Philthy Films – Halloween Jam 2014

So many Halloween Jams going on! Gotta love it! Phil Jones decided to get the crew down in Charlotte together for a little parking lot jam to celebrate! Check out what these guys put together for clips!

The first Philthy Films Halloween Jam in Charlotte, NC. Thanks to all the homies that made it out…ENJOY!

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Jason Minor – Burnin’ Rubber in Milwaukee

Jason “Tippy” Minor sent through his latest edit of him throwing down on spots all around Milwaukee from 4Seasons to Ray’s, street spots and roof tops. Hit play and see what he cooked up!

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Today Is Gonna Be The Day

Here’s a quick one Jeff Klugiewicz put together from a session at 4Seasons him, Rob DiQuattro, Erik Elstran, Dylon McCauley and a few others got in! It has a not so serious vibe, but there’s a couple clips worth checking out! Take a peek!

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The Daily Grind BMX

Animal – Abdul Fofanah Welcome Edit

Abdul Fofanah has been apart of the Animal Bikes crew for a while now, but it looks like they have made it official and given him the bump up to the team! Hit play to check this short, but sweet welcome edit!

Filmed By: Lino Gonzalez
Edited By: Bob Scerbo

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Voodoo Jam 2014 Highlights

Wow… This highlight reel from Voodoo Jam 2014 is amazing. The riding is insane, the level of energy this contest has is unreal and the filming and editing is on point. If this doesn’t make you want to go to this contest just to experience it, you’re crazy.

Filmed and edited by Mickey Gaidos

Highlight video of the 2014 Voodoo Jam!
The Glitch Mob – “Can’t Kill Us”

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Sunday Bikes

Brett Silva Bike Check


Head over to the Wethepeople website to check out a brand new bike check with Brett Silva and his current Sterling setup! Looks like a solid street machine to me!

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iON Camera – Corey Bohan POV at Red Bull Dreamline

Corey Bohan strapped one of the iON Camera‘s to his head and took a lap at Dreamline a few weeks back! Take a little ride and see what it looked like from his point of view!

Take a ride with iON family member Corey Bohan as he gives you an exclusive look at what it was like to ride the massive jumps at the 2014 Red Bull Dreamline competition.

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Brian Chapman – Chapman Cycles

Spotted this gem over on Flat Matters and was really stoked on it. Although this doesn’t have any BMX in it, it does feature flatland rider, Brian Chapman, showing you what he does for a living when he’s not riding a BMX bike. We definitely don’t see as much of this kind of quality as we used to.

Digital media capture + development by
The bikes that I make under my name are intended to push the limits of my craftsmanship and my vision of the true integrated bicycle. I’m trying to take my work to new levels where I can explore new technologies while still adhering to a classic aesthetic. I try to get to this new level by seeing the bike as a whole before making the first file stroke. With that mental image, I can then start the design and pay attention to the details during the build. I love the details. The details show that care, thought, and consideration went into every aspect of the frame and its components.
I am focusing on mostly commuter and light touring bikes right now. Riding along the back roads of Rhode Island and socializing with my friends is the essence of cycling to me. The bike is the vehicle that gets me to that feeling and it’s the thing I don’t want to be concerned about when I’m bombing down a bumpy old road. But it’s also the thing I will look at and appreciate when it comes time to take a break.
” — Brian Chapman

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Kink BMX

After Dark

Here’s a little Halloween inspired video featuring Manon Carpenter and Kayley Ashworth getting a lights out session in! This one has some pretty crazy face paint mixed with some solid film work. Take a peek!

Manon Carpenter and Kayley Ashworth ride the Ballroom After Dark. @liammurphyfilms @manoncarpenter @kayleyashworth

Filmed and edited by Liam Murphy

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Halloween at Skater’s Edge

The Tables and Fables crew headed to Skater’s Edge for a little Halloween bash! Check out what Ron Burgundy, Spiderman, Santa and a few others threw down!

Fun in costumes at the local park. Featuring riding from: Justin Noun, Bobby Proctor, Ryan Lively, Sam Lawson, Tom Mulloy and Brandon Christie.
Music: Murphy’s Law “Monstermash”
Filmed and edited by Tony Long

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