Product: Profile Racing – Red / Poslished / Blue Hubs – OUT NOW


If you follow us on Facebook, you might have got the heads up yesterday that these dialed Profile Racing Red, Polished and Blue hubs were dropping today! They have only ran 100 sets of these and they’re going to go REALLY fast. They have Mini and Elite hubs in left and right side drive available.

You need to have your local shop call up Profile Racing ASAP if you want a set because once they’re gone… They’re gone!
Can’t wait or don’t have a local shop? These are also available in the Profile Racing webstore!

$349.95 – Mini Hubs
$484.95 – Elite Hubs

… ‘Merica!

Subrosa – U.K. Park Party Flyer


If you’re in the Brighton area, I highly suggest you make your way to The Level skatepark on July 8th to ride with the Subrosa crew and party with Simone on his birthday! This is going to be a good time!

Join Subrosa riders Hoang Tran, Lahsaan Kobza, Scott Ditchburn, Emerson Morgan, Emil Bouwman, Joris Coulomb, and Simone Barraco in our first international Subrosa Park Party. It’s all going down July 8th, and this is also a birthday party for Subrosa pro Simone Barraco! See ya there!” – Subrosa

How To Survive in South Central with Gabe Brooks

Gabe Brooks talks and shows you what it is like living and growing up in the streets of South Central Los Angeles! There’s a little bit of riding mixed in with a look into a day of his life for this! Take a look!

Gabe Brooks shows the BMX side of South Central LA. Ride around with Gabe through the jungle, see him get straight-up maced on camera, lift some yard weight in the hood, listen to a first hand account of the ’92 LA riots, hear a story about getting shot up while riding BMX and visit some legendary LA trail spots.
This is the real deal.

Thanks to Miles Rogoish for riding along and keeping the camera rolling when things got sketchy. Music scored by Ash Riser.

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Kink BMX

Windowless Van – Rainy Day Shelter Session

Zak Earley caught some rain the other day. Instead of calling it a day, he headed to an old building and had himself a good time with a few pallets and sheets of plywood! Take a peek and see what went down!

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Explore / Forgotten – Harry Barrett

Custom Riders dropped this new video from a series they’re going to be doing called Explore / Forgotten where they hit spots that were once lively and busy that are now abandoned. This first one featuring Harry Barrett is pretty rad! Take a peek!

When you go out and explore you never imagine finding a place this impressive; our team rider harry did. A ‘suddenly abandoned animal testing facility’ from the 1970’s. The place was a crazy time capsule, the 70’s decor being engulfed by the ever inclosing plant life. Being chased off site by police dogs was a fitting end

Where next?

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Profile Racing

Extreme Gumball 3000 and UK BMX Vert Series

If you like BMX and cool cars… This one is for you!

On Sunday June 8th the Gumball 3000 Rally sped through Regent Street in London. The day was packed with live music, car displays and extreme sports. The EXTREME-sponsored UK BMX Vert Series kicked off with enormous tricks being thrown thanks to a fuelling of EXTREME ENERGY drinks and an amazing vibe. Check out the vid!
Filming and editing: George Gottlieb

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The Yea – McLovin “Fuckswitit” Section

The Yea have uploaded McLovin’s section from the “Fuckswitit” DVD for your viewing pleasure! This is just under 6 minutes of pure street goodness!

Edited by: Matt Smith
Filmed by: Everyone
Music – Journey – Separate Ways

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Subrosa – Maul’s Bike Shop Park Party

The Subrosa team kept the Park Party Tour and made a stop at Maul’s Bike Shop in Massachusetts! After they hit the shop, they moved the party over to Skaters Edge skatepark for a session with the locals! Check out what went down!

We teamed up with the legendary Maul’s Bike Shop and hit up Skaters Edge in Taunton, Ma for this stop on the Subrosa Park Party Tour.

Check out Subrosa pro riders Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart and Lahsaan Kobza shred with a ton of locals, a best trick comp, and a good game of Subrosa Sticker Slap!

Thanks to Maul’s Bike Shop, Skaters Edge, and all the locals that came to party! See ya at the next stop.

Bobby Kanode

Libido Fuzz
“The Last Psychedelic Blues”

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Subrosa Brand

LUX – Mike Vockenson 2014 Edit

Check out Mike Vockenson absolutely tearing apart a ton of skateparks in this new one from LUX BMX! Awesome!

Something a little different from LUXBMX’s resident madman Mike Vockenson. Mike has been riding and filming a lot lately since his epic 2020 ‘Thats Whats Up’ section and set out to make an edit comprised mainly of skatepark footage he’d collected this year. Enjoy.

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Eclat – The Maverick Cranks Featuring Anthony Perrin

Eclat dropped this new promo video giving you a closer look at their Maverick cranks and Anthony Perrin getting a proper session in at a park! Hit that play button and take a look!

Behold the MAVERICK cranks. These cranks are all about strength, as anyone who’s ever snapped a pair of cranks will know, its usually at the welding where things let go. This is where alloy comes into its own, being able to forge in a 3D shape means you can avoid the welding, and therefore the weak spot. What’s totally unique about the Mavericks is their use of a regular 48 spline. Until now alloy cranks were only available with a mountain bike style square spindle and a pinch bolt on the arm. We wanted to raise the bar and clean up the looks, and thanks to a heat treated crmo insert into the alloy its all been made possible.

Anthony Perrin takes them for a spin, hitting em hard on crank arms to test the overall strength.

For more info hit up:

Filmed: Maxime Terasson, Theo Zannettacci.

Edit: Fafa

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