James Curry & Harry Mills-Wakley – Flower Pot Nugz

Check out this short but sweet edit from a session the James Curry and Harry Mills-Wakley got in at Flower Pot!

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The Hermitage Trails

This is rad! Check out this flipbook interview with Nathan Parker about his personal trails called The Hermitage Trails down on his farm in Australia! Great interview with Nathan about himself and his family, the farm and a handful of photos. This place looks awesome!

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Products: Vol. 122


Twas the weekend before Interbike and every bike company was scurrying… Yeah, it’s that time of the year again for the annual voyage on down to hell Las Vegas for Interbike to get a look at all the latest products from all the companies from around the world. But we still have a few days before we actually head down that way, so let’s keep our Saturday tradition going strong with a fresh round of Products:! This week we’ve got the Devon Smillie signature Devon grips from Fly Bikes, the Eon pegs from The Daily Grind, the new Polished colorway from Madera, the Freedom bars from Freed Bikes and then we’ll wrap it up with the Magnum (see what I did there) Bash sprocket from Subrosa! Ready? Let’s do this!

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Kink BMX

Print Ad: Sunday – Erik Elstran


Here’s a look at Sunday‘s latest print ad featuring Erik Elstran and his Signature 2015 EX Complete Bike! Damn does that bike look good or what!?

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Cult – “Small Talk” Intro & Iz Pulido Sections

Here’s one I’m sure a ton of you have been waiting for! Cult have begun uploading sections from the “Small Talk” DVD for you guys to enjoy! Up top is the intro and down below is Iz Pulido’s section that’s jam packed with style out on the streets. Take a peek!

“The classification between amateur and professional in BMX has been discussed and debated, but never clearly defined. While the lines are still a little blurry, if we can agree that a professional includes a paycheck and a certain level of experience and skill, then we’re halfway there. So what is an am? Does BMX even need ams? Cult thinks so, and they helped set the precedent for an established am class in BMX with the release of Small Talk, their am-based video that gave Steven Mack, Josh Alderete, Iz Pulido, and Andrew Castaneda the center stage usually reserved for the pro riders.” – Cult

Iz’s riding can sometimes surprise you. I’ve know him for years, but even on this project some of the spots and tricks he’d call out were out of nowhere and made for an interesting video clip. He also stepped up and helped plan trips and would grab the camera to shoot awesome photos that you’ve probably seen on the Cult site.

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Freed Bikes

Division Brand – Owen Dawson Edit

Check out Division Brand‘s connect up in Canada through Killemall Distribution, Owen Dawson, absolutely destroying rail after rail in this new edit!

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Red Bull – Dirt Dogs Trailer

Holy crap… Jef Mildon and his crew are absolutely nuts! Expect more of this from Red Bull soon.

We’ve been excited about this for a while now, but we’re finally on the verge of bringing you the finished episodes of our Dirt Dogs project. The idea was pretty straightforward; let Jed Mildon and his mates build the biggest dirt jumps ever and film/shoot whatever happened next.

The reality was a lot more difficult to get to grips with, however. When it comes to building jumps this size, time, weather and physics can conspire against you.

If they could build them and if they could ride them, however, Jed and Gypsy could write their names into the history books. Stay tuned next week for the thrilling first episode of Dirt Dogs.

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1664 – Andrew Schubert 2014 Edit

Andrew Schubert is back with a fresh one filled with grind after grind with all 4 of his pegs and his cranks for 1664 BMX up in Canada! This is a real good watch and one you will definitely not want to pass up! Give it a look!

Filmed by
Luke Santucci
Brad Hill
Isaac Barnes
Zach Rampen

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Sunday Bikes

Sam Marden – PDSII #2

Here’s a short but sweet one of Sam Marden having a proper session at the Clifton skatepark for you guys to check out! Plenty of grinds smooth lines for you to check out!

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Ryan Guettler Leaves Colony and Joins Hyper / Snafu


Here’s some news that left us saying “No way!” as soon as we saw it…. It turns out that after nearly 10 years on Colony, Ryan Guettler has decided to leave the team to pursue a spot on the team and be the brand manager for Hyper and Snafu that Matt Bischoff left open a little while back. This is definitely an unexpected move. Here’s some more about the news below…

I didn’t think I would ever be writing this here but Ryan Guettler is no longer riding for Colony as of today.

He has decided to leave the team, to take a job as a brand manager / pro rider at Hyper & Snafu. I know Ryan has wanted a job within the industry for a while now & I personally wish him all the best in this new chapter in his life.

Ryan has been with Colony since our inception in 2005, he was the first rider I chose as a team rider back then. More importantly, I have known & ridden with Ryan since he was just 7 years old. It has been a fun ride the last 24 years & I am sure there will be many more sessions to come. I do thank you Ryan for your efforts with Colony over the years, it is appreciated. Let the good times roll ahead !! I wish you all the best mate!” – Clint Millar

What ever I write will not show my appreciation and gratefulness I have for Clint Millar and the family I have over at Colony. All the road trips and good times with the team will be my memories for life. Nothing will change our friendship or the the way I think of the guys over at Colony but this next step is a must for me to take. My career is sunsetting and I’ve always wanted to learn the business side of things. I’ve been through all the ups and downs with in BMX over the past 20 years of my career, my knowledge will help Hyper and Snafu. This would not have been an option with out Clint guiding me along the way. He is a best friend and the god of front brakes, I wish Clint nothing but the best. To all the riders at Colony keep it rubber side down and I’ll miss you guys.” – Ryan Guettler

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