Shadow Conspiracy – Texas Toast 2014

No such thing as too much footage from Texas Toast! Check out this video The Shadow Conspiracy dropped featuring their team, along with a handful of other riders, throwing it down! This has a bunch of footage you haven’t seen yet! So take a look!

Join the Shadow Conspiracy as they shred in the Austin, Texas heat for the fourth annual Texas Toast Jam. The crew went hard in between contest runs to put together an edit with some new and never before seen moves that you won’t find anywhere else including some awesome riding from the other competitors on our signature Coffin Rail set up.

Simone Barraco, Trey Jones, Jono Hopping, Mark Burnett, Eric Bahlman, Scott Ditchburn, Seth Kimbrough, Kevin Kalkoff, Tom Smith, Joris Coulomb, Kyle Hart, Daniel Tünte, Adam LZ, Sean Sexton, Brandon Begin, Broc Raiford, and Garrett Reynolds.

Filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick

Robot Death Kites
“No Thanks”
Yuppie Nightmare

Andrew White/DIG BMX

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Fly Bikes – Sergio Layos 2014 Video Bike Check

It sounds like we almost didn’t get to see this one! Check out a video bike check with Sergio Layos that was supposed to drop a few months back, but things fell through until Fly Bikes got the project back on track! Take a closer look at Sergio’s 2014 Trueno setup along with some riding clips for good measure!

Better late than never! Sometimes projects don’t always work out as planned and you have to make the best out of the situation. About two months back, Sergio Layos filmed this video bike check with filmer, Philip Kölsch for another media outlet and it never ended up being put to use! We figured it would be better to drop this video now than to let it never see the light of day! Take a look at Sergio’s 2014 Trueno setup along with some great riding clips in this video bike check!

Filmed and edited by Philip Kölsch

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Cult – Cultoween Edit

Cult dropped this video from the Cultoween Jam they threw at the Vans park this past weekend! It looks like they had a massive turnout and there was nothing but good times and some awesome riding going down. Take a look!

The second CULTOWEEN proved to be a awesome night again…Thanks in part to VANS, CULT and all the riders who came out and supported this cool event…Laid back session with plenty of costumes, fun and bangers…We cooked up this quick edit to give you a recap…Shouts to VANS and all the riders, it’s why we do events like this…
Edit by Goodfeelin
Filmed by Aaron Brenner
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

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Rob Ridge – More Work In Progress

Yes! Yes.. and more YES! We just spotted this brand new Rob Ridge video over on Flat Matters and we’re so psyched! Rob is the definition of front brake magic and this new edit that mixes his ramp riding with some crazy flatland riding is one video you cannot pass up! Hit play!

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Simone Barraco Bike Check


Head on over to The Shadow Conspiracy website to check out a brand new bike check with Simone Barraco and his signature Noster II setup that he’s running these days! Looks like it’s been around the world and still a dialed unit!

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Profile Racing – Production Insight: 22mm Column Cranks

Profile Racing‘s 22mm Column Cranks have been out for a while and a lot of people have been putting them to heavy use. Profile dropped this fresh video giving you a look at how they’re made along with some riding that the team and some of their friends have been getting with them! Check it!

Profile’s 22mm Column cranks are made in the USA, in our factory here in St. Pete, Florida.
Here’s a little insight on part of the production process: Milling and tack welding of pedal and spindle bosses.
Thanks to Mark Mulville, Ricky Moseley, Dillon Leeper, Jason Watts, Zach Rogers, Bobby Proctor and Jake Seeley for putting them to the test.
Available in:
-Chrome or Black
-Sizes 160, 165, 170, 175, and 180mm

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Dan’s Comp – 2014 Holiday Catalog


Dan’s Comp dropped their new holiday 2014 catalog featuring Hoang Tran on the cover! They caught up with Hoang for a little Q&A about the cover and to talk about everything he has going on these days that you can check out RIGHT HERE. If you want to get a look at the catalog, hit the online version now!

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Products: Vol. 129


It’s November 1st, I’m sure some of you are nursing a little hangover from the festivities of Halloween or gearing up for another round tonight.. Or you’re probably good to go for a session on your bike! It’s Saturday so that means it’s time we take a little time to check out 5 dialed BMX products you might just want or need! For this go around, we’re going to take a closer look at the Kyle Hart signature Party bars from Subrosa, the Millennium guard sprocket from The Daily Grind, the V2 Pilot front hub from Madera, the Tractor chain from Flybikes, then we will wrap things up with Dakota Roche’s new signature Dak frame from Cult! Ready? Let’s do this!

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Review: The Shadow Conspiracy – Raptor Freecoaster


There’s no denying that the freecoaster revolution has taken place and that it has become a focus product for many brands throughout the BMX industry. In the past two years we have seen a huge influx in the number of freecoaster hubs available and because of that we have seen improvements in the overall quality of the hubs.
Personally, I’ve never ran a freecoaster in my 15 years of riding and I guess up until fairly recently I shyed away from the idea because of the horror stories I’ve heard over the years from maintenance and the expense of replacing things like bearings. Once more brands started releasing their own take on the freecoaster hub and a huge flood of videos from pretty much all of the top street riders making riding with a freecoaster look pretty amazing, my interest was peaked and I finally caved and decided to see what all of the hype was about. About two months ago, I got my hands on one of The Shadow Conspiracy‘s Raptor freecoaster wheel and started seeing how things worked going backwards. After countless sessions, a lot of frustration and excitement, I decided it was time to do a little review. Let’s do this…

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Cult – Cultoween Photogallery


Get on over to the Cult website to check out a fresh photogallery from the Cultoween Jam at the Vans Skatepark out in California last night! Looks like there were some real good costumes and plenty of awesome riding that went down!

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