Van Doren Invitational – Prelims Highlights

The US Open of Surfing’s Youtube channel just dropped their official video from the qualifiers that went down yesterday at the Van Doren Invitational! This is similar to the video we saw earlier today, but faster pace and cut down to just the tricks and not much else. Take a peek because it’s well worth a look!

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Haro at Woodward West 2014

Check out this quick video Woodward West put together when Haro‘s Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel and Mike Gray stopped by for a session! Hit play already!

Produced by @seanzaidi

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Dawid Godziek – BMX Cologne

Dawid Godziek was over in Cologne the other weekend for the BMX Cologne contest. While he was there they filmed some footage for this new Dart BMX video! Check it out because you already know he put down some amazing riding!

Check the video recap from Dawid Godziek’s trip to Germany, where he participated in BMX Cologne. For the three days riders were struggling with the quite soft and muddy jumps and lack of speed. Eventually, Dawid managed to score 6th place, although this result could have been far more better without the very unlucky fall in his last run. See what happend in Cologne and witness some of the top notch bangers presented by Polish finest dirt rider. Enjoy! If you like it, don’t forget to share it.
Filming and editing: Ryszard Syryczyński /

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Freed Bikes

The Set in Cairns 2014

The Set‘s Kym Grosser, Nick Harris and Levi Jackonia spent some time cruising the skatepark in Cairns during their recent trip there. Check out this video Kym put together giving us a look at some of the riding that went down! Tons of goodness in this!

Nick Harris an I spent a week in Cairns hanging out with local ledgend Levi Jackonia. We managed to get a couple clips in the harsh winter sun an also got to witness young shredder Ryan Hurst blast the bowl like no other… Enjoy” – Kym Grosser

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Product: Vol. 117


Another week and another month down! Crazy to think it’s already August! It’s that time again to get a look at 5 more dialed BMX parts and bikes in this weeks Products: column! This week we’ll get a closer look at the Highrise stem from Kink, the Totem front hub from Profile Racing, Chase DeHart’s Butter V2 frame from Cult, Trey Jones’ signature Penumbra Solus Mid Jones 3 seat from The Shadow Conspiracy and then we’ll wrap it up with the Gary Young signature 2015 Soundwave Special from Sunday! Ready? Let’s do this!

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Cult BMX

Van Doren Invitational 2014 – Qualifying

Did you miss the live feed for qualifying at the Van Doren Invitational yesterday? No worries because Ride was there to get all the highlights in this video for you! Check out what went down then the full results below! Finals are SUNDAY!

It appears as though everyone’s predictions were true… Dennis Enarson qualified in 1st earlier today at the Vans US Open, followed by Chase Hawk / Gary Young in 2nd, and Larry Edgar in 3rd. With 39 riders competing for one of 15 spot in finals, to say it was non-stop action would be an understatement.” – Ride BMX

1 Dennis Enarson San Diego, CA 90.80
2 Chase Hawk Austin, TX 88.00
3 Gary Young San Diego, CA 88.00
4 Larry Edgar Corona, CA 86.20
5 Kris Fox Huntington Beach, CA 86.00
6 Dan Foley Arnold, MD 85.10
7 Tyler Fernengel Detroit, MI 85.00
8 Kevin Kalkoff Annecy, France 84.90
9 Scotty Cranmer Jackson, NJ 84.50
10 Sergio Layos Madrid, Spain 84.10″

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FDL – Ryde On A Regular Mixtape

The wait is over and the FDL “Ryde On A Regular” Mixtape is here for you to enjoy! This is 17 minutes of street and park gold from the U.K for you to enjoy! Take a look!

Filmed over the space over a year. Filmed and edited by Junior Evans. Thanks to everyone who took time out to film and stack clips. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable project. Something to look back on years down the line. What some people wont understand is that it will probably take hours on end, even going back to a spot retry something just for a seven second clip, so before you criticize, appreciate our craft and hard work. Thanks for the support. Hope you enjoy. Ryde On A Regular!

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Park Mix #3

Here’s a solid mix edit from a handful of parks down in Australia!

Long time coming but i’m back in the rhythm of things so I present to you the latest installment of the park mix series. I’ve put together most of my old skatepark footage in this edit so that I can begin fresh and focus on some cool ideas I have for future projects, Enjoy!
Riders: Sean Falkenstein, Max Smithers, Mikey Creek, Daniel Didomenico, James Pease, Adam Stone, Dylan Moore, Adi Jones, Adam Dyson, Samuel Wood, Tony Trovatello, RJ, Adam Hough, Janderson, Byron Richardson, Nathan Skopelitis, Dylan O’Connor, Liam Krumel, Oli Zeffert, Liam O’Brien, Ashley Simons
Filmed By: Peter Schifferle & Dean Hearn

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Madera BMX

Rodolphe Clavelier x Grodolphe Tactics

Just spotted this one over on Flat Matters! Check out Rodolphe Clavelier coming through with some smooth flatland action at a few of his spots. Really digging the riding and architecture in this. Take a peek!

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Fit – 2015 Complete Bikes

Fit just dropped a slide book giving us a look at their 2015 complete bikes that they cooked up for this year! Check out more of the bikes above by clicking the arrows on the sides. Looking good as expected!

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