Daniel “Minus” Giraldo Edit

Just spotted this one over on Can You Dig It and was stoked on it! I don’t know what they’re feeding the guys down in South America, but apparently it’s working because guys like Daniel “Minus” Giraldo are dropping some serious moves on some pretty sketchy setups! Take a peek!

Keeping It Local with James Jones

Holy bag of tricks… Check out James Jones unleashing a ton of bangers on a few different parks over in the U.K for Animal Clothing and Ride UK!

If you’ve got issue 189 which came out a day or so back then you’ll have already seen the awesome James Jones feature in the catch up dept. James is insanely good… He’s a rider who stops traffic when he drops in, everyone in the park is watching to see what he’ll do next. These type of BMXers are few and far between but James knows how to get a crowd going.

Johnny Elia went along for the ride with Dunk to shoot the above edit for Animal. Hit play and prepare yourself for something special because this is one of the best edits we’ve featured in a long while.

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Quintin Co. – Max Bespaliy & Ilya Berestetsky in St. Petersburg

Quintin Co.‘s connects over in Russia, Max Bespaliy and Ilya Berestetsky, recently spent some time scoping spots in St. Petersburg! Check out this quick video giving you a look at some of the spots they came across along with some damn good riding!

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Madera BMX

Somewhere – Virginians

Here it is! The second installment of the “Somewhere” series by Kris Kim from his adventure he took around the U.S! This time around, we have footage of Carlos Bailey, Dre Tylee, Smokey, Matt C., Jake Willier, T.J, Mike Stewart and Mike Lester from Kris’ visit to the Virginia area. This video has a chill vibe and plenty of great clips worth taking a peek at! If you missed the 1st video, check that out right here!

Song: Passion and Plastic by Omar Abdelaal

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Butcher Jam 2014 in Flensburg

We’ve seen a little footage from this years Butcher Jam in Flensburg, Germany already, but I think the Freedom guys did a great job covering this event once again! Check out 7 minutes of action from the day in the video above! The scene over in Germany is always kicking ass.

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Profile Racing

Daniel Sandoval – Flair Whip Trick Breakdown

Alli Sports caught up with Daniel Sandoval to talk a little bit about what a flair whip is and how he gets it done! Hit that play button and get a look at it!

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Sydney to Kempsey

Here’s a new one Kurt Teague produced from a trip that him and a few friends took to the annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam recently! They loaded up in the Roadtripz RV and hit the road making stops for some sessions along the way. Looks like it was a good time to me!

On this year’s Australia Day long weekend, Alex Collins, Nathan Tyas, Lachlan Jefferies, Chris Rawson and myself jumped inside Jason Cousins’ ROADTRIPZ bus and headed on up to Kempsey for the fifth annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam. Nathan Himsley and Colin Taylor were on the bus, too…
Footage from the jam will be online soon… Better late than never…
” – Kurt Teague

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Product: S&M Bikes – Tires


Head on over to The Merged to get some info on the new S&M Bikes Mainline, Speedball and Trackmark tires that are finally hitting shops!

Madera BMX

DUB – “Homegrown” Ollie Evans & Dan Paley

I can’t get over how good the DUB “Homegrown” DVD is! Check out Ollie Evans and Dan Paley absolutely crushing it for their split section!

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Why So Serious – James Alcock

Here’s James Alcock’s section from The Prospects “Why So Serious” video! Even though he was the main guy behind the filming and editing for this video, he still absolutely killed it for his section! Hit that play button and enjoy!

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