Subrosa – How To Fast Plant with Kyle Hart

Subrosa caught up with Kyle Hart to get some advice on how to get those fast plants done nice and proper! Hit that play button for plenty of examples from Kyle, Hoang Tran and Lahsaan Kobza then go give them a go!

Filmed and edited by Bobby Kanode

Wooden Indian
“Heart Parking Lot”

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Eric Bahlman Bike Check


Get on over to The Shadow Conspiracy website to check out a bike check with Eric Bahlman and his dialed freecoasting machine that he’s running these days! Damn does that bike look good or what!?

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Product: Profile Racing – Limited Edition Matte Desert Camo Colorway


We don’t see a ton of changes with the product line from Profile Racing because they’re pretty consistent on sticking with what works! But, every few months, we do get to see a new limited edition colorway from them that is always ends up real good. This time around, they have released a very limited run of these Zach Rogers inspired matte Desert Camo Mini and Elite hubs, Push stems and Spline Drive and Galaxy sprockets that are are available now! We figured with only 50 sets of hubs total and 10 of each of the stems and sprockets available, these are going to go quick so we should take a look before they’re all gone, right? Let’s check this out!

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Madera BMX

Products: Vol. 130


Here we go! 130 rounds of Products: deep and going strong. It’s that time of the week again where we take a closer look at a few dialed BMX parts you might just be on the hunt for! This week we’re going to take a look at the new Matte Desert Camo colorway for the Profile Racing Mini hubs, Trey Jones’ signature Killer cranks from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Drift plastic pegs from Kink, the River Waldren signature Hippie Riv t-shirt from Freed Bikes, then we’ll wrap things up with the Cult X Vans grips! Ready? Let’s do this!

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Insight: Cult X Vans Collaboration Chukka Midtop & Era Pro


There’s no denying that we have seen a lot of collaborations between brands over the years and they have all lead to some pretty cool final products. A few years back, Cult teamed up with Vans for a collaboration that produced two styles of shoes that yielded some amazing results — I still rock ‘em even — and they have finally teamed back up for a second go! The shoes themselves have been available for a few weeks now, but we figured it would be a good time to take a closer look their latest collaboration with the classic Chukka Midtop and Era Pro shoes that they used for this time around! Let’s do this!

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The Shadow Conspiracy

Subrosa – Texas Toast 2014

Although we’ve seen a bunch of videos from the Texas Toast Jam already, there’s still a lot of unseen footage from practice that we’re seeing pop up! Check out this one Subrosa released that has a bunch of clips you haven’t seen yet!

Here a few clips from practice and the contest runs from some of the Subrosa crew that was at Texas Toast 2014.

Riders include Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Kyle Hart, Scott Ditchburn, Kevin Kalkoff and Jono Hopping.

Filmed and edited by Bobby Kanode


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Sunday Bikes – Texas Toast 2014

Sunday Bikes dropped this edit from the Texas Toast Jam featuring some of their crew putting in some time during practice and the actual contest. Check out what Mark Burnett, Paul Shariff and Jake Seeley all threw down! Grinds and combos galore.

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Subrosa – Street Rail Test

There has been some speculation to what kind of abuse the Street Rail from Subrosa can take, so they decided to give it a real test and show you guys how it held up. Take a peek! The Street Rail is available everywhere Subrosa is sold now!

As with any product Subrosa makes, we have to test it to find it’s limitations. When Sparkys Disaster Squad member Matt Perkins said he wanted to drop onto the Subrosa Street Rail from the top of the wedge I knew it would be one of those tests.

While the rail wasn’t intended to be used like this, we wanted to show our fans, and people interested in the Subrosa Street Rail that when we say “Built BMX Tough” we mean it.

The Subrosa Street Rail has an inner sleeve and a proprietary reinforcement bar to keep the center junction strong, while at the same time, being super easy to take apart to transport the rail.

You’ll also notice how the rubber feet keep the rail in place even with the force he’s hitting the rail with.

Check out our previous edits, all the spec and details of the Subrosa Street Rail at

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Subrosa Brand

Shadow Conspiracy – Texas Toast 2014

No such thing as too much footage from Texas Toast! Check out this video The Shadow Conspiracy dropped featuring their team, along with a handful of other riders, throwing it down! This has a bunch of footage you haven’t seen yet! So take a look!

Join the Shadow Conspiracy as they shred in the Austin, Texas heat for the fourth annual Texas Toast Jam. The crew went hard in between contest runs to put together an edit with some new and never before seen moves that you won’t find anywhere else including some awesome riding from the other competitors on our signature Coffin Rail set up.

Simone Barraco, Trey Jones, Jono Hopping, Mark Burnett, Eric Bahlman, Scott Ditchburn, Seth Kimbrough, Kevin Kalkoff, Tom Smith, Joris Coulomb, Kyle Hart, Daniel Tünte, Adam LZ, Sean Sexton, Brandon Begin, Broc Raiford, and Garrett Reynolds.

Filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick

Robot Death Kites
“No Thanks”
Yuppie Nightmare

Andrew White/DIG BMX

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Fly Bikes – Sergio Layos 2014 Video Bike Check

It sounds like we almost didn’t get to see this one! Check out a video bike check with Sergio Layos that was supposed to drop a few months back, but things fell through until Fly Bikes got the project back on track! Take a closer look at Sergio’s 2014 Trueno setup along with some riding clips for good measure!

Better late than never! Sometimes projects don’t always work out as planned and you have to make the best out of the situation. About two months back, Sergio Layos filmed this video bike check with filmer, Philip Kölsch for another media outlet and it never ended up being put to use! We figured it would be better to drop this video now than to let it never see the light of day! Take a look at Sergio’s 2014 Trueno setup along with some great riding clips in this video bike check!

Filmed and edited by Philip Kölsch

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