Seventies – “Brighton Ain’t Ready” – Full Video

The guys over at Seventies decided since they’re throwing another “Brighton Ain’t Ready” in just a few weeks that it was time to release their DVD from the first round back in 2009! This video is absolutely STACKED with some amazing riding from some of the best riders in the world at the time and I can only imagine how good the 2nd one will go! So go grab yourself a cup of coffee or a beer and sit down and enjoy all 50 minutes of this gem!

The Brighton Aint Ready! full DVD from 2009.

36 riders, 6 months, 1 city.

Featuring – Dakota Roche, Sebastian Keep, Hoang Tran, Scott Ditchburn, Dan Lacey, Seth Kimbrough, Matt Roe, Daryll Tocco, Tony Neyer, Sean Sexton, Mark Love, Josh Bedford, Tony Hamlin, Ryan Sher, Wade Lajlar, Bowlhead, Duncan Lloyd, Cookie, Waffle, Steve Buseck, Nate Moroshan, Gary Young, Karl Poynter, Davey Watson, Kym Grosser, Danny Hickerson, Derek Strickland, Eli Platt, Ryan Smith, Wolfman, Bruce Crisman, Johnny Devlin, Nick Halsey, Matt, Tom Dillon, Chicken, Harrison Boyce, Dayson, Ali Whitton, Brad Simms and Niki Croft!

Filmed and edited by Edd Allen.

Brighton Aint Ready! 2014…coming very soon.

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Products: Vol. 112


The days are flying by, the sun stays out longer and the temps keep going up. Summer sessions have been in full swing, so make sure you are keeping your bike dialed in! It’s time for this weeks Products: column and we will be taking a closer look at a few dialed BMX products for you to enjoy! This time around we will take a look at the Kyle Hart signature Party bars from Subrosa, the City front hub from The Daily Grind, the new Corvus rim from The Shadow Conspiracy, Madera‘s new Producer sunglasses and Fly Bikes‘ Manual brake lever! Ready? Let’s get to it!

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The Shadow Conspiracy – Keep It Local: Australia

A little while back The Shadow Conspiracy‘s Lahsaan Kobza made his way down to Australia to meet up with their crew down under. This video gives you a look at the street spots and parks the crew absolutely CRUSHED along the way! Hit that play button and enjoy!

Hit the road with US Shadow pro Lahsaan Kobza as he heads to the land down under on our latest KIL Tour to meet up and ride with his Aussie and New Zealand team mates Mike Vockenson, Jono Hopping, Haimona Ngata, and the newcomer Blake Ind.

Filmed and edited by Scott Greentree

Special thanks to Triple Six Distribution, Ride On, Lux, Hell on Wheels, Backbone, and Anchor as well as Ten Cent Pistols for the track.

Ten Cent Pistols
“The Shift”
Lightwalkers EP

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The Shadow Conspiracy

Will Blount Bike Check

photo 1_600x

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There’s something about a new bike that just gets people psyched on BMX. I don’t know if it’s the fresh clean paint or the chance to start over new with a bike that hasn’t been through hell and back or what, but it’s a nice feeling. The other day Will Blount found himself rolling around on a fresh new Credence setup and damn did it turn out good. We couldn’t help but get ahold of him to find out what he’s running these days, get a closer look at the bike and find out what else is new in the life of the bearded man himself! Let’s take a look!

Name: Will Blount
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Print Ad: Sunday Bikes – Aaron Ross


Here’s a look at Sunday‘s latest print ad featuring Aaron Ross and his new signature Motoross Frame that is OUT NOW!

Cult BMX

Fly Bikes – How-To Build the Coastin’ Ramp

After a ton of requests, the guys over at Fly Bikes have put out a How-To video along with full instructions on how to build the ramp from their Coastin’ video that dropped a while back! Check out this video with Sergio Layos explaining, building and riding the ramp, then CLICK HERE for full specs and directions!

FlyBikes has always seen things a little differently, taken its own approach and thought outside the box, not only with the team they’ve built or product they produce, but also the content they’ve put out. One such piece of content was a video where the focus was of a team that that saw the simplicity in riding, hanging out together by finding an every day object to ride, in this instance a “pallet” and dragged it around the city to make “almost spots” into completely fun rideable spots. Ultimately, ending a day of amazing riding using the pallet itself as firewood to keep warm and cook food over. Those were fun times and amazing memories for the team…

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Subrosa – Raphael Jeroma-Williams “Pedal To The Metal”

Can’t go wrong with some fresh Raphael Jeroma-Williams footage! Check out his latest video for Subrosa where he tears some of the spots he came across during some of his trips a new one! Definitely a ton of heat in this!

Man, I love to watch me some Raph footage!

Check out new footage from Subrosa Skeleton Crew rider Raphael Jeroma- Williams! This footage was compiled from a bunch of trips around Australia with his friends and the TK Crew.

Follow along with Raph and his friends on their current journey around Europe below.

Thanks to everyone who filmed a clip for this edit!

Edit by Bobby Kanode

Music by:
Cosmic Wail
“Magic Potions”

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Profile Racing & Madera – Difference Between Rear Hubs


Want to know this difference between Profile Racing and Madera Cassette hubs? Well, check out this piece they did comparing the Profile Mini, Totem and Elite hub to the Madera V2 Casssette RIGHT HERE!

Madera BMX

Kenneth Tencio Interview


It’s pretty clear what a lot of dedication, motivation and passion can get you in BMX and Kenneth Tencio is one of those people who is a perfect example of it. After years of hard work and dedication he is finally getting the well deserved support he needs to explore the world and show everyone just what he is capable of. This rider, who comes from the little country of Costa Rica, has been blowing minds the past few years on ramps, the streets and trails through the different edits he has put out and the different contests he has been able to make it to.
Yesterday, it was announced that Kenneth had joined the Superstar team with a banger of an edit that really got us thinking that we didn’t know very much about the guy. We figured it was time we got ahold of him to find out just what his story really is. Let’s see what he had to say!

Name: Kenneth Tencio
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Sunday – Daniel Portorreal Welcome Edit

Sunday Bikes have added Daniel Portorreal to their German team through Sport Import! This video is jam packed with fire and it’s clear to see just why they picked him up! HIGHLY suggest you watch this!

16 year old Daniel Portorreal is the second of Sport Import´s Sunday Bikes teamrider for Germany. Watch him getting tech on the streets of Cologne and his Hometown Essen, Germany.
Filmed and edited by
Timm Wiegmann
Slidery and pressing the red button
Oliver “Bub” Michel, Robin Heiderich, Janek Wentzky, Alex Stinshof
Music by
Bob Seger
Night Moves

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