Shadow Conspiracy – Back To School 2014 Lookbook

Always psyched to see the new apparel and accessories from The Shadow Conspiracy! For this years Back To School line, they’ve dropped a ton of new shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, hats, shades, wallets and more that you can get a look at in the flipbook above! I personally know I want a ton of the stuff in this, so I’m sure you will find a few things you like too! Give it a look!

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Sunday – 2015 Complete Bikes – OUT NOW

Oh yeah! The 2015 Sunday Complete Bikes are OUT NOW. Have a look at each of the bikes in the flipbook below or by visiting their website, then hit your favorite shop or mail-order to get yourself one ordered up today!

The all-new 2015 Sunday completes are available now in the US and in transit to dealers with pre-orders. Hit up your local shop or favorite mail order to secure one. Dealers, hit up Full Factory to get some bikes your way!
Full Factory Distribution
(512) 382-9973

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Kink X Street Market – Shurva Edit

Wow… Kink and Street Market‘s connect over in the Ukraine, Alexander “Shurva” Rudenko, coming in HOT with some serious bangers on the streets. If you want to see something crazy… Watch this!


Music: MGK & Dubo — Est 4 Life

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Kink BMX

Kink – Back To School 2014 Lookbook

It’s that time of the year again already to start stocking up for back to school. It sucks to think about school in the middle of the summer, but it’s awesome to get some fresh threads! The guys over at Kink just dropped their new Back To School 2014 lookbook for you to get a look at their new shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, belts and more! Check it!

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Subrosa – Back To School 2014 Lookbook

Subrosa just released their new Back To School 2014 Lookbook giving you a closer look at their entire line of apparel and accessories! If you’re looking for some new shirts, pants and hats or maybe just a backpack, sunglasses or wallet, check this out! You might just find something you want!

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Kink BMX

Product: Cult – Clockwork Orange SOS Frame

Cult Clockwork 1200_600x

The guys over at Strictly BMX hit us up about a limited edition run of Cult SOS frames they are dropping next week! There are 20 of these Clockwork Orange SOS frames (10 in 20.75″ and 10 in 21″ and are all numbered 1-20) that come in this flat translucent Midnight colorway with custom die cut stickers. Each frame will come with a snapback with embroidered patch and a full sheet of die cut stickers to go with it! These will be available in shops all around Australia and if you live near Scotland, the guys at 20Twenty BMX will also have a few of these as well! Hit your favorite shop down under and try to get one pre-ordered because they will go quick!

Products: Vol. 114


You know the week went by too fast when you woke up on Saturday thinking it was Thursday, haha. The good part about it actually being Saturday is it’s time for another round of Products:! This week we have 5 dialed products (as always) for you to get a look at that you might just need or want or realize you just might need or want it if you didn’t know already! This week we’ll take a closer look at Stefan Lantschner’s signature Montaña frame from Fly Bikes, the Century High (weird… That was my high school) bars from The Daily Grind, the Helm Spline Drive sprocket from Madera, the High Life Up Load stem from Subrosa, then we’ll wrap things up with the 2015 Tony Hamlin signature Whip complete from Kink! Ready!? Let’s do this!

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Hadrien Picard and The Concrete Brothers


There’s no denying that by now you are familiar with Hadrien Picard’s work. We’ve seen A LOT of amazing videos out of him including his most recent release, Concrete Brothers, featuring Kevin Kalkoff along with his half-brothers Enzo and Thomas Benedetti! Concrete Brothers was part of the Nokia Pureviews series that Hadrien has been working on where he films using their Lumia cellphone that produces some pretty amazing quality.
We were really stoked on the new video and figured it would be cool to catch up with Hadrien to find out more about the video, the Pureviews series and what else he has been getting into as of late! Check out what he had to say along with some dialed photos! We also have a special PHOTOGALLERY for you to check out with more photos, after you check out the interview! Let’s see what he had to say!

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Madera BMX

Fly Bikes X QBMX – Devon Smillie & Shane Weston in Southern California

A few weeks back, Shane Weston made his way out to California to meet up with Devon Smillie to cruise the spots and stack some clips for this dialed new Fly Bikes X QBMX video! If you’re looking for some dialed freecoaster footage.. Look no further!

Shane Weston made a trip from Nashville, Tennesse out to sunny California to meet up with Devon Smillie to take in some of the Southern California spots that Devon has been calling home for a while now! While Shane was there, they managed to film for this new video.

Filmed and edited by Francis Castro
Song: Andwellas Dream – The Days Grew Longer For Love

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Dan’s Comp – 2015 Verde Radia Giveaway


Dan’s Comp just got the new 2015 Verde‘s in stock. To celebrate, they’re doing a GIVEAWAY with one of the Radia completes! It’s super easy to get entered, so do it RIGHT HERE, right now!

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