Kink – Chris Doyle Vs The Curved Rail

Chris Doyle is pretty notorious for his trails skills, but he also is known to drop the hammer on parks and streets too! This video Kink dropped gives you a look at a long fought battle filled with a lot of ass kicking on an insanely scary rail that Chris did a while back for the “Safety First” DVD! Needless to say, Chris is the fucking man! Watch this video, then make the jump to watch the full DVD part!

We were filming for Kinks “Safety First” DVD, and the road had lead us to Atlanta, Georgia. I believe this rail was in Murietta, a suburb of Atlanta. Doyle was pretty heavy into filming mode, shredding everything from street to transitions. When we drove by this rail, he called it out, and we didn’t leave until he pulled it. Short run up, shitty rail, and a seemingly impossible curve. We had only been traveling together as the current Kink team for about a year and a half at this point, and we obviously knew what Doyle was capable of. However, this triumphant session ended up being one of the most intense we had experienced in a long time. This day in Georgia, Doyle showed everyone what it means to not only be a true professional, but also how versatile he really is on a BMX bike.” – Kink

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Photogallery: Vans Kill The Line 2014


This past weekend, the annual Vans Kill The Line contest went down at the Ruben Vigil, made the trip over and documented the weekend with his camera! We have a photogallery with 33 of his photos giving you a look at the riding and more from the weekend in our new photogallery! Hit the link below to take it in!


Products: Vol. 121


One hundred and twenty one weeks and still going strong. It’s that time of the week again to dig into 5 dialed BMX parts you might just want or need and didn’t even know it. This week we’ll be getting a closer look at Lloyd Wright’s new signature Wright tire from Kink, the Sect IC Fork from Cult, the 7075 pegs from Profile Racing, the Raptor front hub from The Shadow Conspiracy and then we’ll wrap it up with the Soundwave frame from Sunday Bikes! Ready? Let’s do this!

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Madera BMX

Cult X The Simpsons Giveaway


To celebrate the every episode of The Simpson’s ever marathon on FXX, they’re giving away a few of the Cult X The Simpsons bikes! If you’re feeling line getting in on the Selfie game, get full details on the giveaway RIGHT HERE. You have 12 chances to win, so get on it!

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Insight: Subrosa’s Combat & Warhead Locks


I think we’ve all been there before where we need to set the bike down for a few minutes to run into the gas station or Taco Bell to get some drinks and food and didn’t have a lock, just hoping you won’t come out and have your bike missing. It doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds for somebody to grab your bike and take off before you realize that your pride and joy just got jacked. I mean, let’s be real… Bikes are expensive and it’s never a bad idea to invest in something that’s going to keep it from being damaged or stolen. Just like you put a hub guard on to keep you from wrecking your hub when you grind, tossing a lock on your bike could be the difference between being robbed or having somebody think twice before they try.

The guys at Subrosa have been working on their war on theft for a little while now, but we have never really taken that in-depth of a look at what they have to offer in the ant-theft department. We recently got our hands on their Combat and Warhead locks and figured it would be a good time to talk a little bit about just what makes these guys so important. Let’s do this!

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The Daily Grind BMX

Nico Badet Bike Check


Get over to The Shadow Conspiracy website for a fresh bike check with their newest recruit in France, Nico Badet, and his new Subrosa Thunderbeast setup he’s running! Get to it right here! Oh and watch his welcome to the family video from yesterday!

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The Daily Grind – Scott Steele 2014 Edit

The Daily Grind crew have been going hard stacking clips for their new DVD project for a while now. They had a bunch of footage of Scott Steele that won’t be making it into his section, so they put this video together to show you how much work Scott is putting in! There’s a ton of great riding in this and a whole lotta ass kicking. Cannot wait to see how good the clips going to the DVD are!

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Shadow Conspiracy – Nico Badet Welcome to the Family

The Shadow Conspiracy have added Nico Badet to their team over in France! Check out his welcome edit loaded with smooth lines to bring the news!

Shadow is proud to release French rider Nico Badet’s Welcome to the Family edit. Nico is a truly unique rider that takes his pegless/freecoaster style in a completely different direction. See what he was able to come up with while on our recent KIL Tour in France.

Special thanks to Sparkys France.


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Profile Racing

Videos: Mario Carrasco

All photos by Wes McGrath

Over the years, we’ve been able to meet a lot of talented people who are out there creating content and doing what they can to help grow their scene. One guy who we have constantly seen good things from in that time is Mario Carrasco. Between different events and countless videos that he has produced, we have been able to keep in contact and see what he has been up to.

For those of you who keep up with our Daily Section, there’s no doubt that you have seen one of his videos. As of late, Mario has been producing videos under the ABQ DNV title and needless to say, it’s been nothing short of great.

After all the hard work on both sides of the lens, there was no way we couldn’t get ahold of him to find out just where his love for filming, editing and BMX came from. So today, we’re stoked to present to you an interview with Mario to talk about just that. Let’s see what he had to say!

Name: Mario Carrasco
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Kink – Lloyd Wright 2014

Kink just dropped this brand new video featuring Lloyd Wright putting in work on the streets in the U.S! This is loaded with amazing riding, great spots and some clean filming and editing. Hit play because this is one you want to miss! Oh, and make sure you check out Lloyd’s new signature tire!

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Lloyd puts his technical touch on spots from Rochester to Austin during his last visit to the States. Everything is precision and flawless as usual, all while promoting his new “Wright Tire” available now!

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco
Additional filming by Walter Pieringer and Dan Coller


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