BMX Cologne 2014 – Teaser

I’m not quite sure what happened to the BMX Worlds, but it sounds like this year they’re going by BMX Cologne for one of the biggest contests over in Europe! Take a peek at the teaser and then get ready because July 18th – 20th things are going to get nuts in Germany!

There’s a reason to party! Our cozy little gathering has grown up after 30 years to become the biggest BMX happening in the world. From the 80s race to the progressive Trick Storm, the event in the Jugendpark has continued to develop in all the different disciplines.
18.07.-20.07.2013 // COLOGNE // GERMANY // WWW.BMXCOLOGNE.DE
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Sneak Peek: Almond – Van Homan Signature Shoes

Almond Van Homan BMX shoes

It looks like the crew over at Almond Footwear have been busy working with Van Homan on his first signature shoe with the brand! Above is a little preview we found over on The Merged! Expect more details closer to the release!

World Deece – Starting Roster Mixtape V2

The World Deece crew are back at it again with another mixtape from their Super Pro Team! Check out 8 minutes of rad clips, hilarious extras and plenty of guys getting wrecked up in Canadia!

filmed/edit – @smokecrackandworshipsanta
world deece super pro team…
carl arnett, chance campbell, chris henry, drew morton, grat cox, james dean, jordan hango, ky brisebois, mike matsen, orlando, brad hill, regan miller, ryan hiebert and thomas arden.
filmed in vancouver bc, canada.

Subrosa Brand

Bank Holiday Weekend

Isaac Lesser has been pumping videos out like crazy lately. Check out this new one from the 3 days he spent with the For The Lads crew over the Bank Holiday weekend! 3 days of BMX and good times!

Filmed and edited by Isaac Lesser

Portugal BMX Trip – Summer 2014

Let’s face it, BMX is for people who like to travel and live life to the fullest. Finn Murphy and Kieran Henfrey ditched out on school, hopped a plane to Portugal and spent 5 days soaking up the sun and cruising spots on a spur of the moment decision! Luckily they remembered to bring their camera! Take a peek and see what went down!

Me (Finn Murphy) and my good friend Kieran Henfrey randomly decided to pack our bags halfway through our A-level exams and flee to portugal for 5 days or riding, chilling in the sun and drinking. This video is the outcome, it was the most fun trip I’ve been on to date and hopefully there are a lot more good times like this to come this summer!!

Thanks to Ledge Skateshop (@ledgeskateshop) for constantly supporting me and keeping me rolling, KHE Bikes (@khebikes) and Coyote sports (@coyotesports) for the fresh tyres every month and also thanks to Vicky Park crew (@vickyparkcrew) for the amazing grind wax that will be out soon!!!!!!

Profile Racing

Holiday Trippin’

The Bank Holiday was the perfect excuse to get out and ride over in Europe. Sebastian Nitsche, David Gloeckler, Sebastian Balk, Fabian Stobbe and Julian Madrzak took full advantage of the day by taking to the streets of Rotterdam to see what kind of spots they could find. They had plenty of luck and ended up with this solid video for you to check out!

Stuff BMX – April Installation

Check out the April Installation from the Stuff BMX crew over in Russia! This one is loaded with some great park and street riding that’s all well worth a look! Hit that play button!

Courtenay BMX Jam 2014

Check out this video from the Courtenay BMX Jam that went down in Canada the weekend! Despite a little rain, it looks like they had a great turn out and tons of good riding went down. Take a peek!

Filmed and Edited by Rayden Wickop

The Shadow Conspiracy

Vocal BMX – Ashley Douglas and the DRS System

Vocal BMX caught up with team rider, Ashley Douglas, to talk a little bit about their DRS bottom bracket, or Drag Resistance System, which allows you to control your cranks from spinning when your feet come off. Hit that play button to see just how it all works!

Compiled: Subrosa

Compiled? What the hell is “Compiled”!? In this day and age, brands keep themselves relevant to riders all over the world a ton of different ways from the traditional pro riders representing the brand to social media, advertising on websites and magazines, to supporting events and more. Thanks to the internet, one major way for brands to keep riders stoked on them is by producing videos for you to enjoy. We see all kinds of edits popping up from pro team riders to AM’s, team trips, product focused videos and events all the way to full-length DVD’s being released online. The only hard part is keeping up with all the videos because on any given day there could be 30+ to check on in the DAILY SECTION alone! So we figured that we would take a few minutes and drop 18 of the most recent videos that Subrosa have released on their Youtube page for you to scroll through and check out. Maybe you missed a few, maybe you just want to see some of them again. Take a peek, I’m sure you will see something worth checking out!

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