Clement Carpentier Q&A

Clement Carpentier BMX

Head over to the Fly Bikes website for a quick Q&A with their newest recruit from France, Clement Carpentier! Clement talks about his current setup, travel and filming plans, freecoasters and more! Can’t wait to see his welcome edit!

Queensland Female Freestyle BMX

Although there aren’t a ton of girls out there riding, this video from the Gold Coast Compound contest gives us a good look that they’re throwing down some real good riding! Check out what Peta Shepherd and Natalya Diehm had to show for the judges!

This is raw footage of Peta Shepherd and Natalya Diehm, competing at the G.C. Compound’s Women’s Open freestyle B.M.X Competition on the 27th of April 2014. I wasn’t going to put this up because the quality of the footage captured is not great, however it does somewhat give a snapshot of the atmosphere and level of riding during the event.

Profile Racing – Matt Coplon – The Switch Is Down

Oh hell yeah! You don’t even know how stoked I was to wake up to an email from Matt Coplon with his new Profile Racing edit inside! Anyone who has met Matt knows that he’s one of the hardest working guys in BMX and hands down one of the nicest guys out there. What’s even better? He absolutely crushes it on a bike too! Some how between his role as team manager, handling sales, bouncing around on trips with the team and hitting events, he was able to stack all these clips for this new edit! Take a look because it’s one you don’t want to skip!

It’s been 13 years that I’ve had the honor of being TM for Profile’s freestyle team.
Over the past four months, between attending weekend events.
In between getting behind the lens to shoot pics, to film our riders.
In the down time after I’ve handled the things that make my job incredibly enjoyable, I set up the tri-pod or used my camera bag as prop (for the most part), and captured some jibs.
Some while on the road with the crew, others after work or on our coveted sundays of all day sessioning in Tampa.
Nothing ground breaking…just having fun pedaling.
Enjoy, and thanks for supporting Profile Racing over the years.
Subsequent filming by Grant Castelluzzo, Steve Caro, David Gibson, Kent Pearson, Scott Ehlert and Zachery Rogers.
Song: “Stepping softly into” by “Universal Order of Armageddon.”
I actually planned on using this song for a part 13 years ago, thought it appropriate. Finally.

Kink BMX

The D-Key Kickstarter

We’ve been seeing a lot of buzz about The D-Key since it initially started popping up a few months back. Today they launched their Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funds to launch the product! If you’re stoked on this, go become a backer today and help this idea get off the ground!


Brad McNicol in Valencia

Check out this brand new video of Brad McNicol riding street and the park in Valenica! Brad’s riding never disappoints and, other than the rough ending, everything is dialed! Take a peek!

So psyched to bring you this today. Premium UK’s Brad McNicol hit up Valencia recently with our man Nick Armstrong. It looks like Brad had the whole place to himself here! Plenty of amazing, hassle free street spots along with some clean park riding too. Keep an eye out for Premium UK on this year’s RTG as they try to defend their title.” – Ride UK

Profile Racing

Sam Waters Bike Check

Sam Waters BMX

Head over to the Stowaway website to check out a bike check with Sam Waters and his current United Rigal setup decked out with Animal parts! Dialed unit right there!

9th Street Cinco De Mayo Jam

Just spotted this video from the Cinco De Mayo Jam over on Can You Dig It! It looks like the trails were packed and nothing but good times were had! This is how you celebrate a holiday!

Filmed and edited by James Stevens

Sneak Peek: Ikonix – FS1 Complete Bike


Sometimes you look at something and go “what the hell is that?” then you see who it is by and it starts looking a lot better than it initially did. Head over to The Merged to get the low down on the Ikonix FS1 bike that BOB HARO is producing. Did you have to take a second look after reading that last bit?

The Shadow Conspiracy

Hobie Post Day Edit

Here’s a dialed one featuring Hobie Post spending a day cruising his local park and a few street spots. It’s pretty crazy he filmed all of this in one day because it’s loaded with some great riding. Take a peek!

Eiichiro Watanabe – I Loved X-Armed Tricks

Here’s a quick one we spotted over on Flat Matters of Eiichiro Watanabe putting down some cross armed combos! Take a peek!

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