Colony – Tom Stretton 2014 Edit

We don’t know how the hell Tom Stretton does the things he does… But we love it! Check out this dialed new video Colony just released from some spots he destroyed as of late!

Tom broke his foot just as we were finishing up filming a few clips for his latest video but fortunately he had stacked plenty of wizard moves to be able to finish it up. Filmed around Australia and the USA.

Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee.

Additional filming from Jack Birtles, Mike Vockenson and Clint Millar.

Thumbnail photo shot by Jack Birtles.

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Nearly 3 – Intro and Greg Layden

Sections from the “Nearly 3″ DVD are surfacing online! Check out the intro and Greg Layden’s section that’s packed with grinds and nose balance!

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Day In The Life of Adam LZ

Ever wondered how Adam LZ lives? Well, here’s your chance to check out everything he gets into while he’s at college… Riding, hanging out with friends, class, putting together orders and more!

From School to the Skatepark, live a day as a college student, BMX rider, and business owner. I love my life.
T-SHIRTS FOR SALE (w/ free stickers) –

So you guys have been asking for me to do a “Day in the Life” more than anything. It took me a while to film because I wanted to do it right, and it was tough to get my schedule to line up with my friend Brett’s. This is a typical Tuesday in my life, minus the homework and watching an online lecture around 9AM before I go to class. Forgive me if I looked insanely tired by the end of the video, I actually got up at like 6:30AM to let Brett in and set up and plan a bunch of shots and didn’t get back to sleep until 3AM. I go to the Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida, and my major is Business Management (entrepreneurship track). If you guys have any questions about this video or my life in general I’ll try to respond to as many comments as possible, or maybe even make a Vlog answering more complex questions. Thank you for watching, and PLEASE hit the like button and FAVORITE. It makes such an insane difference when you click that little button and most people don’t realize it. Stay in school and never stop riding.


Music (In order)
“Somet Things Die” – The Guru

“Aspen” – Cat Ridgeway

“Just Breathe” – FTGU…

“Golden Brown” – The Guru

Filmed by Brett Rohlfing

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Sunday Bikes

Sparky’s France – 4 Day Trip

A few months back, the Sparky’s France team spent some time exploring spots around Lyon! They pulled out the cameras and documented the riding that went down… You know with a crew like this things went down!

We were on trip during 4 days around Lyon after the Bmx Street Station contest happened in September.
Nico Badet, Joris Coulomb and Kevin Kalkoff, all riding for Subrosa and The Shadow Conspiracy and gathered for the first time under Sparkys France flag.
Filmed by Arnaud Wolff and Lilian Conry, edited by Arnaud Wolff.
Visit our website here :
Follow us on facebook and instagram : @sparkysfrance

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Haro – “Take The Risk” in Malaysia

Haro recently dropped Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Gray and Matthias Dandois in Malaysia for some time to explore the spots, meet the locals and experience the culture! Needless to say, these guys had a hell of a good time and this video Ride dropped shows just that! Hit play and take it all in!

Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal

I’d been to Malaysia back in the early 2000’s. It was one of those trips where I saw three things: the airport, the hotel, and the contest area. I always wanted to go back to explore, and a decade later, the lure of a pro contest in a tropical country in Southeast Asia had me looking into tickets. Now was the chance!

As team manager, I become responsible for a lot of things. I have to design a trip. Who to take? Where to stay? What if it rains the whole time? I see the whole trip unfold in my head a thousand different ways well before we even board the plane. I have to do a lot of research before I purchase those tickets…I can’t have this trip fail, and heading to a place that no riders really visit is pretty risky. But, at least the event would take up most the time anyway…

First dudes on the trip were Mike Gray and Tyler Fernengel. They both joined the Haro team earlier in the year and it was their turn to hit the road. And as a bonus, they are young and inexperienced travelers that I hoped to introduce some culture to and give them a trip to remember. Matthias Dandois has traveled the entire world over and over again, but I was surprised to hear he had not yet visited Malaysia. Matthias is such a unique rider and he’s a positive guy to be around—he was coming for sure. Finally, Dennis Enarson got the call. We all know Dennis can ride any terrain, but he gets an automatic invite just for being the amazing person he is. We needed a filmer. After picking the crew, only one guy came to mind to join us and that was Christian Rigal. It’s invaluable to have a filmer the crew knows personally. And, the filmer is carrying around a heavy bag all day, filming try after try for sometimes hours, missing meals, getting dehydrated, and while we all enjoy the sunset, the filmer is usually getting a time lapse shot in and then has to stay up late logging footage. They are long days on the road and I knew Christian could handle the job as well as have a good time with us.” —Colin Mackay

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Kink BMX

Dave Dillewaard – Traveling Man

Dave Dillewaard: Travelling Man – More BMX Videos

Can’t go wrong with some fresh Dave Dillewaard footage! Check him out putting in work on parks and spots he came across out in the desert!

Australian veteran Dave Dillewaard shreds street, park, dirt, and ditch spots all around the Southwestern United States. Dave can ride every discipline of riding and make it look damn good. You don’t want to miss this… Credit: Calvin Kosovich

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WHTHOUS – Julian Jamerson

WHTHOUS just sent through their latest video featuring Julian Jamerson getting a few solid clips for you to check out!

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Subrosa – Simone Barraco and the Street Rail

These videos have been making me really wish I had one of these Subrosa Street Rails! Check out Simone Barraco cooking up a few clips on it during some filming time he had with one recently!

While Subrosa pro rider Simone Barraco was in the U.S. he got in a bunch of night sessions on the Subrosa Street Rail.

He got some wild clips Bobby Kanode caught and put together for your viewing pleasure.

The Subrosa Street Rail is available in BMX shops and mail orders worldwide now.

Hit up for all the spec and details on the Subrosa Street Rail.

Thanks to Gregory Moliterno for the pic.

Cock & Swan
“What Was Life”

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Kilian Roth Bike Check


Head over to the Eclat website to take a closer look at Kilian Roth’s current setup! Looks like one dialed street machine to us!

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20 Years of Kink Bike Co.

Did you know Kink has been going strong for 20 years? Well, Zack Phillips and the entire Kink crew are celebrating 20 years by looking back on their history! Check out this awesome video where Zack tells you the story of Kink, how it all started and how it came to be what it is today! There’s a good mix of footage from over the years giving you a look at just how it has changed. After you do that, hit the 20 Years of Kink Microsite that features products, old print ads, ALL of their full-length videos and a throwback run of t-shirts that are available now! This is how it was done right, kids!

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