Products: Vol. 100


Here it is… the 100th round of Products:. We have dropped one of these every Saturday for the past 100 weeks, giving you a look at 500 different BMX products from complete bikes to frames, parts and accessories, to clothing and DVD’s. This week we’ll be giving you a closer look at the Ruben pedals from Fly Bikes, the Disaster guard from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Saberetooth sprocket from Sunday Bikes, Madera‘s V2 Pilot front hub and then we’ll wrap it all up with the Deathrow V2 bars from Cult for number 500. Ready? Let’s do this!

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Threads Vol. 4


It’s that time of the week again where we head over to Bikeguide and take a look at what the guys are getting into over there! This week we’ve picked out two fresh threads that are getting pretty interesting and are worth checking out!

The CULT X VANS TYRE thread has everyone talking about their thoughts on the soon to be released tire that Cult is working on with Vans and their legendary waffle pattern. Definitely interesting to see what everyones thoughts are!



Next up we have a thread that I never expected to stumble upon… Storm Trooper BMX. The photo is pretty self-explanatory, but believe it or not there are a bunch more photos surfacing like this that are pretty hilarious. If you’re into Star Wars or just looking for a laugh. Take a look at this thread because it can only get weirder from here on.


That wraps up this weeks round of Threads! Head over to and check out all of the threads on the board! I can guarantee you will find something that catches your eye!

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The Shadow Conspiracy – Keep It Local Florida Stop


In addition to the finals of the Florida Skatepark Series, Jupiter Skatepark is also now a stop on the Shadow Keep It Local tour! Luckily for you, they even put them both on the same day. Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Johnny Devlin and Trey Jones will be on hand to ride with everyone and have a rad time in between the contest schedule.

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Shadow Conspiracy – Keep It Local: Australia Tour

Shadow Conspiracy BMX Keep It Local Australia

The Shadow Conspiracy is taking their Keep It Local Tour down under to Australia in April! Lahsaan Kobza, Jono Hopping, Blake Ind, Haimona Ngata and Mike Vockenson will be hitting up Ride On, LUX BMX, Hell on Wheels, Backbone BMX, Ride On and Anchor BMX April 11th – 19th! So if you are in the Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne area get stoked!

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Madera – Nick Castillo 2014 Edit

Nick Castillo is a BEAST. Check out this fresh one for Madera that just dropped! The last clip is absolutely INSANE.

Being 20 years old and having the build of a bulldozer Nick as no fear when it comes to his riding. With a jujitsu backround and a humble attitude. He never ceases to amaze me with his marital artist riding capabilities.
Words from Cody Bowers:
“My message is simple Nick Castillo is an all around badass. He’s not scared and he rides fast. I’ve watched this kid grow up and I’d have to say hes making the barbarians proud”
Filmed By: Cody Bowers
Song: Candlemass-Mirror Mirror
” – Alex Raban

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Cult – Woodward East Weekend

It’s been a crazy winter for everyone! Some of the Cult team couldn’t handle it anymore, so they headed to Woodward East for a weekend. Check this video featuring Russ Barone, Grant Germain, Steven Ocasio and Tafari Smith getting some time out of the cold! Plenty of heat in this one.

Filmed by Matt Schleyer
Edited by Scott Marceau
Song: Chance The Rapper “Cocoa Butter Kisses”
Thumbnail photo by Nick Jones

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Insight: Stolen – 2014 Heist

Stolen BMX 2014 Heist

Complete bikes are getting more and more dialed with each year and there are options for just about everyone out there. Stolen have a huge range of complete bikes from the entry level all the way up to the higher end bikes that are loaded with aftermarket parts. The 2014 Heist is an example of a bike that spec’d for quality without breaking the bank. We figured it would be cool to take a closer look at just what this bike is all about. Let’s take a peek.

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Daily Recap: March 26

When I did the first look through this morning… I couldn’t believe all of the crazy BMX videos that popped up. It didn’t slow down all day either! After posting up around 30 posts throughout the day in the Daily Section, it was clear we needed another one of these Daily Recap’s so you could take in all the crazy videos that dropped. Check out what we picked out for you to enjoy from today…

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Dan Kruk Bike Check


Stolen recently sent Dan Kruk a fresh kit just in time for the spring so he could have a dialed bike for the heavy street sessions he’ll be getting in over in Milwaukee. Dan snapped a few photos for us to check out. Check out his full Stolen Legion setup decked out with Madera parts below!
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Sunday – Gordy’s Shop Stop Flyer


Sunday is heading to Gordy’s in Phoenix, Arizona on April 3rd! If you are in the area and want to meet and hang out with Aaron Ross, Chris Childs, Gary Young, Erik Elstran and Mark Burnett… This is the place to be!

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