Product: The Shadow Conspiracy – Interlock Supreme Chain – Limited Release

The Shadow Conspiracy Supreme Chain BMX

After a few years, a lot of development and tooling to make it more affordable… The Supreme Interlock chain from The Shadow Conspiracy will have a LIMITED release and will only be available through a select group of dealers! Check out more on the chain and where to get it below!

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for. A special production of Interlock Supreme chains will be released on Saturday, December 13th.
These will only be available through a select group of dealers in the USA and only on December 6th. The first run will be a total of 300 chains in silver and will be distributed to our top dealers for your purchasing pleasure. The time has come to get your hands on the category smashing Interlock Supreme chain but only if you act fast!
Pushing the limits is an understatement when it comes to the Interlock Supreme chain. The original and best half-link chain that just got better. Using forging, a manufacturing process that has never been applied to a BMX chain before, we we’re able to implement a completely unique plate and pin design to help eliminate all weak points and arguably create the strongest BMX chain ever.
Have a problem breaking chain links? Our new proprietary forging process allows us to condense the metal used in the chain plate to create the stiffest and hardest chain plate possible. Along with extra wide mushroomed pins and hardened rollers, this chain tested at an incredible tensile strength of 1500 kgs and higher! You can now ride in confidence knowing you have the best technology to keep you rollin’ .
– 1/8″ size, includes 98 links and 2 master pins
– Compatible with 8T driver and up
– Weight: 11.1 oz. @ 72 links

Check out the full list of shops that will receive this limited run after the jump!
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Albert Mercado Bike Check


Get on over to The Shadow Conspiracy website to check out Albert’s fresh new setup decked out with his signature colorway for the Kink Titan frame and Shadow parts! This is one dialed looking unit! Check out more photos and a full parts list right here!

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Kink – Connor Lodes Welcome Edit

Here it is! It was announced that Connor Lodes had joined the Kink team a few weeks back, now we have a banging edit from his trip to Barcelona for you to enjoy! After you watch the video, hit the DIG website to check out a full interview with Connor that is an awesome read and has some damn good photos to go with it from the trip!

Kink is proud to welcome Connor Lodes to our pro team. Connor made quick work of spots all around the Barcelona area and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come in the years ahead. Welcome, Connor!!

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Seamus McKeon – Fowler Skatepark Session

Seamus McKeon is well known for his unique and original style. We caught up with him for an evening session at the Fowler Skatepark to watch him put his freecoaster and brakes to good use with some creative lines, original tricks and a few spills! You already know this one is worth a look!

Filmed and edited by Brett Rohlfing
Song: William Haage – Highest Star

Marcus Christopher – 11 Year Old BMX Edit

…. Oh… My… God. We don’t throw the word “prodigy” around all too often… But 11 year old Marcus Christopher is EXACTLY that. This kid has a HUGE bag of tricks, tons of style and rides like a full-blown man. This is a MUST SEE for sure.

Marcus Christopher is an 11 year old BMX rider from Hartville, Ohio. He is immensely talented for a rider of any age, but the fact that he is only 11 shows how much he loves to ride his bike. He is super talented and has more fun on his bike than everyone else. Watch him ride his favorite parks in Ohio.

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Products: Vol. 131


Saturday already? Looks to be that way! As always, that means it’s time for another round of Products: where we take a closer look at 5 dialed parts you might just want or need! This week we’ll be taking a closer look at the new 2015 Devon Smillie signature Fuego frame from Fly Bikes, the Senec pedals from Kink, the Posi Trac cassette hub from Subrosa, the Saker cranks from Sunday Bikes and then we’ll wrap it up with the Helm spline drive sprocket from Madera! Ready? Let’s get into this!

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Print Ad: Profile Racing – 2015 Mini Hubs


Here’s a look at Profile Racing‘s latest print ad featuring Matt Coplon and their 2015 Mini hubs that have received a little upgrade for the new year. If you look closely you will see that they have added knurled press on washers to the front hubs and knurled jam nuts to help keep your wheels from slipping in the drop outs! Dialed.


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Subrosa – Simone, Lahsaan and Jono at the Safe Spot

Subrosa dropped this fresh one of Simone, Jono and Lahsaan getting down at the Safe Spot park! You already know there’s tons of heat in this!

We’re lucky enough to have Skeleton Crew rider Jono Hopping and Subrosa pro Simone Barraco in Phoenix together, so they met up with Subrosa pro Lahsaan Kobza at the “Safe Spot” to have a fun session.

Definitely some wild moves in this one!

Filmed and Edited by Bobby Kanode

“Silver Lining”

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Fly Bikes – 2015 Catalog and Website

Fly Bikes have just released their 2015 catalog and an updated website giving us a look at their full range of frames, parts and complete bikes! They have new colorways, updated parts and new colorways that look so good. Take a closer look in the flipbook above and then have a look at their website! It sounds like everything in the catalog should be available through all shops and mail-orders that carry Fly Bikes now!

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Source BMX – Kriss Kyle 2014 Video

Amazing things happen when Kriss Kyle and Dave Sowerby team up for a video… This new one for Source BMX is an absolute BOMBSHELL. Must see for sure!

Kriss Kyle at Unit 23 anyone? Sourcebmx is proud to present Kriss Kyle’s 2014 edit filmed throughout autumn 2014 in his native Unit 23 Skatepark in Glasgow, Scotland.
Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby

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