Spilt Milk Promo

Check out this promo for the new Spilt Milk video that Adam Stone is putting out! Based off this video it looks like it’ll be a real solid video featuring Edward Ounapuu, Adam Stone, Nick Harris, Kym Grosser, Lee Cruickshank, Dave Cragg, Billy Brooks, Jamie Mauri, Rhys Yeomans and Sean Falkenstein. Hit that play button and get a look for yourself.

Woodward Digital Media at Pastranaland

This is less about BMX and Pastrana’s yard and more about how awesome the Woodward Digital Media Camp is. This video documents a trip that the graduating class from the program got to take and how the program is giving filmers and photographers a chance to really push the level of their work to professional levels. Take a peek!

The graduate class of Woodward’s Digital Media Camp took a trip to the one and only Pastranaland. Travis’s house is host to every action sport enthusiasts wildest dreams. Huge resi ramps, foampits for everything on wheels, and skateparks built to scale for the likes of Pastrana and his crew. Minds were blown on this trip!!

Stonehouse Opening Jam

Stonehouse Opening Jam – NASS Qualifier – More BMX Videos

Here’s a video from the opening jam at the Stonehouse park that was also a qualifier for NASS this summer. Based off the description of the video it sounded like it was a hot mess of a contest, but the park looks fun and a lot of solid riding went down. Take a peek!

It’s amazing to think that this was an official NASS qualifier, the organisation was pretty awful, the riders were given what could have been only 20 minutes to ride a park which they had hardly any practice on due to hogging skaters, and the announcer did not have a clue what was going on. Credit: Vital BMX

Subrosa Brand

Jack Sheehan – An Afternoon Testing the Fit Foster Stem

Jack Sheehan got himself one of the Brain Foster stems from Fit Bike Co. and figured it was a good enough excuse to film an edit at his local park. Take a peek at Jack putting the stem to the test!

Filmed and edited by Sandro Pages

Trixtape #2 – Random

Here’s a quick one Dan Kruk put together with a bunch of footage he had sitting on his computers of August Zeratsky, Jeff Klugiewicz, Grant Castelluzzo, Tippy, Ben Hale and himself! Nothing too wild, but still real solid. Take a peek!

Song: Asap rocky- Fuckin’ Problems

Sunday Bikes

Wesley Carmo Risadinha 2014 Edit

Here’s a video Wesley Carmo put together for the Mob Bike crew in Brazil! Check out some dialed spots and some solid riding in this one!

Data Clothing – Ellis Oswald Welcome Edit

Ellis Oswald is the newest Data Clothing connect over in Switzerland. Check out this welcome edit loaded with some dialed lines at two of his local parks and a few street spots!

The Future of BMX


If you pay close enough attention to BMX, you can always see trends coming and going. Those trends have been the evolution of the sport from the riders to the bikes all the way to the videos and photos you’re seeing every single day. One of the biggest trends we’ve been following as of late is how brands are keeping up with the constant changes and ways to attract new riders to BMX. Within that, we’ve been watching one thing in particular that has been happening to BMX lately that has been pretty mind blowing; the age of riders riding at higher levels at very young ages. There have been a handful of factors involved in this fairly new phenomenon and we figured we would take some time to see what has lead to all of this.

Check It >>

The Shadow Conspiracy

Chad Osburn on G-Sport


Things just keep getting better for Chad Osburn! It looks like he just landed himself a spot on the G-Sport team! Check out the official word below then click here for more photos!

When Van Homan suggested we add Chad Osburn to the GSport team, the decision was a no-brainer. Chad is an awesome, genuine dude, and he’s an incredible and diverse bike rider. He can destroy parks, street, dirt, or anything else you put in front of him, all with killer style and casual flow. So, yep, Chad is on GSport now, and we couldn’t be more stoked.” – Walter Pieringer / G-Sport

“Coppin’ It Sweet” – Mix Section

One of my favorite sections from the “Coppin’ It Sweet” DVD is now online for your viewing pleasure! This mix section is loaded with fire from Tom Stretton, Mick Bayzand, Kym Grosser, Steve Lyons, Alex Hiam, Jason Watts, Chris Finnigan, Rob Wise, Cooper Brownlee, Chris “Danger” O’Donnell, Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Jack Elkins, Dave Dillewaard, Zac Miner, Pete Radvio, Chris Courtenay, Daniel Johnson, Dylan White, Renald McQueen, Carraig Troy and Anton Ayres! Check it!

“Coppin’ It Sweet” is the latest feature length BMX DVD release from Australian Videographer, Stewart Munro. The DVD has been filmed on locations around the world using Super 8mm and 16mm film but filmed mostly in crisp HD. Coppin’ It Sweet will feature full length sections from Raph Jeroma-Williams, Jerry Vandervalk, Mitchell Mcdonald, Marc “Marnold” Arnold,Calvin Kosovich and Colony BMX’s founder, Clint Millar. The DVD will also feature Guest appearances including the likes of Rob Wise, Alex Hiam, Kym Grosser, Tom Stretton, Cooper Brownlee, Chris “Danger” O’donnell and many more.”
COPPIN’ IT SWEET is available on DVD
Filmed and Edited by Stewart Munro

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