Evals – Brandon Blight x Jason Prins Edit

Brandon Blight and Jason Prins teamed up for this dialed new split edit for Evals BMX Shop down in South Africa! Brandon and Jason hit up street spots and a few parks where they stacked some real solid clips for you to check out in the video above! Hit play!

Filmed and edited by Kevin Schnider
Music by: The Diplomats of sound – Lights out

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Sunday Bikes – Erik Elstran 2014 Video

YES! Sunday Bikes dropped this brand new Erik Elstran video that is PACKED with double pegs to falling into streams, creativity and originality! Absolute MUST SEE.

Elstran might not be able to double peg grind, but he sure can dance. This new one from the world traveler and 90′s pop extraordinaire is absolutely unreal and will definitely leave you saying WTF? almost as many times as you would if you’re ever lucky enough to spend some time with him. Thank you based god.” – Mark Burnett

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ABQ DNV – Ken Joe VS The Hanger

The struggle of landing a trick that just doesn’t want to cooperate is frustrating… But damn relieving when you get it done! Check out Ken Joe Robinson having a battle with a tooth hanger!

I don’t know how many of you have ever had the pleasure to meet Mr. Ken Joe Robinson out of Denver Colorado but I must say the man is a treat. Ken Joe has more heart on and off a bike then a lot of people I know, and this collection of clips shows no different. Ken was trying to tooth hanger this whole rail at D park in downtown Denver and having some issues to say the least. He just about got the whole thing but was not happy with where he kept getting on the rail and needless to say Ken Joe went at this rail for a while! He gets thrown this way that way, hits his head but the clip was not to his liking. Sadly Ken Joe did not walk away with what he wanted but gotta show the guy some love for getting his ass kicked at the park. Cheers to you my friend!” – ABQ DNV

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Subrosa Brand

Hoffman – Cody Anderson Welcome Edit

Cody Anderson is the newest addition to the Hoffman Bikes team! Check out this welcome edit packed with some heavy clips he filmed over the course of the past 6 months between Dallas, Texas and and Tulsa, Oklahoma! So good!

Filmers: Alex Hammett, Additional clips from James Anderson.
Edit: Alex Hammett
Music: Electric Tarus- behind the sun

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Ty Morrow and the Streets of San Diego

Somehow this video has been on Vimeo for about a year now and we’re just getting a look at it. Either way! Here’s a rad one featuring Ty Morrow taking a cruise around some spots in San Diego one night. You already know there are some real solid clips in this.

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Cult BMX

Federal – Ryan Eles Welcome Edit

Going into this one, I had no idea what to expect since Ryan Eles’ name didn’t really ring a bell, but after watching this it’s VERY clear why Federal added him to their Canadian team! This dude is a shredder! Highly suggest you check this video out because it does NOT disappoint.

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Premier BMX Store – Mixtape 22

Premier BMX Store just dropped their latest mix edit featuring the likes of Alex Thorogood, Rich Thorogood, Martin Grainger, Adolfo Oliveo, Ollie Shields and more all putting in some time on the streets! Take a look at see for yourself! That ender is BIG.

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The Boarding House at 4Down

The Boarding House crew consisting of Harry Mills-Wakley, Ben Comer, Ben Shears and Jamie Skinner made their way to Hastings, England for a day of riding at the 4Down warehouse! Hit play to take a look at some of the riding that went down! Looks like it was a productive session to me.

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Sunday Bikes

4130 Bike Company Riding Madrid Teaser

Above is a teaser for a longer video the 4130 Bike Company crew are working on over in Spain! Based off the description, it sounds like they have a 7 minute mixtape coming from a few cities they visited. Above are scraps and crashes from their time in Madrid! Expect more soon!

Recently that part of our team were recording a week in Madrid, the idea is to record in 4 cities Granada , Seville , Cordoba and Madrid. Currently we have the teaser of Madrid that will leave very little to light the full video about 7 minutes full of good images , spot , good royo and riders as Quieque Rico , Chains Yoni , Wini Victor Martin , Arturo Quiroga and Jack Sheehan .

Filmed and edited by Yoni Cadenas
Song: Gary Clark Jr – When My Train Pulls In

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Benno Hankowetz 2014 Edit

Here’s a solid one of Benno Hankowetz putting his big bag of tricks to work at his local park! Take a peek and see what he cooked up. Definitely a few clips in there well worth checking out!

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