World’s First Underground BMX Trails

Remember a few months back when there was talk about a crazy under ground bike park being built inside of a massive cave in Louisville? Well, turns out it actually happened! Check out this video we spotted on Can You Dig It giving us a look at some of the first footage to come out of the place. NEED TO RIDE THIS.

Louisville Mega Cavern’s big jump line. Jeff Perkins (Co-builder), Stacey Eden, and Max Eden on the GoPro.

Be sure to WATCH IN 1080p HD!

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Product: Madera – Signet Sprocket

Madera Signet #1_600x

Madera have released their new Signet sprocket! This sprocket is made right here in the U.S.A from CNC machined 6061 aluminum with a unique 6-spoke design that features a 24mm bore with 19mm and 22mm adaptors that are included, so this sprocket will fit bolt on cranks in 19mm, 22mm and 24mm sizes. The Signet is available in 25 and 28 tooth sizes with anodized black and polished clear for a retail price of $29.99! Yeah, you read that right!

You can pick this sprocket up direct from the Madera Webstore or you can have your local shop get ahold of Profile Racing to get you one ordered up today!

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Product: Profile Racing & Madera – Leather Wallets

Profile Wallet Spread_600x

Are you looking for a new wallet, but you want something unique and hand made? Check out these new leather wallets from Profile Racing and Madera that were made by Native BMX’s James Covington down in Florida! The Profile Racing wallet comes in two colors; brown and natural camo, with a “Wing P” logo. The Madera wallet comes in brown only! Since these are hand made, no two are exactly alike and they are limited edition so pick one up as soon as possible before they’re all gone!

The Profile wallet is available for $49.99 in the Profile Racing Webstore.
The Madera wallet is available for $49.99 in the Madera Webstore!

You can also have your local shop order you one of these up today by getting ahold of Profile Racing directly today!

Madera Wallet Spread_600x

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Sunday Bikes

Devon Denham 2014 Edit

When Devon Denham isn’t busy working at The Daily Grind or out shooting photos, he’s definitely out riding and crushing spots! Check out this new one from spots he hit in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Bethlehem!

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Downlow x Local BMX – Rex Cubic Edit

Rex Cubic is back at it again with another dialed video for Downlow Apparel and Local BMX! Hit play to check him out putting his pegs to heavy use on a ton of spots he has came across lately!

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Cult BMX

Sneak Peek: Merritt – Option Tire


Head over to The Merged to find out more about Merritt‘s new Option tire that will be dropping soon!

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Battle In The Rockies – Pro Highlights

Just spotted this video over on Flat Matters from qualifying for the Pro class of Battle In The Rockies! There’s a lot of footage in here, but it’s all real good! Hit play!

Pro Highlights from the Battle in the Rockies contest, 2014. Not including the finals…this is a compilation of practice, an impromptu 1:00 best run contest on Friday night, and the qualifying runs.” – Brandon Woldridge

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Red Bull – Vans Rebel Jam 2014 Photogallery


Make your way on over to the Red Bull website to check out a photogallery by George Marshall from the Rebel Jam this past weekend! There are some dialed photos of Garrett Reynolds, Reed Stark, Alex Kennedy, Bruno Hoffmann, Sean Sexton and more to check out right here!

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Cult BMX

Vans Rebel Jam 2014 Highlights

Did you miss the live feed, or do you just want to see some more footage from the Rebel Jam? Well, you’re in luck because here’s not one, but TWO videos giving you a look at some of the highlights! Hit those play buttons

The Vans Rebel Jam consisted of 66 riders on one street course, each given the chance to pull a “best trick”. Here’s a glimpse into the chaos that ensued… Alex Donnachie, Garrett Reynolds, Alex Kennedy, Bruno Hoffman, Simone Barraco, and countless other amazing riders throwing down their most difficult moves.” – Ride BMX

Vans Rebel Jam 2014 – More BMX Videos

Insane riding from the 2014 Vans Rebel Jam in London featuring Alex Kennedy, Garrett Reynolds, Alex Donnachie, Joris Coulomb, Matthias Dandois, Ty Morrow, and more. Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

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Red Bull Dreamline 2014 – Full TV Episode

Did you catch Red Bull Dreamline when it aired on TV the other week? Well, they have the entire episode on TV now giving you a look at all of the action that went down! Definitely well worth a look because it shows a lot more than the edits that surfaced.

Watch more Signature Series here:
Galdiators, mixed with warriors, mixed with champions, mixed with legends — everything you get, at Dreamline. Pitting the best in BMX against each other on the one of the craziest dirt courses seen in competition.

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