Daily Recap – April 17th & 18th

The past two days have been pretty hectic in the Daily Section with a ton of new videos and posts going up as usual. Between yesterday and today, there’s a good chance you missed some of the best videos because they got buried quick. We went back and grabbed a few of the best for you to enjoy all in one place. Take a peek!

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Sunday Bikes Friends – Cameron Girvin Edit

Check out this quick new edit of Sunday Bikes‘ friend, Cameron Girvin, getting some time in at The Wheel Mill! This kid is SMOOTH. Enjoy!

Cameron Girvin is a local Pittsburgh Shredder that can ride just about anything you put in front of him. Here he is riding The Wheel Mill indoor bike park in Pittsburgh.
FIlmed and edited by @geojenkins of @deekdesign
Audio: Flying Lotus – Massage Situation

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The Trip – Alex Vazquez 2014

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some Alex Vazquez footage, but if there’s one thing we know about Alex it’s that he is ALWAYS killing it. Check out some footage that Miles Rogoish has been sitting on along with some extra Tammy McCarley clips mixed in for The Trip!

An accumulation of A.V. & Tammy footage captured by Tammy McCarley and Miles Rogoish.
Filmed in Tulsa, Ok & San Diego, Ca.
Edited by Miles Rogoish
Song: Demon Fuzz- Hymn to Mother Earth

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Casey Barnes – Short and Sweet

Here’s a rad one we came across from the Yee BMX crew. Check out Casey Barnes putting his pegs to good use in this short and sweet new video!

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Merritt – Insert Bar End Test

Sick of your nylon bar ends breaking off when they hit the ground? Well, Merritt have developed their new Insert bar ends with a steel insert to help prevent that. Take a peek at this video of Justin Care giving it a good old fashion BMX test…. with a hammer. These are available for $4 everywhere Merritt is sold now.

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Threads Vol. 6


Man, I don’t know about you, but this week flew by! It’s Friday, so that seems to be the time we’ve been taking a look at Bikeguide to see what they have going on over on the board. We’ve picked up two interesting threads that will get you thinking or have you laughing your ass off to look at!

The first one we picked out is 3D Printing Titanium Parts! There’s been a lot of talk about 3D printing lately and it seems like there’s been more and more people looking into how to make it work for bikes. There’s been a few uses of titanium that are proving to be more affordable than CNC machining and it seems like the concept is getting even closer to actually being used. We even get a look at George French of G-Sport‘s personal 3D printing setup he has been using to prototype designs. Well worth looking into!


3D Pritning Titanium Parts


The second thread we’ve picked out is for anyone looking to laugh. The Post Internet Funnies (NSFW) thread has a ton of hilarious meme’s, Facebook screen shots, .GIFS and more. This one hits the Not Safe For Work Zone, so only check this out if your boss or mom isn’t around, haha.


Post Internet Funnies (NSFW)

This is just two of the thousands of threads that cover BMX to really anything you can think up over on Bikeguide, so head over there and take a look at Bikeguide.org. It’s also FREE to create an account and get in on this, so get to it!

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Colony – Aura Indoor Park Session

Colony at Aura Indoor Park – More BMX Videos

So much front brake goodness and freecoaster action in this new one featuring the Colony team at the Aura skatepark! Hit that play button!

Colony park dudes Ryan Guettler, Clint Millar, Bobbie Altiser, and Paddy Gross rendezvous at Aura Skatepark in Vista, California for one hell of a session. So much technical madness… Credit: Zach Krejmas

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Product: Shadow Conspiracy – Cinco De Drinko Tank Top


With the 1st of May just about 2 weeks away, it’s time to start preparing for Cinco De Mayo! The Shadow Conspiracy have released these limited edition tank tops for you to get your hands on to celebrate! Hit their WEBSTORE to get one ordered up today!

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I Got $5 On It – Shane VanVeldhuizen

Shane VanVeldhuizen might have a tough name to spell, but it’s easy to enjoy this new round of I Got $5 On It that Mario Carrasco just sent through!

The weather here in Denver is a bit odd to say the least, warm days cold days then a foot of snow! As of now we are on good end of all that nonsense and on our way to warmer days and nights. Our first “I Got $5 On It” back in Denver brings us to the infamous D park (Downtown Denver Park) where we started this whole mini series. Shane VanVeldhuizen comes in hot at D park with smooth lines and his own take on the park, killing the manny line game! I love riding with Shane he kills it always with ease and in no regards for what anyone else is doing on there bike, rare to see these days to say the least. With that being said give Shane a watch ripping D park in Downtown Denver

Rider – Shane VanVeldhuizen

Additional Filming – Joe Poission

Music – Killa-K-Beatz – STANDBY



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Verde X Source BMX – Matt Priest Californiacation

Damn! Source BMX and Verde coming through with a banger featuring Matt Priest from his recent trip to California over the winter! If you’re looking for style, this is the place you need to look! Hit that play button!

Sourcebmx X Verde present Matt Priest Californication. In a bid to avoid the dire English winter Matt followed the Sun to California. Watch as he styles his way through everything the West Coast has to offer from trails to pools and everything in-between.
Filmed and edited by Johnny Elia

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