Subrosa – Brighton BMX Co. Park Party

A few weeks back, the Subrosa crew took a trip to The Level park to throw a Park Party with the Brighton BMX Co. crew and a bunch of the locals! Take a look at the riding that went down along with some bonus antics including a baked beans chug!

Join Subrosa riders Hoang Tran, Lahsaan Kobza, Scott Ditchburn, Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Emerson Morgan, and Emile Bouwman as they take a break from #brightonaintready to shred with the locals at The Level Park!

Thanks to all who came out, and thanks for helping Simone have an awesome birthday!

Special thanks to Brighton Bmx Co. and Seventies Distribution for having us!

Filmed by Mike King
Edited by Bobby Kanode

Ruby the Hatchet

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Coldwater Flight

It has been a while since we’ve seen a new video from Elliot Van Orman! Today were psyched to premiere his latest film that is 11 minutes of pure gold from Jeremy and Jared Ball’s trails out in Coldwater, Michigan! Amazing riding, dialed film work and a great vibe! Hit play, kick back and enjoy!

“Coldwater Flight”
This HD film documents BMX riding from Jeremy & Jared Ball, Glenn Salyers, Scott Kline, Kyle Barnhart, Ryan McBride, & friends in Coldwater, Michigan USA where it was shot on location on September 13th and 14th, 2014.
Song 1- “Flying High”
Composer- House of Sounds
Song 2- “Each Autumn”
Composer- John Farnum Budd
Song 3- “Slow Burn”
Composer- Dan Phillipson
All music tracks licensed @
Elliot Van Orman Productions:
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Product: Shadow Conspiracy – Classic Helmet Line


If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that you can’t ever go wrong with riding with a helmet. The guys at The Shadow Conspiracy know that having a helmet that is as safe, comfortable and looks good is important, so they designed their new Classic helmet line to be just that! Head over to their website to get a closer look and learn all about their new helmets that are out now!

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Freed Bikes

Product: Cult – New Tire Colors


We have seen a few sneak peeks of the new tire color options that Cult have been cooking up and the good news is that they will be available starting October! Above is a photo of their full range of tires. The DeHart Tire comes in 2.20″ and 2.35″ and the DeHart Slick comes in 2.40″. Both of those tires will be available in the new Dark Gum and White to go along with the existing black and gum colors and the Vans tire is available in 2.35″ and black only.

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Photogallery: 2014 New England Jam Chowda


Every year there are hundreds of BMX jams and events that happen all over the place. Out of all of those events, there are only a handful that have grown into something much bigger. This past weekend, the 3rd annual New England Jam Chowda went down and, much like the previous two, there was a lot of hype going into it because of how good of an event it really is and you know it didn’t disappoint. We heard rumors last year that this jam was the final one, so we wanted to make sure it was documented! Our friend and photographer, Nick Nogueira, made his way to the jam where he spent the day taking photos of everything from the riding on the ramps to the flatland jam that went down and ended up with a ton of great photos. We pieced together 30 of his best shots featuring the likes of Trey Jones, Paul Barnum, Chad DeGroot, Jake Seeley, Brett Tocco, John Mayo, Eric Hennessey and many more into a photogallery for you guys to enjoy! Take a peek because this might be the last time (we hope not) that this jam happens!

Check out the full photogallery here!

The Shadow Conspiracy

Shadow Conspiracy – Tom Deville Welcome Edit

The Shadow Conspiracy have added Tom Deville to their line up over in France through BMX Avenue and for obvious reason. Tom has been crushing it for a long time and this welcome edit is a good reminder of just how good he really is! Hit that play button and enjoy!

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Cult – Floyd & Codey Levesque “Small Talk”

Here’s a little split section action from the Cult “Small Talk” DVD for you to check out! Floyd and Codey Levesque teamed up to put together a rad section that has chill vibe and some great riding and even some skate clips from Codey mixed in! Check it!

The classification between amateur and professional in BMX has been discussed and debated, but never clearly defined. While the lines are still a little blurry, if we can agree that a professional includes a paycheck and a certain level of experience and skill, then we’re halfway there. So what is an am? Does BMX even need ams? Cult thinks so, and they helped set the precedent for an established am class in BMX with the release of Small Talk, their am-based video that gave Steven Mack, Josh Alderete, Iz Pulido, and Andrew Castaneda the center stage usually reserved for the pro riders.

“Grant is a flow rider from Long Island who had spent the summer in California. We filmed a bunch of clips for the mix part, but then realized that with a few more clips he’d have his first full-length video part. Grant definitely worked hard for it, and I think it was a good experience for him to be a part of the project. He has surely grown a bit since he’s been riding for Cult.” — Richard “Veesh” Krumm

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Products: Vol. 124


Annnnnd here we go again! Another week went blazing by and it seems like it never slows down these days! It’s Saturday, so let’s keep this party going with another round of Products: for you to check out! This week we’re going to get a closer look at Joris Coulomb’s signature Noster II colorway from Subrosa, The Front Hub from Fly Bikes, the new Grizzly bars from Kink Bikes, the Front hub guards from The Daily Grind, then we’ll wrap it up with the classic GDH cranks from Profile Racing! Ready? Let’s get into this!

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Cult BMX

Top 3’s – Mark Mulville

Mark Mulville BMX
All photos by Josh McElwee

It’s always a good day when we get some amazing photos dropped into the inbox! The other day our good friend, Josh McElwee, hit us up with a handful of Mark Mulville photos that he was sitting on from a project that fell through! As always with Josh’s work, they were top notch so there was no way we could pass them up! We figured it was a perfect excuse to hit up Mark with a classic round of Top 3’s to find out a little bit more about him! Let’s check out these photos and see what Mark had to say after the jump!

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Subrosa – Tom Smith: On & Off

Here’s one to start your weekend off right! Subrosa dropped this new video featuring Tom Smith absolutely crushing it on spots around Austin, Texas, but it also gives us some insight into his life off his bike! I had no idea he was a father and chef! This is one you gotta check out!

Get to know Subrosa Skeleton Crew rider Tom Smith on and off his bike in new series from Subrosa simply titled, “On & Off”.

We inlisted the help of Jememie Infelise and he did a killer job capturing Tom from riding his favorite spots, to hangin with his boy and more.

Watch Tom shred, and stick around to see what Tom is about when he’s not destroying the Austin streets.

Huge thanks to Tom for shreddin, and Jeremie for filmin and putting this together for us.

Music by
Quise Limye
“The Real”

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