Kink – 2015 SXTN Bike Build


Kink took the new Sean Sexton signature frame that’s due out in March and decked it out completely with Kink parts to make one DIALED bike. Hit this link to take a closer look!

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Chilling Spree – Crazy Carl Fumbles & Tumbles

Damn! The crazy thing about BMX is that there’s a 50/50 chance on everything you do. Either you do it, or shit hits the fan. Carl Arnett sent himself down this huge ledge and the odds didn’t pan out so well!

Carl Arnett goes for a hail mary of a ledge ride. Doesn’t quite make it, gets really lucky all things considering.
Filmed by Riley McMaster
” – Chilling Spree

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Product: FBM – Supernaut Sprocket


Here’s a look at the new Supernaut sprocket from FBM! This sprocket is CNC machined right here in the U.S.A out of 7075 aluminum with a 1/4″ thickness and a 15/16″ center bore (24mm) with 19mm and 22mm adaptors included. The Supernaut comes in 25, 27, 28 and 30 tooth options with colors of black and silver.

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Madera BMX

Behind The Scenes – Chad DeGroot – Part 2

Part 2 of the Behind the Scenes series with Chad DeGroot gets into sponsorships and how he worked his way up from some random kid in Wisconsin to one of the top BMX riders in the world. Definitely interesting to hear this since Chad has been in the game for a long time!

Flatland BMX pioneer Chad Degroot discusses his rise in the Midwest scene, getting sponsored, his decision to make smarter career decisions after winning BMX accolades, and more.” – ESPN BMX

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Garrett Reynolds’ Street Style

Ride BMX dropped this new video of Garrett Reynolds absolutely DESTROYING some rails and ledges at a park to hype up the Dew Tour Brooklyn stop this weekend! You already know you need to see this one!

First off, shout out to Garrett for coming out in this massive heat wave and absolutely killing the PQ park in 100 degree weather. And to Tony Ennis, for taking control of the main camera out of the kindness of his heart.

Few would argue that Garrett Reynolds is the best street rider there’s ever been, and with next week’s Dew Tour event in Brooklyn, New York, we got a few words from him about what he enjoys about street events before he battled the heat for more than a few clips at one of his favorite local parks. Check the video and be sure to catch the live webcast of the Street event on this Saturday, September 20th, at 12:30EST.

Filmed by Tony Ennis
Additional Filming/Editing by Ryan Fudger
Music: “008” by Figure Of Wax

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The Shadow Conspiracy

Red Bull – Raditudes: Kill The Line in Peynier

The new episode of Red Bull‘s Raditudes takes us over to Peynier, France for the Vans Kill The Line contest that looks like it was nothing but good times and antics! Hit that play button to get some laughs!

In this episode, Ryan Nyquist and Chris Doyle guest star with Anthony, Hucker and Corey Bohan. The boys are at the famous Kill the Line contest in the south of France, enjoying the legendary dirt trails and taking bets on each others fate in the process. Oh, and there might be an insane food fight. Check out the finals and the road trip to Red Bull Quartermasters in Episode 9, Aug 30.

Intro Music:
“Who Pinioned the Champs?”
Written and produced by Jeff Lucci
Performed by Jeff Lucci and Air is Human
Additional assistance from Pat Bryan and Josh Aptner

For more info and music inquiries visit
Check out Air is Human at:

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Dew Tour – In the Streets with Ty Morrow

Spend a day cruising around Los Angeles with Ty Morrow and a few friends in this new episode of In the Streets from the Dew Tour! Despite it being a hot day, Ty was able to stack plenty of clips for you to check out! Hit that play button!

Ty Morrow is raw and keeps it that way by spending his time riding in the streets. Never one to take it too easy, ride with Ty while he takes you along to a bunch a spots and watch him go all out in preparation for Dew Tour.

Watch Ty competing in Brooklyn in BMX street on Saturday, September 20 at 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT and then again on Sunday, September 21 at 12pm ET / 9am PT in BMX streetstyle. Catch ALL of the action at or watch with the NBC Sports Live Extra app.

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Tom Stretton Bike Check


Head over to the Colony website for a quick bike check with Tom Stretton giving you a closer look at what he’s running these days! Those leopard print rims look so wild!

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Sneak Peek: Primo – Oil Slick JJ Palmere Pedals


Just spotted this gem over on The Merged. Turns out Primo have decided they want to give oil slick a little more love and found a way to put it on their new plastic JJ Palmere pedals that are in the works! More info right here!

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Radio Bikes – 2015 Complete Bikes Catalog

Radio Bikes dropped their new 2015 complete Bikes catalog giving you a look at their full range of bikes from the entry level Dice 16″ on through their top end 20″ bikes along with a few MTB options as well! Definitely some dialed bikes for this year. Take a peek!

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