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Annnnnd here we go again! Another week went blazing by and it seems like it never slows down these days! It’s Saturday, so let’s keep this party going with another round of Products: for you to check out! This week we’re going to get a closer look at Joris Coulomb’s signature Noster II colorway from Subrosa, The Front Hub from Fly Bikes, the new Grizzly bars from Kink Bikes, the Front hub guards from The Daily Grind, then we’ll wrap it up with the classic GDH cranks from Profile Racing! Ready? Let’s get into this!

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Top 3’s – Mark Mulville

Mark Mulville BMX
All photos by Josh McElwee

It’s always a good day when we get some amazing photos dropped into the inbox! The other day our good friend, Josh McElwee, hit us up with a handful of Mark Mulville photos that he was sitting on from a project that fell through! As always with Josh’s work, they were top notch so there was no way we could pass them up! We figured it was a perfect excuse to hit up Mark with a classic round of Top 3’s to find out a little bit more about him! Let’s check out these photos and see what Mark had to say after the jump!

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Subrosa – Tom Smith: On & Off

Here’s one to start your weekend off right! Subrosa dropped this new video featuring Tom Smith absolutely crushing it on spots around Austin, Texas, but it also gives us some insight into his life off his bike! I had no idea he was a father and chef! This is one you gotta check out!

Get to know Subrosa Skeleton Crew rider Tom Smith on and off his bike in new series from Subrosa simply titled, “On & Off”.

We inlisted the help of Jememie Infelise and he did a killer job capturing Tom from riding his favorite spots, to hangin with his boy and more.

Watch Tom shred, and stick around to see what Tom is about when he’s not destroying the Austin streets.

Huge thanks to Tom for shreddin, and Jeremie for filmin and putting this together for us.

Music by
Quise Limye
“The Real”

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The Daily Grind BMX

Sneak Peek: The Daily Grind – Freecoaster


Here’s a fresh one we spotted over on The Merged! The guys at The Daily Grind are working on a freecoaster of their own that I’d imagine will be getting some work done internally to take some serious abuse. It would appear to be working with the Ezra system, so we can expect it to be freecoaster and cassette compatible!

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The Lip Lords – Part 4

In a world where videos are constantly featuring street lines combining grinds with freecoasters, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see something new and different. Over the past year or so, we’ve been following our friends Brant Moore, Sponge, Ben Lorson and Ryan Long as they have taken a simple prefab park and cranked out some incredible lip tricks that are inspired from generations past with their own spin on it. Needless to say, the riding in the previous 3 videos have been mind blowing and we couldn’t resist featuring their latest video which features 2 minutes and 46 seconds of original and creative riding that BMX could really use more of these days! Hit play and take a look at what they cooked up for their 4th video. After you do that, check out the photogallery featuring a few crazy photos they shot during the making of this by clicking the link and watch the past 3 videos after the jump if you missed them or just want to see them again!

Check out the photogallery here!

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The Daily Grind BMX

Subrosa – Park Party Tour: Japan Flyer


After a little break, it’s time for the Subrosa crew to pack their bags and head back out to keep the Park Party Tour going strong! This time around they’re headed to Japan to spend a few days riding with the locals in Tokyo! Check out the details below!

It’s that time again! The Subrosa Park Party Tour is going international again, and this time we’re heading to Japan!

Come party with Subrosa pro riders Lahsaan Kobza and Simone Barraco with special guests from our Subrosa Japan family Hideo Watanabe, Daichi Teshigahara, Toshio Takagi and Rim Nakamura!

The Park Party Tour continues

Saturday September 27th
AC Park
Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo

Sunday September 28th
Komazawa Park
Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo

Come out and meet the team, party for prizes, and of course shred with the pros!

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Product: Cult – 2015 Complete Bikes Preview


We got a look at Cult‘s new 2015 complete bike line at Interbike the other week, but now you can get a better look in the flipbook that’s up on their website now! These bikes should be hitting shops and distributors worldwide in just a few weeks!

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“The Michigan Video” – Full Video

Oh hell yeah! Here’s one I know EVERYONE is going to be stoked on! The entire “The Michigan Video” is now online for your viewing pleasure! This banger of a video features some of Michigan’s finest and even pushed a few riders into pro careers! This is a MUST SEE.

The Michigan Video
Filmed during the Summer of 2013.
Released January 11, 2014.

Features full sections from:
Cory Wiergowski
Jason Govan
Connor Keating
Jacob Bullen and Zach North
Chase Krolicki
Mikey Tyra
Tyler Fernengel
and Nick Bullen

DVD’s are available from or worldwide
Thanks for the support! Enjoy!

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Profile Racing

The Mixtape Vol. 1

To say that Nick Steben has been doing some traveling is and understatement. Over the past two years he has been bouncing around all over the United States (including a cross country move from Connecticut to San Diego) and Europe with friends riding and enjoying life to the fullest! During that time, Nick has collected a lot of clips that never had a home until now. Here’s the first mixtape of footage that he pieced together featuring 6 minutes of riding from the likes of Ryan Lloyd, Sammy Shushtari, Ty Stuyvesant, Jeff Dupaul, Joshy Kew, Garret Pyskaty, Justin Luong, Adam Aloise, Kevin Riley, Justin Spears, Rob Blacharski, Morgan Wade, Wil Talamelli, Mike Brennan, Steve Morse, Cohl Wiesbrook-Peterik, Manther, Ryan Fisher, Mike Potoczny, Cohl MKE, Jeff Klugiewicz, Keith Barlow, Jeff Dowhen and Jon Wells! Enjoy!

Filmed and edited by Nick Steben

If you can’t watch the video on Youtube, check it out on our VIMEO!

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Product: Cult – Nylon Guards


Here’s a better look and more detail on the new Cult Nylon guards that we got a closer look at during Interbike the other week. These guards have an 6061-T6 aluminum core with a Nylon 6 polymer sleeve that slides smooth and gives it that matte black look like a glock gun. These guards slide over the cone nuts on all of Cult’s Match front, V1 and V2 cassettes and Match V1 and V2 freecoaster hubs. Clean and simple! These will be hitting shops and mail-orders worldwide in October!

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