Kenneth Tencio Interview


It’s pretty clear what a lot of dedication, motivation and passion can get you in BMX and Kenneth Tencio is one of those people who is a perfect example of it. After years of hard work and dedication he is finally getting the well deserved support he needs to explore the world and show everyone just what he is capable of. This rider, who comes from the little country of Costa Rica, has been blowing minds the past few years on ramps, the streets and trails through the different edits he has put out and the different contests he has been able to make it to.
Yesterday, it was announced that Kenneth had joined the Superstar team with a banger of an edit that really got us thinking that we didn’t know very much about the guy. We figured it was time we got ahold of him to find out just what his story really is. Let’s see what he had to say!

Name: Kenneth Tencio
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Sunday – Daniel Portorreal Welcome Edit

Sunday Bikes have added Daniel Portorreal to their German team through Sport Import! This video is jam packed with fire and it’s clear to see just why they picked him up! HIGHLY suggest you watch this!

16 year old Daniel Portorreal is the second of Sport Import´s Sunday Bikes teamrider for Germany. Watch him getting tech on the streets of Cologne and his Hometown Essen, Germany.
Filmed and edited by
Timm Wiegmann
Slidery and pressing the red button
Oliver “Bub” Michel, Robin Heiderich, Janek Wentzky, Alex Stinshof
Music by
Bob Seger
Night Moves

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Product: Cult – Mesh Snapbacks


Cult just got in some fresh colors for their Face logo and Cult logo mesh snapback hats! You can pick one, both or all of them for $19.99 each in the CULT WEBSTORE now!

The Shadow Conspiracy

Max Bespaliy Bike Check


It was a pleasant surprise this morning when the guys over at Raen Shop over in Russia hit us up with a fresh new bike check featuring Max Bespaliy’s current Stress setup that’s decked out with a ton of new parts from Stress along with other parts from Cult, Primo and more. We couldn’t just keep all the photos to ourselves, so we pieced together this bike check for you to take a closer look for yourself! Check it all out below!

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Diego “Mono” Navarro Bike Check


Head over to The Shadow Conspiracy website to check out a fresh bike check with their newest recruit, Diego “Mono” Navarro, and his current setup decked out with Cult and Shadow parts! Get a closer look RIGHT HERE!

Sunday Bikes

Subrosa – Daily Grind Park Party

Keeping the Subrosa Park Shop Party moving, the crew hit up Daily Grind BMX & Skate for a day of good times with some of the locals on the shop ramps! Take a peek and see what went down!

What a great Subrosa Park Party tour stop! We hit up Daily Grind BMX & Skate to cap off “Subrosa Month” in the shop.

Chuck Goldy is the shop owner, but he is much more than that to the scene around his shop and the Northeast. From events liek bringing pro riders to his shop, all the way to large events like the “New England Jam Chowder”, Chuck does it all for BMX.

In true form, Chuck hosted us at his shop, built us a new ramp set-up, ordered pizza, and even made Subrosa shaped cookies!

Subrosa pro riders Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart and Lahsaan Kobza came along to ride and hang out with the locals. We played some fun games, and at the end of the day raffled off a one of a kind Subrosa Noster II frame that was hand painted by Joris coulomb and Simone Barraco.

Special thanks to Chuck and everyone who came out to the shop and made for a great day!

Edit by:
Bobby Kanode

Music by:
“Sweetie Pie”

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Profile Racing X Madera – The Difference Between Front Hubs


Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the Profile Racing Mini front hub and the Madera Pilot front hub and why they look a lot alike, but cost different? Well, hit this LINK and find out all the differences!

Kink – Albert Mercado 2014 Video

Kink just dropped this dialed new video of Albert Mercado cruising some of his local spots! As always, Albert comes through with some amazing and creative riding that you won’t want to miss! Take a peek!

Filmed and edited by Doeby Huynh

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Products: Vol. 111


Here we are! Another Saturday after a hectic week! That means it’s time for us to take a closer look at 5 dialed BMX products you might just want or need. For the one hundred and eleventh edition of Products: we will be taking a closer look at the Pillar cranks from Kink, the Soundwave frame from Sunday Bikes, the Fat Logo seat from Profile Racing, the Sect IC fork from Cult and then we will wrap things up with the Corvus front wheel from The Shadow Conspiracy! Ready? Let’s get into it!

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Shadow Conspiracy – Diego “Mono” Navarro Welcome Edit

Diego “Mono” Navarro has been killing it for a long time now and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down any time soon! The Shadow Conspiracy have welcomed him to their family and he came through with this BANGER of an edit to bring the news! Check it!

Shadow is proud to welcome Diego “Mono” Navarro to the family. A staple of the Barcelona scene, Mono has shown time and time again that he is the purest form of rider. Hit play, sit back, and enjoy the show!

“Cosey Mo”
More Constant Than The Gods

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