Neighborhood BMX – Long Beach Street Jam

Check out highlights from the street jam that went down in Long Beach thanks to Aaron Bostrom and Neighborhood BMX! Looks like it was a good day loaded with some amazing riding!

Neighborhood BMX has been integral in holding the Long Beach scene together for years now… this street jam being a prime example as to how. Rider / contest course designer / shop owner Aaron Bostrom has been in the game long enough to know what’s good, so to keep things “chill”, he went with a strict word-of-mouth approach when it came to spreading the news. With no real goal besides cruising the city for a fun-filled day of street jibbin’, you could tell the sessions were going to be awesome from the very first meet-up spot. If you don’t already know, Long Beach is a huge BMX hub, so scores of local shredders like Eric Lichtenberger, Sean Morr, Aaron Bostrom, Vonty Poh, Josh Delcour, and Garrett Reeves were on hand. To make things even better a few Fit dudes like Dan Conway, Jared Swafford, Troy Blair, and Joel Barnett were also in the area for the Holy Fit premiers. Needless to say, the crew was dialed, the vibes were on point, and some amazing bike riding went down.” – Ride BMX

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Lifer BMX – Extreme in Copenhagen and Malmo

Some of the Lifer BMX crew took a trip to cruise some spots in Denmark and Sweden! After 10 days of riding and good times, they came back with this dialed video for you to see just how the trip went! Diggin’ it!

Chris Hull, Tim Rudd and Joe Samson-Hill spent 10 days in Copenhagen, Malmo and the surrounding area, exploring and riding endless spots on offer. Big thanks to everyone that helped out, especially Lars and Ulrika.

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Defgrip – Opinions: Web Edits VS Web Videos VS Video Parts

Man in home office on telephone using computer and frowning

Head over to Defgrip to get some opinions from a few different filmers and industry dudes about the differences between a web edit, web video, video part and more that are online. Pretty interesting read!

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Subrosa Brand

Can You Dig It – Big Ass Labor Day Sale


Jon over at Can You Dig It is trying to clear out some inventory from the CYDI Webstore, so he’s got a big ass sale going on in celebration of Labor Day for you. Check it out!

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ABQ DNV – Los Altos Sessions

Mario Carrasco hit us with a link to this weeks ABQ DNV video which features a mix from the Los Altos park out in Albuquerque! Hit that play button to take in all of its goodness!

With running back and forth a lot between ABQ and DNV I tend to ride a decent amount of parks along the way. I recently had a chance to ride my home park Los Altos in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Los Altos has always been home to some crazy riding from all different types of people. As well some of the craziest parties and general situations growing up from fights, shootings, and car fires, you name it Altos had it. The park has come a long way from what it once was but it’s still a great place to run into some friends and have a good time. While at Los Altos I had a chance to film with some good friends and young shredders, Johnny Atencio and Adam Accardi. Every Time I see these two they have gotten better and better between learning new tricks too dialing in old ones, Its great to see that Los Altos is still pumping shredders out.

Music – P-Tech Santiago – 1984

Riders –
Johnny Atencio
Adam Accardi

Additional Filming – Gilbert Montoya

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The Daily Grind BMX

Cult X The Simpsons Giveaway


To celebrate the every episode of The Simpson’s ever marathon on FXX, they’re giving away a few of the Cult X The Simpsons bikes! If you’re feeling line getting in on the Selfie game, get full details on the giveaway RIGHT HERE. You have 12 chances to win, so get on it!

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Animal – Ryan Howard 2014 Video

Hell yeah! Always so psyched when a new Ryan Howard video pops up! Check out Ryan slaying rail after rail in this new Animal edit! Damn good!

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Vans Kill The Line Practice

Some of the best trail riders in the world are pouring into Peynier, France for the annual Vans Kill The Line contest! Here’s a video we spotted on Can You Dig It from some of the practice laps the guys are getting in so far. Expect good things to come from this!

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Kink BMX

All Day BMX Shop – 3 Day Jam

All Day BMX Shop down in Mexico stepping up the jam game. Instead of a one day jam, the spanned theirs over 3 days and 3 cities with tons of riders. Check out highlights in this video!

All Day Bmx Shop Jam 3 days and 3 cities Ensenada , Mexicali and Tijuana. The idea of ​​the jam was to promote the Bars of New Shop but actually it was more an excuse to give out with our friends from our surroundings and our State
Alex Quintero

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Maid of Ace – Bone Deth

Apparently these ladies are fans of Bone Deth and even wrote a song about them… Well, I don’t know if it’s about them, but it’s still pretty rad. Check out this music video where they cruise around on a few bikes and have some awkward stunt double action, haha. That lead singer is a babe.

Bone Deth” performed by “Maid Of Ace”
filmed & directed by Mark Richards. 2014

additional live camera by Julian Wallinger

Many thanks to Stuart at Seventies Distribution
& Source BMX shop (for the inner tube)

Maid Of Ace are an all sistah rock/punk band from Hastings.

Band members: Alison Elliott – guitar/vox, Amy Elliott – bass/vox, Anna Elliott – guitar/vox, Abby Elliott – drums.

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