Photogallery: Brandon Bermudez – April 2014

Jeff Bustard Barspin 1_600x

It has been a minute since we’ve done a photogallery, so the other day we tossed out a message on our Facebook and Twitter to see if any of our friends had some photos to check out. Shortly after, our friend Brandon Bermudez got in touch with us and had a grip of recent photos he had shot out in the Philadelphia area for us to check out. We’ve featured Brandon’s photos before, and every time he sends something through he has progressed more and more. We were stoked on what we were seeing so we tossed together a photogallery for you to check out! Take a peek!


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Sneak Peek: Cult – S.O.S Frame


Head over to The Merged to get specs and details on the new S.O.S frame that Cult is cooking up! This is definitely one for the tech street riders!

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Raphael Jeroma-Williams Bike Check


Head over to the Subrosa website to check out a fresh bike check with Raphael Jeroma-Williams and his dialed Cheetah Kit he’s running! That’s one dialed BMX bike if I may say! Click here to take it all in!

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Sunday Bikes Shop Stop at Gordy’s


The Sunday Bikes crew rolled through Gordy’s Bike Shop out in Phoenix, Arizona this past weekend. Aaron Nardi caught up with the crew and shot some photos that you can check out over on ESPN BMX! Looks like it was a good day to me!

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BSD – Alex Donnachie: 6 Days in Cyprus

Alex Donnachie and Dave Sawerby loaded and headed to Cyprus to film this banger of a promo video for Alex’s signature Donnasqueak tires from BSD! Needless to say, this is a video you DO NOT want to miss!

Alex D puts his new signature Donnasqueak tires to the test on the hot squeaky streets of Cyprus. Available worldwide right around now. Squeak, squeak, squeak squeak…
Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby.
Additional filming by Sam Jones

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Insight: Nowear – Candybars

Nowear BMX Candybars

In a world where we see a lot of very similar products, it’s always good to see something different and non-traditional. A few weeks back, when the Nowear crew rolled through Bluff Valley for this years Bluff Valley Jam, I noticed something interesting on Karl Hinkley’s bike, along with a few of his team riders…. Bars that I hadn’t seen before. What are these guys all about? Let’s find out…

Check It >>

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Nick Bullen Interview

Nick Bullen BMX

There has been a ton of amazing riders that have been coming out of Michigan lately! If you haven’t taken notice, the scene over there has been on absolute fire lately and all the proof you need is in the “The Michigan Video”. One guy who we’ve been seeing more and more of over the past year or two is Nick Bullen. Nick has always been good, but it seems like he’s always flown pretty under the radar… Until recently.
With the ender part in the video and a recent bump up to the Subrosa pro team, Nick is finally getting that well deserved shine time he’s been working his ass off for.
We figured with the recent bump up and everything he has going on, it was more than a perfect time to get to know him a little better. Let’s see what he had to say…

Name: Nick Bullen
Check It >>

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Profile Racing – Escape Park Tour #2

Part 2 of the Profile Racing Escape Park Tour is now online for us to enjoy! Check out what went down on the last day where they hit a few parks and cruised with the locals! Tons of goodness in this! After you watch that, go watch part one right here!

This was the last day of the #ProfileEscapeParkTour.
We woke up early after a 3-1/2 hour drive from South Florida, fitting in a session with the East Coast locals before a giant storm engulfed Florida.
Pretty interesting split mid day: It went from 80 degrees before noon, to 40 degrees after.
Check the clothing change.
Typical Florida.
“This is the second of two edits I’ve put together celebrating a five day road trip I hated to see come to an end. And, one of several edits to come for this year as we travel, capturing whatever random events/riding go down.
Looking forward to more of this over the course of the year.
To gallons of coffee, late night drives, shitty gas station food, delirious conversations …to bmx and the friendships involved.
Thanks to the Profile crew: Mulville, Castelluzzo, and Degroot for making this a dialed five days total.
Thanks to all of our friends for meeting us along the way for some dialed sessions.
Clips from Rick Price, Jackson Whaley, Nick Smarjesse, Shaun Gomez, Adam LZ, Josh and Jake Haygood, Alex Tate, and the legend: Mike McQueen.
Looking forward to next year.
Check out pictures from the trip on Instagram at #profileescapeparktour
” – Matt Coplon

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Vans – Brian Kachinsky Welcome Edit

Here’s one I’ve been waiting for, for a while now! Check out Brian Kachinsky’s MUST SEE welcome to Vans video! Soooo many insanely good clips in this!

Music: “Why Aren’t I Home” by Athletics

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Dylan McCauley in California

Dylan McCauley recently got away from the cold and snow in Wisconsin for a little time in the sun out in California! While he was there, he linked up with Nick Steben to cruise a bunch of street spots and parks around southern California where they filmed this new edit! Enjoy!

Filmed and edited by Nick Steben
Song: Funkdoobiest – Lost In Thought

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