ABQ DNV – New Mexico Krew Mix

Almost forgot it was Friday until the new ABQ DNV video dropped in the inbox! Check out this fresh street mix from the crew out in New Mexico! Tons of gold in this!

I am super pumped that the boys down in New Mexico have been out filming so much and putting video together for us to share with you. Derek Dorame has been manning the camera with some help from the team and they have been stacking a decent amount of footy along the way. From what it sounds like Derek and the homies are putting something together for our viewing pleasure.

Here is what Derek had to say, “A group of us New Mexicans around Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Los Alamos have been filming and going on trips together for about 2 years now. We have all been working on a longer video project through out this time as well. No plans or word on when it will be done but this a just a taste of what we have been up to out here in the South West…”

Filmed and Cut by Derek Dorame

Riders in Order
Robert Baca
Matt Gutierrez
Derek Dorame
Julian Garza
Johnny Atencio
Ryan Pipkin
Alex Jaquez
Kyle Elliot
Dom Roark
Andres Velasco
Adam Accardi

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Kriss Kyle Bike Check


Hit the BSD website to get a closer look at the fresh new Passenger setup Kriss Kyle put together! There’s a few new items on this bike you might not have seen yet as well! Get a closer look RIGHT HERE!

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Daniel Dhers – Freecoaster, Brakeless, 4 Pegs

Daniel Dhers: Freecoaster. Brakeless. 4 Pegs. – More BMX Videos

This is awesome, haha. Daniel Dhers decided he wanted to fit in with the trendy kids with the 4 pegs, no brakes and freecoaster so he tossed his old bike and got to work learning the ways of the streets! Check it!

Daniel Dhers as you’ve never seen him before – embracing his inner street rider on a bike with a freecoaster, no brakes, and four pegs. Credit: Vital BMX

… This video is super cereal.

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Profile Racing

Fit – Manolin Welcome Edit

Manolin is now doing it for Fit over in Spain through 4130 Bike Company! Take a look at his welcome edit that’s loaded up with some real solid and stylish clips from a few different parks to bring the news!

Filmed and edited by Gonzalo Caballero

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Gangbang Bikes – Park Check

The Gangbang Bikes crew over in Germany made their way to Staufen to give the local park there a little test! Take a peek at the clips they filmed during the visit!

We have tested with almost the whole crew and the locals from Staufen new obstacles at the skate park on their Grind friendliness. We were satisfied and here is our clip yield with Hagen Schubert, Berthold Leon, Timothy Jones, Dennis Erhardt, Niklas will and Adrian Kölz.

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Sunday Bikes

Windells Camp – Session 6

It looks like week 6 of Windells camp kicked some ass! Check out what the campers along with Shawn McIntosh, Aaron Brenner and Flo Saint Simon got into out in Oregon!

BMX Camp kicked off this week with a bang. Shawn McIntosh made sure the campers had so much fun they puked from Hood River to Sandy, the Concrete Jungle and even a few street spots in Portland, OR. We still have spots available for Session 8 so don’t miss your week at the “funnest” place on earth!
Featured Bikers: Shawn McIntosh, Aaron Brenner, Flo Saint Simon, and tons of campers!
Edited by Eddie Olchansky
Filmed by Eddie Olchansky and Ian Macy
“Sleep Talk”
Shannon and The Clams

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Moscow Trip

Not much for info on this one, but we can tell you that a group of guys got together for a trip to Moscow, Russia where they cruised some of the local parks and spots to film for this new edit. There’s some real solid riding mixed throughout this one, so take a peek!

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Stylish Slow Motion Clips with the Vans Team

Wow this is rad. Check out a bunch of clips from the Vans team all slowed down so you can really see how good they look! This is one video you don’t want to pass up!

With the Vans US Open Bowl Contest going down this week, we thought it would be appropriate to put together the most stylish slow motion BMX clips from around the world with the Vans BMX team. Featuring Gary Young, Sean Sexton, Brian Kachinsky, Dakota Roche, TJ Ellis, Cory Nastazio, Pat Casey, Dan Sandoval and Mike “Hucker” Clark. filmed by Justin Kosman” – Network A

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Subrosa Brand

Macneil – BC Hydro

Talk about an untapped spot! Check out Macneil‘s Amos Franke and Adam Piatek taking advantage of one hell of a setup!

A few weeks ago we decided to check out a local gem of a spot. We loaded up the truck one evening and headed out to this amazing dam spot. Amos Franke & Adam Piatek went to town on these scenic quarter pipes.
Filmed and Edited by Zach Rampen
Song: White Fence – Sticky Fruitman Has Faith

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All Day – Patryk Teul 2014

Here’s a rad one from All Day BMX Shop‘s Patryk Teul getting down on some ramps and dirt out in Poland! Patryk has a big bag of tricks and the film work for this is real good. Check it!

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