“Make It Happen” – Full Video

Here it is! The entire “Make It Happen” DVD is now online for your viewing pleasure! This is 31 minutes of footage from trips Greg Illingworth and his crew took around the world last year filming with Will Evans! Absolute MUST SEE!

‘Make It Happen’ is a global BMX project by rider Greg Illingworth, filmer Will Evans and photographer George Marshall. Over 14 months Greg travelled the globe with a hand picked group of the world’s best riders. They all shared one simple idea – explore, ride, document. Destinations: China, Argentina, South Africa Riders: Greg Illingworth, Gary Young, Tammy Mccarley, Brian Kachinsky, Ed Zunda, Josh Harrington, Kevin Kalkoff, Paul Ryan, Ben Hennon, Matt Priest, Matthias Dandois and Maxime Charveron. The Make It Happen book and video are the culmination of their travels. Book by George Marshall Film by Will Evans Project management by Greg Illingworth Logo design by Rob Loeber Make It Happen is supported by: Vans, Mongoose, Monster Energy, Snafu, The Albion and Fox. makeithappenvideo.com

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Evolutions: BMX Frames


After the past Evolutions pieces (Seat Post Clamps and the Seat and Seat Posts) we started getting a lot of requests about what we should do next. Although BMX started from lighter race bikes and slowly as dirt, ramps and street became part of the scene, frames saw a lot of changes to increase the overall strength that could hold up to this style of riding. We figured to make it slightly easier, we would start from when frames were beginning to be 8 pound blocks of metal welded together and move towards these state of the art precision low 5 (or sub 5) pound frames that we see today. It’s pretty obvious that BMX frames have DRASTICALLY changed over the years and it’s honestly a little overwhelming trying to compile a good list of different frames for examples due to all of those changes.
I decided against trying to pick out frames on my own, and decided to give the guys over on BIKEGUIDE the chance to speak out on some good options to feature.
I couldn’t begin to tell you the number of frames that instantly came to mind, but how many that were refreshed in my mind once they were suggested on the thread we set up to get the discussion going.
Today I decided it was time to start the task of compiling a good list of some of the iconic frames that for one reason or another have stuck out in peoples minds as frames that changed the way things were done. Thanks to Google, it was a fairly easy process except for a few that we just couldn’t find anything on.
Now, before we get into this… I want to be clear that this list is soley based off a lot of minds tossing out ideas and that this isn’t going to be exactly chronological nor will it have all the exact specs and details. We also stuck to a late 90’s / early 2000’s up through now for our main focus so there are a lot of frames prior that were left out. Infact, I’m betting that you guys reading this will have a handful of ideas of what frames should have made it into this that we missed. We ask that you leave your ideas in the comments at the bottom of this post so we can add it in or at least have it for people to note.
With that said… Let’s do this…

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Profile Racing – Profile Logo Shirt 3-Pack


Need some new shirts but you’re tight on cash? Profile Racing just released their new 3-pack colors for the logo shirt! For $29.99 in the Profile Racing Webstore, you can pick up all three of Profile Logo t-shirts (red with black logo, black with grey logo and heather grey with black logo) in the size of your choice! Get on this!

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Subrosa Brand

Sneak Peek: Flybikes – 2015 Alta 2 Stem


Today, Flybikes released info on their updated Alta stem that got a bit of a facelift for 2015! The Alta 2 has a higher stack heigh and a few cosmetic changes for a better look! Full details below!

Some of you may have caught a glimpse of this one when we unveiled our Misty Silver Colorway a few days ago. For 2015, we decided to make a few refinements to the Alta stem to give it a slightly higher stack height and a more aesthetically pleasing look. The Alta 2 will offer a higher 25mm stack height, a 7-degree angle on the bottom to give it a less square look and a recessed top for your fork’s top cap to sit flush. The stem will be available in our new Misty Silver color and black.

The Alta 2 stem will be available through all shops and mail-orders that carry Flybikes worldwide in October along with our full range of 2015 product! ” – Flybikes

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Chad Kerley – Over Ice Trick Breakdown

Want a little insight on one of Chad Kerley’s favorite grinds? Hit that play button and take a look at how he gets over ice grinds done on a flat rail spot in this video from the Dew Tour.

Chad Kerley breaks down an over ice pick grind. Watch the defending streetstyle champ take on Broadway Street in downtown Portland on Sunday, August 17. Catch all of the action LIVE starting at 3pm ET / 12pm PT at DewTour.com/LIVE or download the NBC Sports Live Extra app.” – Dew Tour

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Sunday Bikes

Product: Cult – Camo Stash Bag


Cult just got in stock a fresh batch of their Stash bags and this time around they have done a run of camo for you to get your hands on. This bag is made from am cotton canvas with a zipper pocket lid up top, a zipper pocket in the front and a padded back for comfort. You can pick one of these up for $29.99 in the Cult Webstore or you can have your local shop get you one ordered up right away.

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Ditch Day with Gary Young

The Dew Tour caught up with Gary Young at the Home Ave ditch out in San Diego for a session. Anyone who is a fan of Gary knows he’s been killing that place for years and it’s always a treat watching him ride there! Hit that play button!

San Diego native, Gary Young takes you to his hometown ditches where the locals have put in some work for some DIY fun. Lookout for Gary getting down in BMX Streetstyle Sunday August 17 at 3pm ET / 12pm PT at DewTour.com/LIVE or download the NBC Sports Live Extra app.” – Dew Tour

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Sunday – Aaron Ross Motoross Video

Sunday Bikes dropped this brand new video featuring Aaron Ross putting his freecoaster to work on his new signature Motoross frame! Hit play to take in all the goodness, then have your local shop hit up Full Factory to get you a frame ordered up today!

Been dying for an all new Aaron Ross video? So have we, and he came through big time for this Motoross video. Sit back and enjoy!

MSRP: $369.99
Top Tube Lengths: 20.75″ & 21″
Head Tube Angle: 75°
Seat Tube Angle: 71°
Chainstay Length: 13.25″ slammed
Bottom Bracket Height: 11.5″
Standover (C-To-C): 8.5″
Weight: 5lbs
Click HERE to learn more.

Track: The Chase
Artist: The Longshots
Label: Mock Records

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Sunday Bikes

Sneak Peek: Fly Bikes – 2015 Manual Springhanger Brakes


Today Flybikes dropped a preview of their new Manual brakes using the “Springhanger” system which essentially removes the springs from the arms and puts it on the bridge cable for easy installation and adjustment. This is one item I personally cannot wait to be able to get my hands on…

The next item in our 2015 preview is something we have been working on for a few years now and we’re very excited to finally release it! The new Manual Springhanger brakes use our new brake system which eliminates the springs on the brake mounts with an oversized spring as the cable hanger that also creates the tension on the arms.

This concept is very simple. We have removed the copper inserts and springs on the arms with kevlar washers and use the spring to adjust the tension by simply bending the spring inward or outward to your preferred tension. By doing this, we have simplified installation, made adjusting the tension more simplistic and given the brakes a cleaner look.

The Manual Springhanger brakes come with the hanger, spring, arms, brake pads and two sets of bolts; one for welded on and Easy Brake System mounts and another for removable brake mounts.

These will be available in October through all shops and mail-orders that carry Flybikes worldwide!

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Quicky: Jack at DUB BMX

Edwin Jack Union Sq2_Crop
Photo: Fred Murray

Over the past year, I think it’s pretty clear that things have been pretty hectic for the DUB crew. Between the “Homegrown” DVD being released, traveling the world working with Monster on The Street Series stops that went down in Capetown, Barcelona, Berlin, Tokyo and New York, the closing of The Loot and a bunch of new clothing designs and a collaboration frame all dropping, I think hectic is a good word for it. We figured it was a good time to get ahold of Jack now that he has a little down time to find out more about everything him and the crew have been getting into lately! Let’s see what he had to say!

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