Fly Bikes x QBMX – Devon Smillie & Shane Weston 2014 Proton Complete Promo

Fly Bikes and their U.S distributor, QBP teamed up for this fresh new one featuring Devon Smillie and Shane Weston putting the 2014 Proton Complete Bike to the test! Take a peek!

Get a closer look at the 2014 Proton Complete along with a proper test from Fly Bikes’ Devon Smillie and Shane Weston. This bike, along with the entire range of Fly Bikes products, can be picked up in the United States through QBP now!
More info on the bike can be found here:
Filmed and edited by Francis Castro

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FIENDING features sections from JJ Palmere, Ty Morrow, Garrett Reynolds, and Fiend’s new pro Colin Varanyak. Shot in California, Barcelona, Texas, Mexico, and Philadelphia. Video by Tony Ennis” – Fiend

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Andrew Castaneda Bike Check


Putting in the time and hard work always gets results. For Andrew Castaneda it was a well deserved bump up to the pro team on Cult when his banger of a part in the “Small Talk” DVD dropped and years of that hard work. You better believe that Andrew keeps that bike of his dialed in to keep up with all the abuse he puts it through on a daily basis. We figured it would be a good time to get a closer look at his setup to see just how Andrew likes his bike to run and find out a little bit more about what he has going on these days! Let’s take a closer look!

Name: Andrew Castaneda

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The Shadow Conspiracy

Bas Keep Bike Check


Head over to the Cult website to check out a few photos of Bas Keep’s brand new Hawk V2. setup he just built up! Loving that green color!

Quicky: Kris Fox

All photos by Nathan Sykes / @nathantsykes

We had the opportunity to do an interview with Kris Fox way back in 2012. Needless to say, his style and amazing personality has taken him a lot of places since we first got the chance to get to know him. Now days, it would be hard for anyone who rides BMX to not recognize his riding from the insane nac-nac’s he does at the trails to the fast, smooth roasting he does on the cement parks out in California.
We bumped into Kris at the X-Games the other weekend and as always it was awesome just to see the guy. It got us thinking that it was more than a perfect time to catch up and find out everything he has going on from traveling to some fresh signature parts and more! Let’s see what he had to say!

Name: Kris Fox
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Kink BMX

Subrosa – T-Shirt Sale


Need some new shirts but trying to save some money!? Well, Subrosa has you covered! Head over to their Corner Store and check out all of the shirts they have on sale for $13.99!

Zach Rogers Interview

Zachery Rogers Berm Busch Ditch_600x
Photo: Matt Coplon

Growing up, you tend to see the world as a kid that has the time and energy to hang out and ride all day with these older people all around that work without really noticing the people in that transitional period from all the time in the world to not enough time. When you start getting older and working becomes a necessity, you find yourself in that transitional period where you are doing as much as possible to juggle work, school, riding and everything that comes along with this whole “life” thing. One person who clearly knows how to handle this balancing act like a champion is Zach Rogers. Between finishing up school, crushing some intense licensing tests, traveling Europe, riding, filming and a ton of life, he was able to find some time to take on a bunch of questions about everything going on with him lately. Let’s see what he had to say!

Name: Zachery Rogers
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Product: Subrosa – Noster Necklace


Subrosa just dropped a very limited edition run of these Noster necklaces that you can pick up for $15.99 exclusively in the Subrosa Corner Store! Get on this now because they won’t be around long!

Cult BMX

Mark Burnett Bike Check


The Shadow Conspiracy caught up with their AM team rider, Mark Burnett, to take a closer look at his current Sunday Broadcaster decked out with Shadow parts! Check out more photos and the full parts list RIGHT HERE!

Somewhere – Virginians

Here it is! The second installment of the “Somewhere” series by Kris Kim from his adventure he took around the U.S! This time around, we have footage of Carlos Bailey, Dre Tylee, Smokey, Matt C., Jake Willier, T.J, Mike Stewart and Mike Lester from Kris’ visit to the Virginia area. This video has a chill vibe and plenty of great clips worth taking a peek at! If you missed the 1st video, check that out right here!

Song: Passion and Plastic by Omar Abdelaal

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