Product: Shadow Conspiracy – Limited Edition Copper Vein Local Bars

shadow_ copper-vein

The Shadow Conspiracy released a VERY limited edition run of Ben Hucke’s signature Local Bars in a “copper vein” colorway! These Local bars are made from 100% post-weld heat-treated chromoly with a 8.5″ rise, 28″ width, 12-degrees of backstop, 1-degree of upsweep, a 6″ crossbar height and a 10.25″ crossbar width! The bars feature a slim tear drop cross bar, an anti-rust ED coating under the paint, a weight of 27.7 oz and the Copper Vein paint to finish it off! You can pick these bars up exclusively in The Shadow Conspiracy Webstore for $82.99 now! Get on these now because they will go fast!


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Снимаем НЖМ4

Not much for info on this one from Russia! It looks like it’s a promo for a full-length video that should be out in 2016. Either way, check out a bunch of crashes, extra antics and teaser clips for this video that’s in the works!

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BSD Street Battle Festival Bike 2014

Check out some highlights from the BSD Street Battle that went down at the Festival Bike Jam down in Portugal! Some real solid riding and it looks like they all had a real good time!

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Sunday Bikes

Cult – Dakota Roche & Codey Levesque Bike Checks


Get over to the Cult website to check out not one, but two bike checks with Dakota Roche and Codey Levesque who built up some fresh Dak setups for you to drool over! Who’s feeling the brown colorway?

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Subrosa – Joris Coulomb Noster II Promo

Subrosa just released this dialed new video featuring Joris Coulomb putting it down on the streets for his signature translucent purple colorway on the Noster II frame! Check out the video, then get a closer look at the frame RIGHT HERE! So good!

Subrosa pro rider Joris Coulomb went to stay with fellow Subrosa rider Nico Badet in Toulouse, France for a couple weeks. With his signature color version of the Noster II frame in stores now we wanted to put out some new Joris fire and he came through in a major way!

Creative moves, creative spots, and plenty a heavy moves too. Peep the edit, then check out his “World Traveler” Edition Trans Purple Noster II in stores now.”

Filmed by Nico Badet @nico_badet

Edited By Joris Coulomb @jorisco

Music By
Summer of Haze

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Madera BMX

Wethepeople – Autumn Session 2014

Wethepeople dropped their video from the Autumn Session they threw at the Trier park in Germany a few weeks back! It looks like there was a ton of people that turned out, some amazing riding went down and people were psyched! Check it!

Every year we get together and organise a series of Jams across Germany. Taking place each season, the whole emphasis is about good times, good vibes and riding bikes. A few weeks back we hosted our largest jam of the year at Project X Skatehelle two hours away from our Cologne office in one of the oldest cities in Germany, Trier.

With a large amount of the German BMX scene present, the WTP Autumn Session was bound to be a good time. Check out this video of the guys shredding in Trier filmed and editied by Ben McPherson.

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Monster – On The Radar with Matty Cranmer

We’ve been seeing young Matty Cranmer’s name popping up more and more over the past few years and it looks like all the sessions with his older brother, Scotty Cranmer, at the Incline Club have paid off because he’s an absolute SHREDDER now. Check out this little bio video Monster dropped where we get to know Matty a little better and see just how good he really is! Definitely one to keep an eye out for in the future!

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Donkey Kong Country

What happens when you bring two amazing things like BMX and Donkey Kong together? You get a new edit from the mastermind, Pete Greaves, loaded with goodness for you to enjoy! This one has riding from a few faces we haven’t seen in a little while, so we’re stoked on that too! Take a look!

A smattering of clips from the last year set to some aquatic ambience and jungle grooves. Also, subliminal bananas.
Grande Gracias to everyone who showed me and Tim a good time in Seville, especially Andreas and Fernando. Also, thanks to the super cool guy who uploaded a complete game of Donkey Kong to Youtube, and his pal who uploaded every sound in the game. Who does that?
Riders are in order: Jim Newrick, Tim Evans, Chris Lee, Pete Greaves, Olly Olsen, Dave, Scott Thompson, Cookie, Andreas Garcia Sanchez, Quique Rico, Fernando Lackzo.

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Freed Bikes

Kitchen Bikes – Pierre Tortereau Welcome Edit

Pierre Tortereau is now doing it for Kitchen Bike Shop! Check out this welcome edit featuring him putting his big bag of tricks to work at Eurocamp in Spain! Real good!

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Texas Toast 2014 by Ryan Navazio

There has been a flood of dialed videos that have surfaced from the Texas Toast Jam this weekend and this is one in particular we’re real stoked on! Ryan Navazio put together this amazing video filled with footage he collected over the course of the entire weekend from drone shots to super slow-motion clips capturing all of the wild riding, rough crashes and good people. Take a peek and enjoy!

Texas Toast 2014 by Ryan Navazio


Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Connor Lodes, Simone Barraco, Van Homan, Morgan Wade, Larry Edgar, Matt Cordova, Chris Doyle, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Anthony Napolitan, and more.

Israel Nash
“Rain Plans”

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