One Dude One Day: Leon Hoppe

The guys over at Freedom BMX caught up with The Daily Grind‘s German connect, Leon Hoppe, for a session at one of his local parks. They only spent a day filming for this one, but damn was it a productive one! Check this out!

Filmed and edited by Oliver “Bub” Michel

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Dew Tour Ocean City 2014 – Day 2 Park Practice

Get a look at what went down for Dew Tour Practice for day 2! Tons of heat in this one!

It’s hot out here, but the dudes spent two hours per group sweating and getting their lines together. Basically, we got more of the same as yesterday, good riding./I>” – Ride BMX

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Drew Bezanson – BMX Transplant

Alli Sports caught up with Drew Bezanson to talk about living out in California and how that has helped him out with BMX! Take a look and see what he had to say… Plus, there’s riding footage mixed in I know you want to see!

Canadian Drew Beznanson moved from rural Nova Scotia to Costa Mesa, California in order to pursue his BMX career. Roll with Drew through sunny Southern California, the heart of BMX, and listen as he credits his success to California’s welcoming atmosphere and great weather!

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The Shadow Conspiracy

SSPLIFE – Locals Only

Here’s a rad BMX / Skate mix edit Zack Cooke put together featuring him, Brett Silva and a handful of other guys getting some time in at their local park. It looks like it’s a pretty rough setup, but these guys all kill the place! Take a peek!

Leland Taylor
Brett Silva
Alex Clifford “weed man”
Zack Cooke
Nick Towatao
Brain Ried
Bobby Savvy
Ryan Ellis
Chris Newll
Connor Mac
Tyler Hall
Kenny Kelly

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Delic – Neighborhood ATX

Here’s a super chill one of Matt Hildebrand and Jeremie Infelise jibbing around some of their local spots in Austin, Texas for Delic!

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Sunday Bikes

Product: Colony – Menace Sprocket


Head over to The Merged to get a closer look at Jourdan Barba’s signature Menace full-guard sprocket that Colony is cooking up!

Hiroya Morizaki X Simon O’Brien – DIY Edit

Here’s a fresh one we spotted over on Flat Matters for you to check out featuring Ares’ Hiroya Morizaki and Simon O’Brien laying down some incredibly dialed flatland riding for you.

Filmed and edited by Kazuyuki Eda

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Mannie Nogueira – Summer Edit

Mannie Nogueira hit us with a link to his latest edit loaded with flatland goodness that he has been producing so far this summer! As always, Mannie comes through with some real good riding that’s well worth checking out, so hit that play button!

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Madera BMX

Subrosa – Raphael Jeroma-Williams “Pedal To The Metal”

Can’t go wrong with some fresh Raphael Jeroma-Williams footage! Check out his latest video for Subrosa where he tears some of the spots he came across during some of his trips a new one! Definitely a ton of heat in this!

Man, I love to watch me some Raph footage!

Check out new footage from Subrosa Skeleton Crew rider Raphael Jeroma- Williams! This footage was compiled from a bunch of trips around Australia with his friends and the TK Crew.

Follow along with Raph and his friends on their current journey around Europe below.

Thanks to everyone who filmed a clip for this edit!

Edit by Bobby Kanode

Music by:
Cosmic Wail
“Magic Potions”

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SOSH Urban Motion 2014 – Wildcards

Killian Limousin x Romain Fel – Sosh Urban… by brown-town
Killian Limousin x Romain Fel

The annual SOSH Urban Motion video contest over in France is going on right now and we have all of the Wildcard entries for this year which will move on to the finals where they will spend a week in Paris filming a part to compete against the pros! Check out each section below!

The team winner will be announced next monday.
He will compete between the 5th & the 11th of July in Paris against some crazy pro-teams :
For France, we will welcome Antho Perrin with Alex Vanlentino, Kevin Kalkoff & Mayol & Clement Carpentier & Antoine Sabourin.
It will be a France VS USA. Brian Kachinsky will be with Will Evans, Rob Wise with Christian Rigal & Nathan Williams will be filmed by… Corey Martinez !

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