Subrosa – Local BMX Co. Park Party

Keepin’ that party alive, the Subrosa crew made their way to the Local BMX Shop to hang out with the locals and get loose at their local park! Check out what went down!

Check out another Awesome stop on the Subrosa Park Party Tour!

This stop brought Subrosa pro rider Lahsaan Kobza, Kyle Hart, and Hoang Tran up to the Northeast and we hit up Hadley Park.

Super fun day full of ridin, partyin, BBQin, some mean games of foot down, and a wild hot dog eating contest!
Thanks to Local BMX Shop, and all of the local riders for making this another great Park Party!

Filmed and Edited by:
Bobby Kanode

Music by:
Wooden Indian
“Cupped Palm”

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Odyssey – Chicago

A few weeks back some of the Odyssey team made their way to Chicago to see just what the city had to offer! Needless to say, they came back with a ton of amazing clips for this new video! Check it!

Chicago: known for wind, hotdogs, pizza, Michael Jordan, the Bean, and apparently really good spots. All of that except the wind sounded good to us, so to Chicago we headed with Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Grant Germain, Matt Nordstrom, and Jared Swafford. We posted up in a fancy loft and hit the streets every day for a week, and this is what we came up with. Chicago is awesome.

Video by Walter Pieringer.

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Timeline – Christian Ramin

Here’s a little bio on Germany’s Christian Ramin! Not sure what the words being said are, but I do know there’s a bunch of real solid riding in this! Take a peek!

Christian Ramin is such a nice guy. Riding BMX is his greatest passion. His riding style has so much flow and style. He is also one of the first UNIT riders in Germany and gets support from his local BMX shop (Flair BMX Berlin).

Cinematography by Andreas Klein

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Profile Racing

Solid – Tristan Adams #3

Tristan Adams has been busy stacking clips since last October for this new Solid video and damn did it turn out good. Trails, ramps and street goodness can all be found in this one! Take a peek!

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Steady Rollin’ – Poolside

The guys over at FBM hit us up with the video they put together from the pool jam they threw the other weekend out in New York! Hit that play button to check out the footage from the day, then hit the Least Most for a ton of photos!

Brien Keilb, John Corts, Eric Holladay, Garrett Guilliams and friends, in a heavy pool session in upstate NY.

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Fathead Vs NASS 2014

Haha, whenever Fathead gets a mic in his hand you know it’s going to get hilarious. Check him out making his way about the NASS festival bombarding unsuspecting victims with questions! I would have put a lot of money down that the skater wouldn’t land the kick flip!

The guys at NASS requested Fathead pay them a visit for a VS episode. We warned them several times that this is a bad idea. For some reason they figured it was a great idea. Then we sent them this edit, and they loved it! So what can we do? We’re really trying to keep Fathead away from PRO’s and the general public but no one listens to our warnings. Here’s Fathead VS NASS 2014 where everyone hated us but we LOL’d all weekend. Enjoy…” – Ride UK

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Isaac Lesser – On the Move

Isaac Lesser: On The Move – More BMX Videos

Can’t go wrong with a new video from Isaac! Hit that play button for some dialed clips from a few parks!

Isaac Lesser is one of the best riders the UK has to offer. With an unbiased approach to riding and an open eye for anything that he comes across, Isaac throws down in a big way for his first ever Vital BMX video. Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

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Sunday – UK Shop Stops Flyer


If you’re in the U.K, get stoked! Some of the Sunday team will be hitting a few different shops at the start of August!

August 6th – Foundation BMX
August 7th – Broadribb Cycles
August 8th – Waller BMX
August 9th – The BMX Box

If you’re near any of these shops, we highly suggest you hit these up because it’s going to be a good time!

Kink BMX

The Full Cab – Episode 2: Montpellier To Lyon

DIG just dropped episode 2 of Ben Lewis’ “The Ful Cab” series! This time around Ben and Paul Ryan spend some time bouncing around France to see what the spots had to offer! The black cab got them from spot to spot and they found themselves with a ton of great clips for this new video!

After a crazy weekend in Barcelona for the second round of The Street Series, Ben Lewis and good friend Paul Ryan head north in the cab to Montpellier and then on Lyon in search of some street gems, despite the summer heat. Head over to to get a closer look at Ben’s black cab and stay tuned for episode three!


Song: Searchin’ (Instrumental) by Luck One & Dekk” – DIG

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Genesis Apostol Edit

I know we’ve seen some footage of Genesis Apostol in the past, but damn I didn’t remember him being this good! Check out some super smooth lines he put together out in California for this one. This is how a freecoaster gets used right.

Filmed & Edited by: Julio Cambara

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