Sneak Peek: Cult – Dark Gum DeHart Tires


Just spotted this over on The Merged for those of you who aren’t fans of the gum color. Cult will be releasing Chase DeHart’s tire, along with all the other tires including the Vans tire in this black gum colorway later this sumer!

Print Ad: Dan’s Comp – Chase DeHart


Here’s a look at Dan’s Comp‘s latest print ad featuring Chase DeHart along with a few of his signature goods from Cult and a few items from Etnies and Animal!

Daily Recap – 7/5 – 7/9

I was just thinking this morning that the past few days have been pretty damn insane with REALLY good videos dropping. I know some of you had missed a few of them or just want to re-watch them again, so I’ve gone back through the Daily Section and pulled out the best videos from the last few days for you to enjoy! Take a peek!

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The Shadow Conspiracy

Roy Van Kempen Bike Check

_SYO0363 copy_600x

One of the best things in the world is building up a new bike. There’s just something about having everything all dialed in and running smooth without any problems. The other day, Roy Van Kempen received a package from Federal with a frame and a TON of new parts to build up a fresh new setup. We figured that it was more than a perfect time to get a look at this dialed new unit and find out what else is new with our friend since it’s been a while since we caught up! Let’s out the bike along with what he had to say!

Name: Roy van Kempen
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Cult – Clubhouse Vol. 2

Cult just dropped the second video from the Cult Clubhouse giving you a little tour of the shop along with a ton of dialed footage from their shop recruits, David Pendleton and Forrest Holland! Check it!

Summer is here and the CLUBHOUSE is in full effect, new product from CULT, VANS, PRIMO, LOTEK, ANIMAL, STRANGER, FLY, THE TRIP, MARKIT, CRACK DAD, S1 and more…Also peep DAVID PENDLETON and FORREST HOLLAND stacking clips on their VX and repping the CLUBHOUSE…

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The Shadow Conspiracy

Dan’s Comp – Late Summer 2014 Catalog + Tony Neyer Interview


Dan’s Comp just dropped their new Late Summer 2014 catalog that features Tony Neyer on the cover! To go along with this cover, they hit Tony up with a few questions where he talks about the photo, some of his new signature parts that are out or coming soon and more! You can check that out on Dan’s 360!

Kink – Instagram Giveaway


Kink want to hook you up with a fresh grind kit! You can win those pedals, pegs, hub guard and wax all by doing a few simple things on Instagram!

FIRST: Follow @KinkBikes
SECOND: Regram the photo above!
THRID: Tag @KinkBikes in the photo!

They will pick one lucky winner and it might as well be you!

Cult – Javi Castila 05

Can’t go wrong with some fresh Javi Castila footage! Check him out putting his pegs and freecoaster to heavy use in this new one from Cult! Hit that play button!

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Sunday Bikes

Greg Goldberg Interview

Photo: Gremlin

If you follow The Daily Grind, you might have noticed a new name popping up on their website, Instagram and everything. That name is Greg Goldberg, and no, it’s not the wrestler. Greg is another one of those Ohio guys who has been absolutely crushing it lately after a 5 year hiatus due to a blown ACL! Needless to say, we were curious as to who the hell this guy is and what he was all about… So why don’t you crack a beer and find out just who this guy is!

Name: Greg Goldberg
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Shadow Conspiracy – Keep It Local Tour: Italy


The Shadow Conspiracy crew are headed to Italy to meet up with the Front Ocean crew for a jam on August 2nd! If you’re in the area, I highly suggest you hit this up!

Hot off the heals of our KIL Tour France announcement, we are stoked to say we will be continuing the party on to Italy! Join Shadow Pros Simone Barraco and Joris Coulomb as they invade Seregno Skatepark on August 2nd for a Shadow Coffin Jam brought to you by Front Ocean Distribution! Come out to ride, meet the dudes, and win some cool stuff! Hope to see everyone there!

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