Freed – The Coast Is Calling

Despite the Freed Bikes team being beat up pretty bad, River Waldren and Brad Moore were able to save the trip up to the Northwest with some heavy clips! Hit that play button and take this video in because damn is it good!

Between Tom not able to make the trip, Corey still out from his broken femur and Andy getting hurt early in the trip, filming came down to Big Riv and Brad. With just over a week on the Oregon coast, this is what went down. Filmed and edited by Doeby Huynh with additional filming by Brad Moore and Corey Foster.

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Cult – Steven Mack “Small Talk”

Hell yeah! Cult uploaded Steven Mack’s section from the “Small Talk” DVD that’s filled with smooth style loaded with goodness! There’s even a little Jayson Johnson mixed in for good measure as well! Check it!

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Products: Vol. 122


Twas the weekend before Interbike and every bike company was scurrying… Yeah, it’s that time of the year again for the annual voyage on down to hell Las Vegas for Interbike to get a look at all the latest products from all the companies from around the world. But we still have a few days before we actually head down that way, so let’s keep our Saturday tradition going strong with a fresh round of Products:! This week we’ve got the Devon Smillie signature Devon grips from Fly Bikes, the Eon pegs from The Daily Grind, the new Polished colorway from Madera, the Freedom bars from Freed Bikes and then we’ll wrap it up with the Magnum (see what I did there) Bash sprocket from Subrosa! Ready? Let’s do this!

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Sunday Bikes

Print Ad: Sunday – Erik Elstran


Here’s a look at Sunday‘s latest print ad featuring Erik Elstran and his Signature 2015 EX Complete Bike! Damn does that bike look good or what!?

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Cult – “Small Talk” Intro & Iz Pulido Sections

Here’s one I’m sure a ton of you have been waiting for! Cult have begun uploading sections from the “Small Talk” DVD for you guys to enjoy! Up top is the intro and down below is Iz Pulido’s section that’s jam packed with style out on the streets. Take a peek!

“The classification between amateur and professional in BMX has been discussed and debated, but never clearly defined. While the lines are still a little blurry, if we can agree that a professional includes a paycheck and a certain level of experience and skill, then we’re halfway there. So what is an am? Does BMX even need ams? Cult thinks so, and they helped set the precedent for an established am class in BMX with the release of Small Talk, their am-based video that gave Steven Mack, Josh Alderete, Iz Pulido, and Andrew Castaneda the center stage usually reserved for the pro riders.” – Cult

Iz’s riding can sometimes surprise you. I’ve know him for years, but even on this project some of the spots and tricks he’d call out were out of nowhere and made for an interesting video clip. He also stepped up and helped plan trips and would grab the camera to shoot awesome photos that you’ve probably seen on the Cult site.

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The Daily Grind BMX

Insight: The BACO Box Set


Over the years, there have been a lot of videos that have come out that got us excited, but only a few that you know are going to be legendary before it’s even done. When word that there was a documentary and a box set in the works for the legendary Baco series, we knew that it was going to be one of those videos that everyone needed to see and it was going to be on that legendary level.
Over the past year or so, Chris Rye, along with the help of a handful of others, took on the job of compiling over 25 years of footage that literally spans a group of peoples lives for a quarter of a century and jamming it all into one Blu-Ray Disc. Now, in short, that sounds a lot easier than it really was, but in actuality it required what I’d imagine to be a few thousand hours, a lot of patience and probably a few stiff drinks to dig through hundreds of hours of VHS footage, DV tapes and digital footage that was all converted and pieced together into this video. Some how, things all came together, much like most of the Baco videos, and today we have a box set that contains all 10 Baco videos, a full documentary and hours of bonus features…

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Dan’s Comp – 15% Off + Free Shipping Sale


Need to get your bike dialed back in? For a limited time, Dan’s Comp is offering 15% off ALL ORDERS! Just use promo code 45LC at check out! To help save you even more money, they also have FREE shipping on all orders over $75 too! Get on it!

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Kink X Seventies – Win Jay Roe’s Bike


Here’s one for the U.K guys! Kink and Seventies decided the team manager, Jay Roe, really didn’t need his bike, so they’re giving it away! Get full details below on how this bike can be yours!

UK residents only. Win Kink TM, Jay Roe’s bike! This bike has been all over Europe this summer, and now it can be yours. Here’s how…

-Follow @kinkbikes and @seventiesdistro.
-Re-gram a Kink riders photo from the #brightonaintready hashtag.
-Be sure to tag Kink Bikes and Seventies Distro! The winner will be picked at random; next Friday, September 12th.

Kink riders in Brighton – @TonyHamlin @AlbertMercato @BenBasford87 @LloydKink @JorgeRodriguezbmx

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Subrosa Brand

Insight: Madera – Polished Colorway

Madera Hub Polished Set_600x

BMX is an ever revolving door when it comes to colors. Over the years we’ve seen everything from every kind of black you could imagine to bright neon colors that could give you a seizure if you looked at it long enough. Colors go hand in hand with the creative aspect of BMX and it can even be a direct reflection of the type of rider that is on a bike. There’s no denying that we’ve seen a lot of unique colors and a handful of colors that will always remain a classic in BMX and it will continue that way forever.

For those of you who don’t know, Madera is a brand that was created as a more affordable option to the high quality that Profile Racing offers. Both brands are produced right here in the U.S.A down in Florida out of the same warehouse and both brands use the same high quality materials and craftsmanship in creating their products, but thanks to manufacturing techniques Madera can be offered at a more affordable price point thanks to cutting costs through production time or aesthetic touches without sacrificing any of the quality.

Over the years, we’ve only seen a few colors from Madera; classic gloss black, Fall red, Snow white, nickel, a crazy graffiti wrap and their recent “Rust” copper addition. Needless to say they aren’t changing things up all the time to meet the latest trends like oil slick. However, today, were stoked to give you the first look at their newest addition to their color line up, polished, that is now offered on their hubs and Mast top load stems. The polished colorway has been a classic in BMX since the start and it’s one color that always looks good. We are stoked on the news about the color and thought it would be rad to take a closer look at how they get the hubs and stems to shine down in Florida. Make the jump and find out how it’s done and learn how you can WIN a Polished Mast stem for yourself!

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Shadow Conspiracy – Introducing Supreme Standards

The Shadow Conspiracy have always put quality as their most important goal when producing new products. Over time, they’ve developed a lot of products and in that time they have gone through hell and back to make sure it’s going to hold up to the riding. Check out the video to learn a little bit more about their Supreme Standards Testing and then CLICK HERE for more!

Shadow is proud to introduce to you our Supreme Standards Testing. Born out of the idea of elevating and progressing the testing of our parts to a level above all others. Hit play, watch the video, then check out to read in detail about all five steps of our Supreme Standards.

Filmed by Austin Bonner and Ryan Chadwick
Edited by Ryan Chadwick


Walkie Talkie
Midi Life Crisis

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