Shadow Conspiracy – Nico Badet Welcome to the Family

The Shadow Conspiracy have added Nico Badet to their team over in France! Check out his welcome edit loaded with smooth lines to bring the news!

Shadow is proud to release French rider Nico Badet’s Welcome to the Family edit. Nico is a truly unique rider that takes his pegless/freecoaster style in a completely different direction. See what he was able to come up with while on our recent KIL Tour in France.

Special thanks to Sparkys France.


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Videos: Mario Carrasco

All photos by Wes McGrath

Over the years, we’ve been able to meet a lot of talented people who are out there creating content and doing what they can to help grow their scene. One guy who we have constantly seen good things from in that time is Mario Carrasco. Between different events and countless videos that he has produced, we have been able to keep in contact and see what he has been up to.

For those of you who keep up with our Daily Section, there’s no doubt that you have seen one of his videos. As of late, Mario has been producing videos under the ABQ DNV title and needless to say, it’s been nothing short of great.

After all the hard work on both sides of the lens, there was no way we couldn’t get ahold of him to find out just where his love for filming, editing and BMX came from. So today, we’re stoked to present to you an interview with Mario to talk about just that. Let’s see what he had to say!

Name: Mario Carrasco
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Kink – Lloyd Wright 2014

Kink just dropped this brand new video featuring Lloyd Wright putting in work on the streets in the U.S! This is loaded with amazing riding, great spots and some clean filming and editing. Hit play because this is one you want to miss! Oh, and make sure you check out Lloyd’s new signature tire!

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Lloyd puts his technical touch on spots from Rochester to Austin during his last visit to the States. Everything is precision and flawless as usual, all while promoting his new “Wright Tire” available now!

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco
Additional filming by Walter Pieringer and Dan Coller


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Kink – Liam Crivellaro August Edit

Liam Crivellaro has been crushing it behind the lens for a little while now, so it’s good to see him getting back in front of it for this new Kink Bikes video! Liam spends some time at a few of his local parks and cranks up the style! No pegs, no freecoaster… Lots of style. Awesome!

Song: “See Emily Play” Pink Floyd

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Products: Vol. 120


Saturday’s are always something to look forward to and you better believe these Products: columns will keep coming! It’s that time again to get a look at 5 dialed BMX products you might just want or need! This time around we’ll be getting a closer look at the new Street Rail from Subrosa, the City front hub from The Daily Grind, the Dolmen cranks from Fly Bikes, the Madera Badge pivotal seat and then we will wrap things up with the 2015 Whip complete from Kink! Ready? Let’s do this!

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The Daily Grind BMX

Sneak Peek: Cult – Nylon Hub Guards


Just spotted this over on The Merged! It looks like Cult have some new hub guards in the works that are specifically designed to fit on their hubs. They’re made out of AL6061-T6 aluminum with a Nylon 6 polymer sleeve. Get more details right here!

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Cult – Back To School Stash Bag Sale


Getting ready for back to school, or just need a new beanie and backpack? Cult has a sale going where you can get their Stash bag in black along with your choice of a black or orange Cult beanie for $39.99 in their WEBSTORE NOW. This is only while supplies last, so get on it now!

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On the Horizon: Impurity Bike Co.

HAF in bronze_600x
Interview by Chris Smith / Edited by Wong Seng Hon

The other day we received a message from our friend, Chris Smith, asking if we would be interested in checking out an interview he did with Nick Huang, owner of the Singapore based bike company Impurity Bike Co., about the brand. We have been hearing things about the company for a while now, but we honestly didn’t know that much, so we gave it a look. We learned quite a bit about the brand and figured it would be rad to give you guys some insight into just what they do as well. It’s a good read and we have it here for you to give it a look! Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Subrosa Brand

Shane Weston Bike Check

bike check over all photo_600x

Head over to the Fly Bikes website to get a closer look at Shane Weston’s fresh new Isla setup with those crazy green tires! I’m digging that freecoasting unit.

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Insight: Wethepeople – 2015 Cream Fork


It’s pretty clear that over the course of BMX’s history, the level of quality a BMX product has, has improved substantially from the way they are designed all the way through the processes used to create it physically. In that time, the process has been fine tuned so far that now days a few millimeters or a couple of degrees in angle can make a bike ride and feel entirely different than another. There has been a lot of talk lately about how so many products are “the same” and essentially it’s coming down to the marketing of it or whose signature is on it. Which, it’s a fair assumption because there are a lot of products out there using similar materials, geometry, features and processes in creating it. But there are still A LOT of differences and unique, original products being developed all the time.

The other day we were talking to the guys at Wethepeople about some of their new products for 2015 and we got on the topic of Andrew Jackson’s signature Cream fork that in an era where pegs are about as important as a freecoaster to most riders, are designed to not only be pegless but have a unique look that is different than other forks available today. We decided maybe it would be a good idea to take a closer look to really understand just what these differences are. Let’s take a look… Oh and these photos are an exclusive first look at the new colors available for 2015 as well.

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