DRK Trails Road Trip – Part 2

Hans Friedrich sent through Part 2 of the DRK Trails Road Trip that he took along with the Mellowpark crew! This time they head to the Floha trails for a big session! This place looks amazing!

East Germany trails trip with the Mellowpark-Trails-Crew. Huge thanks to all the trail locals for being so rad, working hard, and for letting us come ride their trails! The second part features the trails in Flöha, Germany.
Part III coming soon.
Part I you can find here: PART ONE HERE
Edit: 20zollmedia.com / Hans F.

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13 Years – Lucky For Some

The level of riding that the kids are putting out in edits lately is just unbelievable! Here’s one featuring 13-year old Guy Scroggie, along with a few guest clips from some friends, putting together some amazing lines using his freecoaster and some insane nose balance. This is the future and it kicks ass!

Guy Scroggie riding a few skateparks and street spots around Glasgow, with some clips from his friends Anthony Duffy and Josh Findlay. Their style really is very mature for their age, and I can’t wait to see what these 13 year olds are doing in years to come!
If you’re as small as Guy and Anto, you may be interested to know that they both ride the 18″ BSD passenger frame. All 18″ frames, forks etc. are available at Substance BMX Glasgow.
” – Cain Martin

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34R – Tristan Aarts Welcome Edit

As soon as I saw Gold Coast Compound, I knew we were in for a treat! Check out Tristan Aarts dropping some BANGERS at the park to welcome him to the 34R team!

Filmed and edited by Jack Paton

Tristan and I filmed this Welcome edit over the course of a couple hours at GC Compound. We are currently filming a web edit which should be dropping in a couple of months so stay tuned!
Tristan Rides for: 34R, Sweetride BMX, GC Compound, and Madclown Industries.

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The Daily Grind BMX

Last Day in New York City

Charlie Quigley spent his last day in New York City cruising the 5050 Skatepark! Check out this edit he made from the day giving you a look at some of the riding that he threw down! Looks like it was as good last day in the city to me.

Edit by Charlie Quigley

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Here’s a rad one Eric Hennessey put together from the PMP Trails! Great riding and this place never fails to look just amazing. Take a peek!

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Subrosa Brand

Steady Stoop’n in Nepal

We don’t see much of anything from Nepal, but it looks like that might be starting to change. Here’s a video Nothing’s Wrong Zine dropped from a 3 month trip to the country where they rode and skated around a few different cities. It sounds like there’s a small, but thriving group of riders starting to pop up as well which is awesome. This whole video kicks ass!

A bmx and skateboard film shot in Nepal.
Stooping next to stupas and filming for 3 months in Pokhara and Kathmandu, this is Greg Barnes & Sam Dowley’s second video project in the Himalayan nation.
Featuring local and international riders. The Nepali bmx scene is only approximately 3 years old, with most aged between 16-20. A solid group of shredders roll the KTM streets.

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Jake Hinke – Two Wheel Maneuvers

I don’t know what it is exactly about Jake Hinke’s new edit, but it has a real “Midwest BMX” feel to it! I’m not sure if it’s the music, the fact that most of it is filmed at 4Seasons and Ray’s or what, but it just does. Jake has been killing it for a long time now and this new edit goes to show just how dialed his bag of tricks is! This makes me want to go to Milwaukee so bad… Hell yeah, Jake!

After months of filming and being extremely lazy, I finally put together a nice edit! Thank you Micah Kranz, from Division Stunt Team, for filming and letting me hog your computer for endless hours. Also, a big thanks to Alienation BMX for keeping my bike rolling smoothly all summer long!
Song: Exhaustion & Disgust – Against Me!

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Mike Vockenson Bike Check


Get over to The Shadow Conspiracy website to check out a bike check with Mike Vockenson and his current Tempered setup decked out with Shadow parts! Plenty of seat post! Gotta love it!

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Cult BMX

S1 Helmets – “Off the Top” with Morgan Wade – Part 1

S1 Helmets caught up with Morgan Wade to talk about all sorts of things from deciding to loop the Baldy Loop… again… to why he chooses to wear a helmet all the time, what helmet he likes to use and of course his teeth and how he lost that front tooth of his. Morgan is the man.

Morgan Wade talks about corkscrewing out of Baldy, wearing a helmet, and knocking his teeth out. Morgan rides for Empire, Hoffman BIkes, S1 Helmets, Maxxis, Ethika, 5-10 Footweear, Megaramp and Atomic. Part 2 coming soon!

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S&M – “44 Something” – Full Video

Talk about a classic! I don’t know what you were doing in 1993, but I know it was still about 7 years before I ever started trying to ride. The S&M Bikes “44 Something” video came out in 1993 and it was JAM packed full of guys we consider legends to this day! This is BMX history at its finest.

On their bikes: Keith Treanor, Chris Moeller, Dave Clymer, Jimmy Levan, John Paul Rogers, Mike Lausman, Mike Ocoboc, Ian Morris, Sean Butler, John Englbert, Mike Griffin, Mike Castillo, Aaron Kreuger, Lawan Cunningham, Bob Kohl, John Peacy, Todd Lyons, Tim Hall, Chad Herrington, Will Smyth, Ronnie Farmer, Pete Augustin, Brad Blanchard, GG Hawkins, Jamie Spritzer, Randy Lawrence, Shawn Yarrell, Jay Miron, Dave Mirra, Steve Swope, Bubba, Chris Potts, Jay Eggleston, Dennis McCoy, Dave Parrick, Jay Lonergran, Alan Foster, Brian Foster, Hippie Jay, Paul Roberts, Chad Roberts, Jody Donnelly, Psycho

“Somehow, this video made for under $1,000 sold more than 8,000 copies, and was named by BMX Plus magazine as one of the Top Ten BMX videos of the 1990’s. Crazy. And yeah, that really was Dee Snider of Twisted Sister in the video.” – Steve Emig (Editor)

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