Review: The Shadow Conspiracy – Raptor Freecoaster


There’s no denying that the freecoaster revolution has taken place and that it has become a focus product for many brands throughout the BMX industry. In the past two years we have seen a huge influx in the number of freecoaster hubs available and because of that we have seen improvements in the overall quality of the hubs.
Personally, I’ve never ran a freecoaster in my 15 years of riding and I guess up until fairly recently I shyed away from the idea because of the horror stories I’ve heard over the years from maintenance and the expense of replacing things like bearings. Once more brands started releasing their own take on the freecoaster hub and a huge flood of videos from pretty much all of the top street riders making riding with a freecoaster look pretty amazing, my interest was peaked and I finally caved and decided to see what all of the hype was about. About two months ago, I got my hands on one of The Shadow Conspiracy‘s Raptor freecoaster wheel and started seeing how things worked going backwards. After countless sessions, a lot of frustration and excitement, I decided it was time to do a little review. Let’s do this…

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Cult – Cultoween Photogallery


Get on over to the Cult website to check out a fresh photogallery from the Cultoween Jam at the Vans Skatepark out in California last night! Looks like there were some real good costumes and plenty of awesome riding that went down!

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Texas Toast 2014 – Odyssey Team

I was wondering when this was going to drop! Check out footage from the Odyssey team at Texas Toast the other weekend! You already know they had a heavy crew in attendance!

Come watch Tom Dugan, Sean Sexton, Aaron Ross, Broc Raiford, Jared Swafford, Grant Germain, Matt Nordstrom, Travis Hughes, Brandon Webster, and Dirt Ron get loose on the street course from #TEXASTOAST2014.

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Sunday Bikes

“Chocolate Truck” – Steve Tassone Section

DIG dropped the next section from the Chocolate Truck DVD! This time around we’ve got grind after grind from Steve Tassone for you to enjoy! Check it!

Steve Tassone’s section from Chocolate Truck’s self-titled DVD, released in 2013, which also features parts from Carl Brown, Joby Suender, Nick Barrett, Matt Miller, John Yoh, Mike Swift, Joe and Ryan Niranonta, Kevin Vannauker, Brendon Reith, Dan Bob, and Breyon Woods. Filmed and edited by Matt Miller. Look for many more of these sections exclusively here on DIG. Filmed and edited by Matt Miller.

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Evolve – Park Preview

Plus Size BMX dropped this video giving us a look at what went down at a little pre-opening session at the new Evolve Action Sports park out in Colorado! The park is scheduled to open tomorrow, so if you are in the Denver area… Get to this place!

Evolve Action Sports Park in Denver CO. will be opening its doors tomorrow, November 1st to the pubic for the first time. This is a 13,000sqft. indoor facility that a few lucky riders had a chance to ride before the doors had officially opened. Evolve has a bit of everything to fit any riders style or type of riding as you can see in this sneak peek of the park.

Music – Erk Perkins – BaBoon

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Kink BMX

XSA Backyard Jam 2014 – Park

Man… The scene over in Russia just keeps getting crazier and crazier! Check out these highlights from this years XSA Backyard Jam! Absolute BANGERS that you gotta see. All I can really say is watch this whole video because it progressively gets more insane!

Video 1(park) from 5th XSA Backyardjam 2014, which was held in Krasnodar Russia. First ever Quadro whip in quater pipe, double flair, 1080 and other crazy shit you will find in this video
It all began 8 years ago. Two friends decided to dig some dirtjumps in their backyard. Soon it turned out that these guys are unstoppable. One after another new sections appeared: miniramp, street course, huge dirt course…
We tried to create a space that will be a perfect training ground as well as the place to hold a world-level event and fulfill the needs of the world toughest riders.
Therefore we came to two parks, several street sections, bowl, trails and dirtjumps all in one place.
The setup is created so that every rider can show his best and achieve his potential, now matter how strong he is or where he comes from.
Behold! A huge skatepark is located right in the forest. And the forest grows right through it!
Every year since 2010 all of the top Russian and Ukrainian guys gather at XSA Backyard Jam. Almost 200 riders stay together for some 5 days in the most BMX-friendly city of Russia. Every year this event becomes a place to meet all of the good friends from far away, a place where youth meets the old, place where new legends and stories are born. XSA Backyard Jam is an event for every single BMX rider.
Of course, having such crowd in one place leads to crazy parties and freestyle situations every day.
We’re proud to say that two years in a row XSA Backyard Jam becomes the best Russian BMX event by the results of the prestigious “Russian BMX awards”.
We do our best to create the most friendly and soulful atmosphere possible, so that every rider can feel like home and show his best on diverse course.
XSA Backyard Jam is more that a contest, it’s a holiday for everyone, who loves freestyle.

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Red Bull – The Grand Opening of Denmark’s StreetDome Skatepark

Red Bull dropped this video featuring Kriss Kyle and a few others getting some time in at the grand opening of the StreetDome park in Denmark! This place looks absolutely amazing and I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more footage from here in the future.

Denmark’s brand new StreetDome opened their gates to the public, where skateboarders and BMXers from around the world came to session the new park. Smooth transitions, flowy bowls, and even a rock wall were tested out and approved to ensure maximum shredability.

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Philthy Films – Halloween Jam 2014

So many Halloween Jams going on! Gotta love it! Phil Jones decided to get the crew down in Charlotte together for a little parking lot jam to celebrate! Check out what these guys put together for clips!

The first Philthy Films Halloween Jam in Charlotte, NC. Thanks to all the homies that made it out…ENJOY!

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Subrosa Brand

Jason Minor – Burnin’ Rubber in Milwaukee

Jason “Tippy” Minor sent through his latest edit of him throwing down on spots all around Milwaukee from 4Seasons to Ray’s, street spots and roof tops. Hit play and see what he cooked up!

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Today Is Gonna Be The Day

Here’s a quick one Jeff Klugiewicz put together from a session at 4Seasons him, Rob DiQuattro, Erik Elstran, Dylon McCauley and a few others got in! It has a not so serious vibe, but there’s a couple clips worth checking out! Take a peek!

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