Subrosa – 2015 Complete Bikes Catalog

Subrosa just released their brand new catalog giving us a full look at their 2015 Complete Bikes that look absolutely phenomenal. They’ve expanded their range of bikes this year and have added a balance bike, 16″ bike and 26″ bike to go along with a full range of 20″ bikes. Hit the flipbook above and take it all in! If you like what you see, hit your local shop and tell them to get ahold of Sparky’s Distribution to get a pre-order in NOW!

We are so stoked to launch our new 2015 Complete Bike Collection today. Everyone at Subrosa has been working long and hard on these bikes and we are damn proud of the line.

You’ll notice some new additions to the line including the Altus Balance, Altus 16″ and the Malum 26″. I’m very excited about increasing the bikes we offer to cater to everyone from young guns just learning to ride, to the veteran shredders that still want to rage around town.

We’ve also added some awesome new signature models for our pro team members Hoang Tran and Simone Barraco! These bikes are killer and modeled after the bikes they actually ride. This way you can rock a bike like them no matter what your budget is.

Take a look through the catalog, and check out the complete bike product page for all the spec and then hit up your local shop or favorite mailorder to make sure they get the one you want. Bikes will begin arriving worldwide in the beginning of September.

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Kink X Eclat – Dan Coller 2014 Edit

Kink and Eclat‘s Dan Coller has been on fire for a long time, but DAMN! This new video is loaded with some serious heat and by far the best riding we’ve seen from him. This is one video you gotta check out!

I first met Dan when he was around 14. Back then he was affectionally named Lil Dan, and he was at that point where you could tell that he had a ton of bike control, but that damn bike was just a little too heavy for him. He was more finesse than anything else. Lil Dan hit a damn growing spurt (did I really just write spurt?) shortly after, dropped the “lil” stigma, and began straight man-handling his bike—with some finesse, too—on setups that no one else can or would want to touch. It’s my treat to drop his latest video, courtesy of the people that help him out: Kink Bicycles and Eclat…

Filmed in Rochester, Albany, and San Diego. Filmed by Jake Petruchik, Darryl Tocco, Christian Rigal, Zach Krejmas, Peter Knapp and Phil Demattia. Song In the Night – “Power of Zeus.”” – Ride BMX

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Van Doren Invitational 2014 – Day 2

Check out day 2 of practice for the Van Doren Invitational going down at the U.S Open of Surfing this week! Hit that play button to get some insight from a few of the guys and some awesome riding. You can also check out the LIVE FEED RIGHT NOW!

“This bowl, it’s real similar to the X Games bowl, but good. Everything that sucked at the x games bowl kinda got worked out.” —Gary Young

Day two of practice was a bit more of the same, but some more lines got worked out, some more tricks added in, and some jokes cracked. Check all the riding. And that’s definitely a flip whip over a spine to switch fakie whip. Damn you, Dennis. Shout out to Vans for the dope event.” – Ride BMX

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Profile Racing

Hoffman – Mat Hoffman Footage

Here’s some footage of Mat Hoffman that popped up on the Hoffman Bikes Vimeo account. This starts off with footage from what I’m remembering as his 30 for 30 ESPN did a few years back, but at the 2:45 mark it’s some fresher riding footage from the different X-Games stops last year, a few demos and other things he got into. Regardless, any Mat Hoffman footage is good footage, so hit play and enjoy!

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Phenix Bike – Alex Perfetti 2014 Edit

Alex Perfetti coming in hot with some dialed riding for Phenix Bike over in France! Alex has a ton of style and puts in work on park, street spots and dirt! If you like style, you will definitely like this one! Alex has some serious one handed tables too!

Filmed&edited: Cédric De Rodot
Photo: Vinvent Biraud

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Subrosa Brand

GPS Clothing – Kevin Nemeth

Here’s a rad one from Kevin Nemeth for GPS Clothing over in I believe Hungary! Kevin spends some time throwing down a bunch of lines and tricks at his local park that looks super fun to ride. Check it!

Filmed and edited by Dániel Csepku

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Sosh Urban Motion 3 – All Videos

The past two weeks have been an interesting one as the Ride Sessions crew have been uploading each teams section from the Sosh Urban Motion 3 video contest over in Paris, France! The concept of the videos were pretty straight forward… Each team was given a camera phone and an Ollo Clip lens then sent out for the week to film and edit a video that would be judged on based on the riding and film work. Needless to say, each of the teams came through with some great riding and over the course of the past 2 weeks we have been watching section by section pop up. Since they have all of the teams videos online, we compiled them all into one place for you to enjoy. Take a look!

Teams from France
-> Anthony Perrin (rider) & Alex Valentino (filmer)
-> Kevin Kalkoff (rider) & Alex Barret (filmer)
-> Clément Carpentier (rider) & Antoine Sabourin (filmer)

Teams from America
-> Nathan Williams (rider) & Corey Martinez (filmer)
-> Brian Kachinsky (rider) & Will Evans (filmer)
-> Rob Wise (rider) & Christian Rigal (filmer)

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ABQ DNV – New Mexico Krew Mix

Almost forgot it was Friday until the new ABQ DNV video dropped in the inbox! Check out this fresh street mix from the crew out in New Mexico! Tons of gold in this!

I am super pumped that the boys down in New Mexico have been out filming so much and putting video together for us to share with you. Derek Dorame has been manning the camera with some help from the team and they have been stacking a decent amount of footy along the way. From what it sounds like Derek and the homies are putting something together for our viewing pleasure.

Here is what Derek had to say, “A group of us New Mexicans around Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Los Alamos have been filming and going on trips together for about 2 years now. We have all been working on a longer video project through out this time as well. No plans or word on when it will be done but this a just a taste of what we have been up to out here in the South West…”

Filmed and Cut by Derek Dorame

Riders in Order
Robert Baca
Matt Gutierrez
Derek Dorame
Julian Garza
Johnny Atencio
Ryan Pipkin
Alex Jaquez
Kyle Elliot
Dom Roark
Andres Velasco
Adam Accardi

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The Daily Grind BMX

Kriss Kyle Bike Check


Hit the BSD website to get a closer look at the fresh new Passenger setup Kriss Kyle put together! There’s a few new items on this bike you might not have seen yet as well! Get a closer look RIGHT HERE!

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Daniel Dhers – Freecoaster, Brakeless, 4 Pegs

Daniel Dhers: Freecoaster. Brakeless. 4 Pegs. – More BMX Videos

This is awesome, haha. Daniel Dhers decided he wanted to fit in with the trendy kids with the 4 pegs, no brakes and freecoaster so he tossed his old bike and got to work learning the ways of the streets! Check it!

Daniel Dhers as you’ve never seen him before – embracing his inner street rider on a bike with a freecoaster, no brakes, and four pegs. Credit: Vital BMX

… This video is super cereal.

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