Profile Racing – Woodward Week: Summer 2014

This past summer, some of the Profile Racing team made their way out to Woodward East for a week of riding and good times! Check out this video they dropped from their visit packed with some dialed riding!

Filmed and edited by Profile TM: Matt Coplon
Sessions during week #9 at Woodward east during the summer of 2014.
Clips of Mark Mulville, Ricky Moseley, Dillon Leeper, and Matt Coplon.
Thanks to Woodward Camp for the hospitality!

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Sunday – UK 2014 Shop Stops

Just when you thought you saw it all in the Sunday Bikes UK 2014 Video, the guys at Sunday Bikes drop 6 more minutes of pure GOLD from the shop stops and park sessions they got in during the trip! This is one video you will want to hit play on!

You may have seen our UK tour video a few weeks ago. Well, when Gary Young, Chris Childs, and Mark Burnett weren’t out riding street in the rain they were visiting four rad UK shops – Foundation BMX, Broadribb Cycles, Waller BMX, and The BMX Box – and riding with all the awesome locals we met out there. There was too much good footage from the shop stops not to make another video, so here you go!” – Walter Pieringer

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Cult – Timmy Theus “Small Talk”

Ride BMX just dropped Timmy Theus’ amazing section from the Cult “Small Talk” DVD! Timmy has a one of a kind style that makes freecoaster riding look soooo good. Plus, he isn’t scared to absolutely SEND IT. This section is proof of that. Must see for sure!

“The classification between amateur and professional in BMX has been discussed and debated, but never clearly defined. While the lines are still a little blurry, if we can agree that a professional includes a paycheck and a certain level of experience and skill, then we’re halfway there. So what is an am? Does BMX even need ams? Cult thinks so, and they helped set the precedent for an established am class in BMX with the release of Small Talk, their am-based video that gave Steven Mack, Josh Alderete, Iz Pulido, and Andrew Castaneda the center stage usually reserved for the pro riders.

Timmy Theus
Timmy’s interaction with the video was a little different then the rest of the squad. He had filmed most of his part with Andrew Brady and kind of had a headstart on the rest of the dudes. In the past few months of filming I got to know him better and learned that he’s his own dude with a carefree attitude. In any situation he’s laughing and keeping it positive, while also filming some of the biggest clips of the video.
” – Cult

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Kink BMX

Review: “Holy Fit”


In this day and age, thanks to the advancement of technology we are constantly flooded with new videos from around the world all day, every day. The concept of a web video has a lot of different meanings and obviously a lot of quality differences between total shit and “why isn’t this on DVD?”… Every year, we see fewer and fewer DVD’s released due to many factors, most of which come down to money and the reach a video has as a hard copy versus being released online. Despite the cost effectiveness and the simplicity of releasing a video online, there is still a clear reason why DVD’s are being produced, and that’s because the quality is far beyond something that deserves being watched for a few days before it is quickly buried and forgotten in fast moving river of online content.
We have been hearing about Fit Bike Co.‘s 4th DVD release, “Holy Fit”, for quite a while now and we were excited for a lot of reasons about the video being released. Once we saw the final product, it was clear that this video wasn’t just another video project that costs had to be cut to make happen. Let’s talk about this for a little bit…

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Cult – Chase Hawk in Washington

What happens when you put Chase Hawk on some of the finest cement parks in the country? Amazing things. Check out Chase along with a bunch of Joe Rich clips mixed in, getting down in Washington for Cult! You KNOW this is a MUST SEE. After you watch the video check out this PHOTOGALLERY by Devon Hutchins from the trip!

Simply put, a good time with friends… Camping, skateparks and endless trees, Chase Hawk and crew take in what Washington has to offer.
Music: Floor
“The Ladder”
“Sister Sophia”
“Downed Star”
“Tales of Lolita”

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Sunday Bikes

Subrosa – How To Build The Street Rail

The Subrosa Street Rail is finally about to drop around the world! They got a lot of questions about easy it is to put together, so they tossed this quick video together to show you how with just a few bolts and a 6mm allen key you can assemble it in just a few minutes and get to riding. WANT. This rail should be available here soon for $199.99 and can be pre-ordered by having your local shop get ahold of Sparky’s Distribution today!

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Photogallery: 2014 TRA Double Cross

Starting gate-0364_600x
All photos by Eric Silver

This past weekend, the Trail Riders of America hosted the Double Cross contest out in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where they invited out 26 riders to take part in the day filled with racing, tricks and good times. The concept was simple, put two riders head to head on a hybrid track that’s not only built for speed, but for tricks as well and see who can make it to the finish line first. We had our friend Eric Silver out at the event to shoot some photos and he came through with a ton of great shots featuring the likes of Chris Doyle, Van Homan, Brandon Dosch, Scotty Cranmer, Aaron Ross and many more that you can check out in our new photogallery! Check it!


Shadow Conspiracy – Keep It Local Tour: France

The latest stop of The Shadow Conspiracy‘s “Keep It Local” tour took the crew to France! Check out highlights from the sessions they got in along with a stop at a few shops! This has tons of gold in it!

The Shadow Keep It Local Tour continues it’s international dominance with a stop in France. Hang out with the Shadow crew including Simone Barraco, Scott Ditchburn, Joris Coulomb, Paul Ryan, and newcomer Nico Badet as they rip through Bros. Bike Store in Lyon and BMX Avenue in Montpellier.

Huge thanks to all the locals who came out to shred and rep Shadow, Lilian, Fabien, and Robin at Bros. Bike Store/Sparkys France, and Fafa at BMX Avenue.

Photo by Stephane Bar

Human Weather
“Darker Clothes”
Human Weather

Walkie Talkie
“For Tonight”
Midi Life Crisis

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Sunday Bikes

Insight: Etnies – Chase Hawk Signature Marana Shoes


There’s no denying the success that Chase Hawk has found in BMX over all of his years of style that he has graced us with. This year in particular seems to be one that has been more than amazing than previous years with some unexpected changes to his sponsor line up, taking home a gold medal at the X-Games, having a day named after him in Austin, Texas, having a new version of his signature frame from Cult released and even more recently, his own signature colorway on the Marana shoe from Etnies. There have been a lot of good things happening for him and it’s safe to say it’s every bit well deserved.
A few weeks back, we got our hands on a pair of those signature shoes we just mentioned and figured it would be more than a good time to take a more in-depth look at just what makes the shoe special and give some insight into what we have thought about them so far! So, here we have… Our latest Insight! Let’s do this!

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Cult – Russ Barone and Trey Jones in Long Island

Cult just dropped this new edit featuring Trey Jones and Russ Barone getting down on trails, pools and a DIY spot during a recent visit to Long Island! This edit is loaded with some amazing riding and the bonus Garrett Byrnes clips are a treat! Hit that play button and take it all in!

Trey Jones went to go stay with Russ Barone for a week out on the island. They rode trails, concrete parks and an awesome pool over the course of the week. Guest clips from Garrett Byrnes and Ryan Hoey. Thanks to all the Panamoka and boondocks locals for an amazing time.
Filmed by: Trey, Russ, Frank Spinelli and Nick Razzano
Edited by : Trey
Music: Somewhere Far Away – Dead Moon

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