Print Ad: Sunday – Chris Childs


Here’s a look at Sunday‘s latest print ad featuring Chris Childs and the Soundwave frame! This can be found in issue 186 of Ride UK!

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Johnny Devlin Double Bike Check


Head over to The Shadow Conspiracy website to check out not one, but TWO of Johnny Devlin’s bikes he is riding these days! Both look real good to me! Go check it out right here!

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Win Your Next Order From Dan’s Comp


Dan’s Comp has a sweet deal going on. If you make a purchase in the month of April, you are entered to win a store credit for the exact same amount for your next order. They will pick 5 lucky winners at the end of the month, so if you have some shopping to do, this is the time. Get on it!

Win your next order from Dan’s Comp? No fooling! At the end of this month, we will randomly choose five orders and those people will win their next order! Winners will receive an in-store credit for the amount of their order placed, which can be applied to their NEXT order. The more you buy, the more your winning-order credit will be! Click here to learn more about winning your next order.” – Dan’s 360

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Cult – “Small Talk” Extras

Still haven’t got your hands on the Cult “Small Talk” DVD yet!? Well, check out this extras video since I’m sure that’s all the convincing you will to pick up a copy for $4.99! Hit that play button!

The Kult “No Home Today”
Dynamic Tints “Be My Laady”

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Subrosa – Spring Stash Grab Bag


Here’s a hell of a deal from Subrosa for you! For $29.99 you get 3 (THREE) t-shirts, a poster, a catalog and a bunch of of stickers in their Spring Stash Grab Bag! You pick the size, they pick the shirts, you get hooked up! Click here to get one it!

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Product: Cult X The Simpsons – Bart Bike – OUT NOW


The 2nd bike in the Cult X The Simpsons collaboration has finally arrived! The Bart Bike is OUT NOW and ready for you to get your hands on one. If you live in the U.S, have your local shop hit up Tip Plus (West Coast), Greenhouse (Midwest) or Animal Bikes (East Coast) to get one ordered up today!

Live outside of the U.S? International distributors can be found here.

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Subrosa – Park Party Tour: The Wheel Mill

The other week, some of the Subrosa crew hit up The Wheel Mill for a session! Based off this video, it looks like they had a hell of a good time to me! Check it!

Check out our second stop of the Subrosa Park Party Tour! We gave the cold a big middle finger and headed right into Pittsburgh, Pa to hang out and session The Wheel Mill bike park!

This place is amazing, with room after room of some of the best built ramps I’ve ever ridden. They have rooms full of box jumps, different obstacle courses, and an insanely fun pump track room!

Check out Subrosa pro riders Hoang Tran, Mark Mullville, and Lahsaan Kobza shred with tons of locals!

Check out another awesome Park Party Tour stop!

Huge thanks to everyone at The Wheel Mill, and Mike Cottle for the fundraiser!

Edit by Bobby Kanode.

Music by:
“Change Option

Shakey Shrines
“First to Break”

Look for the next edit from stop 3 on the Subrosa Park Party Tour from Cranks Bike Park soon.

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Nick Bullen on Subrosa Pro

It looks like all the hard work has finally paid off for Nick Bullen! Subrosa have officially bumped him up to the Pro team! Can’t wait for his welcome edit to drop!

We’ve got a big announcement today! Congrats to the newest Subrosa pro rider @nickbullen! This was so awesome, he totally thought it was someone’s birthday! Nick has been killing it lately, and capped off a big year with the last section in #themichiganvideo. He reppin Subrosa to the fullest now as a 100%er, and we’ll be dropping his new edit very, very soon.

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Profile Racing – Escape Tour – Part 1

A few weeks back, some of the Profile Racing crew met up down in Florida for some sun shine and spots. This video gives us a look at some of the park and street sessions that went down along the way with some of the locals. Take a peek and see all the goodness.

Clips captured while on the road between Tampa and Miami. This is one of two edits I’ve put together celebrating a five day road trip I hated to see come to an end. And, one of several edits to come for this year as we travel, capturing whatever random events/riding go down.
Thanks to all of our friends for meeting up and making each session dialed. Looking forward to more of this over the course of the year.
To gallons of coffee, late night drives, shitty gas station food, delirious conversations …to BMX and the friendships involved.
Thanks to Mark Mulville, Grant Castelluzzo, Josh James, Mike Sugdinis, Colin Jensen, Riley Jordan, Kai Bulevas, Mike Hinkens, David Gibson, and Chris Ward for letting me film them.
See you soon.
Check out pictures from the trip at #profileescapeparktour
” -Matt Coplon

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Sponge’s $691.00 Ray’s Edit

Hell Yeah! If you watch one video this Sunday, take a peek at Sponge’s new edit. So stoked on so many clips in this, plus the overall vibe of the video is awesome. Hit that play button right now.

Sponge, A.K.A Josh Diehl is seriously THE best person I know, on and off the bike.
I’ve never seen anyone pull the kinds of things out of no where the way he does and I’m super pumped to present his first video of just him in 5 years.
Sit back and enjoy the craziness that is “Sponge”.
” – Brant Moore

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