Iz Pulido Bike Check


Head over to the Cult website to check out a brand new bike check with Iz Pulido and his new SOS setup he just put together! Looks like a dialed unit to me!

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Mark Burnett Bike Check


Get on over to The Shadow Conspiracy website to check out a brand new bike check with Mark Burnett and his dialed Sunday Broadcaster! Full parts list and more photos can be found RIGHT HERE!

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Profile Racing – 30K Instagram Giveaway


Profile Racing rolled over 30,000 fans on their Instagram account (@Profile_Racing) and wanted to celebrate! They’re doing an instagram contest for you to get in on to win one of 3 prizes! Check out the details below, then get a closer look at the prizes RIGHT HERE!

#profileracing30k IG contest rules and prizes.

Again, We want to thank everyone for their continued support of Profile Racing.
Its been 46 years of American made manufacturing: 1968 to 2014. Pretty wild to consider.

We’re also super stoked to have hit 30K followers on Instagram this week.
So much so, we’re throwing a 30K contest starting today, Monday October 27th to celebrate.

Here’s a list of the RULES:


3 Winners will be selected at random on October 29, 2014

RULES: (We will check)

1- Follow @profile_racing
2- Repost this image and entire text
3- Tag at least 3 people
4- Use hashtag #profileracing30k
5- Profile must be public
6- 2 Entries per account

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Kink BMX

Dan’s Comp Releases iPhone App


Here’s one I had a feeling we would be seeing soon! Dan’s Comp just released a new iPhone App in the iTunes Store for you to easily get your shop on, on your phone! You can pick it up for FREE right here!

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Products: Vol. 128


It’s Saturday, the sun is shining and it’s looking like a good day to get out and ride… At least, I hope it’s like that for you, too! But before we can get out and enjoy it, we gotta hammer out this weeks Products: column so you can get your fix on some dialed BMX bikes and parts! This week we’re going to take a closer look at the new 2015 Alex Kennedy signature complete bike from Cult, the new Radocaster frame from Sunday Bikes, the new Stock Mini front wheel from Profile Racing, Tony Hamlin’s signature Solace II Stealth seat from Kink Bikes and then we’ll wrap things up with the Battle Fork from Subrosa! Ready? Let’s do this!

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Cult BMX

Sunday Bikes – Erik Elstran 2014 Video

YES! Sunday Bikes dropped this brand new Erik Elstran video that is PACKED with double pegs to falling into streams, creativity and originality! Absolute MUST SEE.

Elstran might not be able to double peg grind, but he sure can dance. This new one from the world traveler and 90′s pop extraordinaire is absolutely unreal and will definitely leave you saying WTF? almost as many times as you would if you’re ever lucky enough to spend some time with him. Thank you based god.” – Mark Burnett

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Photogallery: Texas Toast 2014


Well, by now you have probably seen a handful of videos and photo galleries from one of the best and biggest BMX events all year, the Texas Toast Jam! Although this year we weren’t able to make it out to Texas for the jam, we were fortunate enough to have our good friend Eddie Welsh out in Austin snapping photos for us! Today we’re stoked to show you 25 of his photos that he shot featuring the likes of Mike “Hucker” Clark, Greg Illingworth, Dennis Enarsson, Broc Raiford, Ryan Nyquist and many, many more! Check out the photogallery in the link below!


Simple – Ole Andre Kristiansen Summer Sessions

Today, we’re stoked to premiere something that is a little different than what we traditionally see these days. A lot of riders will spend their summer filming for a video, but not too often do we see a photographer and a rider team up to shoot photos over the course of a summer for one special feature. The other day, Niels at Simple Bike Co. hit us up asking if we would be into checking out some photos of their rider, Ole Andre Kristiansen, who we’ve known about for a while. What we didn’t expect was this dialed flipbook that documents Ole’s summer through the lens of Mads Oliver, all prepared and ready to check out! We couldn’t pass up showing you guys this one, so here we have it! Check out what Ole and Mads got into during their sessions around Bergen, Norway these past few months! Great stuff!

If you’re digging Mad’s work, check out his website — MadsOliver.Tumblr.com

Cult BMX

Tanner Easterla Bike Check

Tanner Easterla BMX Bike Check

Tanner Easterla is a name that has been popping up more and more over the past few years and gaining a reputation from some of his gnarly web videos that have dropped in that time. Today, we are stoked to announce that Tanner was recently given a well deserved spot on the Radio Bikes team as their newest U.S rider! As you would imagine with a new sponsor like Radio, that means he is rolling around on a brand new bike! We were curious to see what he was riding, so we got ahold of him for a closer look at his fresh Radio Toren setup decked out with Radio and Eclat parts and then figured we would toss him some extra questions to see what he has been up to these days! Let’s take a closer look!

Name: Tanner Easterla
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Alex Donnachie Interview

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.29.20 PM
Photo: @KRSoneforyou

By now, there is no doubt that you have heard of Alex Donnachie and there’s an even better chance that you have become a fan of his riding from the Nearly DVD’s to all of those amazing BSD edits that were nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve been big fans of Alex for a while now and with his new signature frame from BSD coming along soon, we couldn’t hold out not getting ahold of him to find out more about him! Check out this fresh interview to find out what’s new with him and what he has coming in the future!

Name: Alex Donnachie
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