sinsi on the 5th and the hot dog eating contest on the 6th as well! Those flyers are after the jump! If you’re in the area, I highly advise you get to this!

We changed the venue away from FBM to HCS but here is the scoop…

Friday Evening Sept. 5th Street Ride, with Ralph Sinisi, Meet at FBM 4pm, ride the city of Binghamton.

FBM Celebrates it’s 21st Birthday, Saturday Sept. 6th at noon at HCS Skatepark, HCS Skate Park
-Handrail Best Trick
- Box Jump Off
-Skatepark Jam
- Hot Dog Easting Contest
-Free FBM Custom frame for whoever is the awesomest.

1803 Castle Garden Rd.
Vestal, NY 13850

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