Cult – Russ Barone and Trey Jones in Long Island

Cult just dropped this new edit featuring Trey Jones and Russ Barone getting down on trails, pools and a DIY spot during a recent visit to Long Island! This edit is loaded with some amazing riding and the bonus Garrett Byrnes clips are a treat! Hit that play button and take it all in!

Trey Jones went to go stay with Russ Barone for a week out on the island. They rode trails, concrete parks and an awesome pool over the course of the week. Guest clips from Garrett Byrnes and Ryan Hoey. Thanks to all the Panamoka and boondocks locals for an amazing time.
Filmed by: Trey, Russ, Frank Spinelli and Nick Razzano
Edited by : Trey
Music: Somewhere Far Away – Dead Moon

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Subrosa – 2015 Complete Bike Videos

Subrosa just released their 2015 Complete Bike Videos giving us a closer look at each of their 2015 Completes along with some dialed riding mixed in for good measure! These bikes are looking oh so good! Hit that play button and take in all the videos then hit this link for a closer look at each bike individually!

We’ve just uploaded our annual complete bike videos. These videos give you a little more insight on what the 2015 Subrosa complete bikes have to offer, and what they’re designed for. The videos show the level of riding each model and price range is for, get you up close and personal with the spec, highlights, features and colorways.

As always hit the product section for the full list of every part, every spec, and detailed shots of every model.

Thanks to Beau Harvey, Kyle and Seth Broccolo, Heberto Segura, Anthony Soricelli, Roman Bugos, Willy, Francisco, Lars and Hoang Tran who came out and helped us ride and show these bikes off!

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Devon Smillie Bike Check


Devon Smillie has a brand new bike check up on the Flybikes website giving you an in-depth look at his current Fuego setup with the new 2015 Military Green colorway that’s due out soon! Looks like a dialed unit to me!

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The Daily Grind BMX

Johnny Devlin Bike Check


Head over to The Shadow Conspiracy website to take a closer look at Johnny Devlin’s current setup that he’s running these days! It’s clean, simple and looks like a solid unit!

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Products: Vol. 125


The days are getting shorter and the temps are dropping pretty quick here in the northern hemisphere! With that being said, the sessions are moving indoors for many of us! We figured it would be a good time to take a closer look at a few items to help keep you warm and keep your bike rolling smooth for this weeks Products: column! This week we’ll take a look at the Order jacket from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Match front hub from Cult, the new Tri-Pull sweatshirt from Madera, the Knox sprocket from Sunday Bikes, then we’ll wrap things up with Sergio Layos’ signature Trueno frame from Fly Bikes. Ready? Let’s do this!

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Sunday Bikes

Cult – Andrew Castaneda “Small Talk”

Here’s one section from the Cult “Small Talk” DVD that I know a ton of people have been hyped on! Check out Andrew Castaneda absolutely destroy spots regular and opposite like it’s nothing! This is a clear indicator as to why he got bumped up to the pro team, too. After you watch the video, hit the Ride site for a quick Q&A with Andrew about his part and being bumped up!

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Subrosa – 2015 Complete Bike Party Line

To celebrate the release of the new 2015 complete bikes from Subrosa, they threw a little party to give them a proper welcoming! Check out this quick video from the party, then check out each of the bikes in the links below! These bikes are looking real good!

We thought a party line would be the best way to tell you that the videos for each of our 2015 complete bikes will be live on our site soon!

He’s a sneak peak at all the models in one glorious clip!

Included bikes-
Altus Balance
Altus 16″
Altus (Red)
Tiro (Black/Green)
Salvador 18″
Salvador (Hoang Tran)
Arum XL (Blue)
Letum (Phosphate Raw)
Malum (Black)
Malum 26″
Novus (Simone Barraco)

Thanks to Beau Harvey, Kyle and Seth Broccolo, Heberto Segura, Anthony Soricelli, Roman Bugos, Willy, Francisco, and Lars who came out and helped us ride and show these bikes off!

To see the all the 2015 Subrosa complete bikes hit up

Film & Edit:
Bobby Kanode

Adeodat Warfield

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Photogallery: Josh Olszowka October 2014

Pic 14_600x

There has been no shortage of amazing photos being sent through for us to check out lately! The other day, our good friend Josh Olszowka sent through his latest batch of photos for us to get a look at! We’ve featured Josh’s work on the site a handful of times now and every time his photos just keep getting better and better! Check out his latest photogallery with 30 photos featuring the likes of Brian Kachinsky, Jeff Dowhen, Matt Coplon, Chase Pauza, Glenn Salyers, Timothy Burkhart, Two Brake Tony and more by clicking the link below!


Cult BMX

Dan’s Comp – Breast Cancer Awareness Donation Raffle


The past few years in October, Dan’s Comp have been doing an annual fundraising event to help raise money for Breast Cancer Research as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year they have a 2015 Kink Tony Hamlin signature Solace complete up for grabs! For every $5 you donate, you get a sticker pack along with an entry to win that bike! You can enter as many times as you would like and obviously the odds of you winning goes up with each stick pack you purchase! You can get in on this great cause by clicking here!

Breast Cancer is a disease that has touched most people’s lives in one way or another and we in the BMX community are no different. However, the BMX community is special in that it can rally around a cause like no other. In an effort to continually raise awareness and some funds, Dan’s Comp has created the Breast Cancer Awareness Sticker Pack. All proceeds from the sale of this sticker pack will go to help Breast Cancer research. So help fight Breast Cancer with true BMX spirit by buying this sticker pack today. Tell your friends! Because this is a fund raiser, no refunds or exchanges are allowed.
During the Month of October, each purchase of the sticker pack enters you in for the bike giveaway. Order as many you like! US Residents only. See Rules below.

Free shipping on sticker pack orders only. If you are purchasing additional items standard shipping rates apply. Free Shipping applies to US Residents only

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The Jabtape HD

Today, we’re stoked to drop the new Lifestyle Ikonic video “The Jabtape” for you guys to enjoy! This video is 10 minutes of pure goodness featuring sections from Nik Muryn, Joel Dykstra, Kyle White and Tristan Sweet with footage collected from Western Canada all the way down to California. This video also has some unique editing throwing it back to the classic Mario and some of the other classic video games that really is a change of pace from what we see everyday! Kick back and enjoy!

jab (jăb)
v. jabbed, jab·bing, jabs
1. to poke, or thrust abruptly or sharply, as with the end or point of a stick.
2. to punch, especially with a short, quick blow.
3. a poke with the end or point of something; a sharp, quick thrust.
4. A small stretch of moderately urbanized peninsula hidden amongst the West Coast of Canada that harbours some of BCs best up and coming BMX riders as well as some of its worst spots.
5. a short, quick punch.
The Jabtape is a collection of skatepark scraps, street jibs, and some bangers curated throughout 2014 in Vancouver, Burnaby, Sunshine Coast, Kelowna, Portland, and California. Featuring Nik Muryn, Joel Dykstra, Kyle White, Tristan Sweet.
FILM: everyone
EDIT: Tristan Sweet

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