Kink – Kristaps Reimanis 2014 Edit

Kink‘s connect through PARBMX, Kristaps Reimanis, coming in hot with some fresh clips he filmed over the past year out on the streets! There are tons of real solid lines in this one to check out!

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Shadow Conspiracy – Supreme Interlock Chain Limited Release Date Change


We announced the other week that The Shadow Conspiracy would be doing a small, limited run of their Supreme Interlock chains to some of their U.S shops and mail-orders. Today they announced the release date would be pushed back to December 13th due to shipping issues. One more week of anticipation…

Due to delays of our inbound container that were beyond our control, the date will now be December 13th for the Supreme Chain Early Release.
What’s one more week wait to for the best chain on the planet?

Learn more about the chain and where it will be available on December 13th right here!

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Subrosa – Christmas Stocking


Subrosa getting a jump on the holidays! For $29.99 you can get a stocking packed full of goodies in their Corner Store! Get on it now while the supply lasts!

Don’t know what to get for the Subrosa fan in your life? Just in time for X-mas we’re stuffing the stocking for you! Hit the Subrosa Corner Store and pick up the Subrosa Christmas Stocking which includes a Stacked Patch, Icon Shades, 1 pair of Party Socks, a Venom Denim Pin Set, G.U.T.I. DVD, Double Sided Poster, a Catalog, and assorted Subrosa Stickers! Regular price is $58.99 and we’re offering it for just $29.99 while supplies last! Pick one up today!” – Subrosa

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Product: Kink – Rex Bar


You might have caught a glimpse of these bars back in September during Interbike. The new 2015 Rex bars from Kink are made from 13-butted 4130 chromoly with a TruTherm post-weld heat-treatment. The bars feature a rise of 9.5″, width of 29.5″, 12-degrees of backsweep and 1-degree of upsweep with color options of ED black, chrome and raw and a weight of 29 oz. even. These bars should be hitting shops and mail-orders soon! You can get a set ordered up today by having your local shop get ahold of Blackout Distribution today!

More photos can be found right here!

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Product: Madera – Celestial Colorway Out Now


After two full years of trying to make it perfect, Madera have released Tom Villarreal’s signature Celestial colorway! This cosmic color option is available now through all shops and mail-orders that carry Madera now! This color is available on the V2 Cassette hub in left and right side drive, Pilot front hubs, Mast stems in 48mm, 51mm and 54mm and the 19mm Helm Spline Drive sprocket in 25 and 28 tooth! You can get this ordered up now by having your local shop get ahold of Profile Racing today! Make the jump to check out more photos or learn more right here!

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Products: Vol. 133


Another month down! We’re just about to wrap up November, and today is Saturday so you know that means one last Products: column before we roll into December! For the 133rd round of Products:, we’re going to take a closer look at the new Signet sprocket from Madera, the Bitchin’ cranks from Subrosa, the Freedom frame from Freed Bikes, Shane Weston’s signature 2015 Isla bars from Fly Bikes, then we’ll wrap things up with the 2015 Launch complete bike from Kink! Ready? Let’s get into this one!

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Justin Care Interview

Photo: Ryan Scott

There is definitely no shortage of talent in BMX these days. With new names popping up all the time, it can be hard to keep track of everybody. However, one name we have been taking a lot of notice of over the past two years or so is Justin Care. This Pennsylvania native has been producing some heavy footage for quite a while now and it’s no surprise that he has found himself with support from Colony and Merritt because of it! Last week, Justin’s latest video dropped and it was an absolute banger. We decided it was time to get ahold of this guy and find out just what his story is! Let’s see what he had to say!

Name: Justin L. Care
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Sunday – Jake Seeley 2015 Broadcaster Promo

Sunday Bikes just dropped this brand new promo featuring Jake Seeley getting technical out in the streets to promote his signature 2015 Broadcaster complete bike that’s out now! Damn dialed riding for a damn dialed bike!

Jake Seeley’s a street machine so it only makes sense that his signature 2015 Broadcaster is ready to shred right out of the box. It’s one of the few complete bikes that comes with a full chromoly aftermarket frame and for this video, Jake built one up for himself, added some pegs, and started putting together some combos. Hit play to see the progressive and creative riding that Jake is known for. If you’re on instagram, make sure to follow @thejakeseeley to see what he’s been up to.

Shout out to DJ Smokey 666 for the track!

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Fly Bikes – Verao Portugal Adventure 2014

Fly Bikes just dropped this banger of a video from their team trip to Portugal this past summer! Everything from the riding to the filming and editing is amazing!

This past summer, some of the Flybikes family took a trip to Portugal to explore the spots and spend some time on the beach relaxing! We documented the adventure for this new video titled “Verão”, which means summer in Portuguese, giving everyone a look into the experience that Ruben Alcantara, Sergio Layos, Stefan Lantschner and Courage Adams had during our stay. Enjoy!

After you watch the video, please visit the DIG BMX Magazine website for photos from the trip by Vincent Perraud.

Filmed and edited by Hugo Almeida
Music: Hollow Ghost – The Dweller

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Product: Profile Racing – Mark Mulville Signature “Natural Camo” Colorway


To celebrate Mark Mulville being apart of the Profile Racing team for 15 years, they have announced that they have a brand new limited edition Natural Camo colorway and that Mark will be working in-house at Profile Racing on top of being a rider on the team! They have released the Mini hubs in right and left side drive, Elited hubs in right side drive only, Mark’s signature Push stem and the 19mm and 22mm Spline Drive sprockets in this new color that you can get a closer look at after the jump! You can learn more about Mark’s new job and check out a great write up by Matt Coplon right here.

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