Product: Shadow Conspiracy X Kunstform Tanktop Collaboration


The crew at The Shadow Conspiracy teamed up with Kunstform for a limited edition run of these Keep It Local tank tops. If you’re digging it, you can pick one up right here and right there only!

In short, The Worlds is basically one huge, outdoor party that surrounds a BMX contest. Last year I made the journey to Cologne, Germany to attend the event and hang out with some old friends. Over the course of the weekend I found myself constantly hanging out at the Kunstform booth. Through hanging out and partying I found out that the Kunstform crew and I share a very similar outlook on art and BMX.
Naturally, over the past year our friendship has grown and many ideas have come up. One idea we were both particularly stoked on was doing a limited edition shirt for The Worlds. We wanted to create a design that fully embraced our KIL Tour vibe while also staying true to what Kunstform is all about. We are all so stoked about how the finished Shadow KIL Tour x Kunstform collab project ended up.
These one time print only shirts are available solely from Kunstform while the limited supplies last, so if you dig the art, make sure you hit them up at

Photogallery: NASS 2014

Logan Martin_600x

The other day Adam Frame hit us up with a handful of photos from this years NASS contest over in the U.K! The photos didn’t have a home so we decided instead of letting them go to waste that we would toss together a photogallery for you to check out giving you a look at some of the action that went down over the course of the weekend between the ramps and dirt. Adam came through with some really solid shots, so let’s take a look already!

Check out the full photogallery here!

Cult – Van Doren Invitational Photogallery


Cult dropped a new photogallery on their website from this past weekend at the Van Doren Invitational in Huntington Beach, California! Photographer Nick Tellez snapped some dialed photos of Dakota Roche, Steven Mack, Chase Hawk, Bas Keep and Trey Jones that you can check out RIGHT HERE!

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Product: Vol. 117


Another week and another month down! Crazy to think it’s already August! It’s that time again to get a look at 5 more dialed BMX parts and bikes in this weeks Products: column! This week we’ll get a closer look at the Highrise stem from Kink, the Totem front hub from Profile Racing, Chase DeHart’s Butter V2 frame from Cult, Trey Jones’ signature Penumbra Solus Mid Jones 3 seat from The Shadow Conspiracy and then we’ll wrap it up with the Gary Young signature 2015 Soundwave Special from Sunday! Ready? Let’s do this!

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Subrosa – 2015 Complete Bikes Catalog

Subrosa just released their brand new catalog giving us a full look at their 2015 Complete Bikes that look absolutely phenomenal. They’ve expanded their range of bikes this year and have added a balance bike, 16″ bike and 26″ bike to go along with a full range of 20″ bikes. Hit the flipbook above and take it all in! If you like what you see, hit your local shop and tell them to get ahold of Sparky’s Distribution to get a pre-order in NOW!

We are so stoked to launch our new 2015 Complete Bike Collection today. Everyone at Subrosa has been working long and hard on these bikes and we are damn proud of the line.

You’ll notice some new additions to the line including the Altus Balance, Altus 16″ and the Malum 26″. I’m very excited about increasing the bikes we offer to cater to everyone from young guns just learning to ride, to the veteran shredders that still want to rage around town.

We’ve also added some awesome new signature models for our pro team members Hoang Tran and Simone Barraco! These bikes are killer and modeled after the bikes they actually ride. This way you can rock a bike like them no matter what your budget is.

Take a look through the catalog, and check out the complete bike product page for all the spec and then hit up your local shop or favorite mailorder to make sure they get the one you want. Bikes will begin arriving worldwide in the beginning of September.

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Cult BMX

Sosh Urban Motion 3 – All Videos

The past two weeks have been an interesting one as the Ride Sessions crew have been uploading each teams section from the Sosh Urban Motion 3 video contest over in Paris, France! The concept of the videos were pretty straight forward… Each team was given a camera phone and an Ollo Clip lens then sent out for the week to film and edit a video that would be judged on based on the riding and film work. Needless to say, each of the teams came through with some great riding and over the course of the past 2 weeks we have been watching section by section pop up. Since they have all of the teams videos online, we compiled them all into one place for you to enjoy. Take a look!

Teams from France
-> Anthony Perrin (rider) & Alex Valentino (filmer)
-> Kevin Kalkoff (rider) & Alex Barret (filmer)
-> Clément Carpentier (rider) & Antoine Sabourin (filmer)

Teams from America
-> Nathan Williams (rider) & Corey Martinez (filmer)
-> Brian Kachinsky (rider) & Will Evans (filmer)
-> Rob Wise (rider) & Christian Rigal (filmer)

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Insight: The Shadow Conspiracy X Greenfilms DSLR Backpack


I don’t know if we’ve been on a bit of a backpack kick lately because of the back to school lines popping up or if it has just something we have been into lately, but here we go again. The other day we caught a glimpse of The Shadow Conspiracy‘s new collaboration backpack they did with Greenfilms that really caught our eyes in their new Back to School 2014 Lookbook. With so many riders getting into photography and filming, Shadow and Greenfilms teamed up to do a backpack designed for holding all of your camera gear that is not only practical, but looks awesome. The idea of a DSLR bag is by no means a new idea, but I believe this is one of the first bags made by a BMX brand which is rad. Let’s take a closer look…

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Print Ad: Subrosa – War on Theft


Here’s a look at Subrosa‘s latest print ad featuring their Combat, Warhead and Warhead XL locks! This can be found in the latest issue of Dan’s Comp!

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Madera BMX

Calling the Shots with Wolfgang Ray and Stephan August

The other day our friend Chris Bracamonte caught up with Wolfgang Ray and Stephan August at the Sanctuary BMX Park for a round of Calling the Shots! Both of these guys spent some time on both parts of the park inside and outside putting together some dialed riding for you guys to check out in this new edit! Hit that play button and take it in!

Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte

More info about Sanctuary BMX can be found right here!

Check It >>

Mash BMX Munich

Oh hell yeah! This video Greenfilms put together from the Munich Mash over in Germany is absolutely phenomenal. This video features all of the best riding from Garrett Reynolds, Dan Lacey, Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy, Chad Kerley, Ed Zunda, Bruno Hoffmann, Broc Raiford, Ben Lewis, Simone Barraco, Anthony Perrin, Ty Morrow, Daniel Tunte and Dennis Enarson! Hit that play button because you know it’s one you can’t miss!

Check It >>

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