Products: Vol. 99


99 problems but writing a weekly Products: column ain’t one. It’s that time again and we’re just shy of hitting 100 weeks in a row! This week we’ll kick things off with Profile Racing‘s Elite hub that is now available with a 14mm male axle, the new Battle fork from Subrosa, The Daily Grind‘s Combatant snapbacks, Stolen‘s Rebellion front wheel and then we’ll wrap it up with the Soundwave frame from Sunday Bikes. Ready? Let’s do this!

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Dan’s Comp – Dakota Roche and the Late Spring Catalog


Dakota Roche has landed himself his second Dan’s Comp catalog cover! Head over to Dan’s 360 to check out a Q&A with Dakota about the cover and what’s new! Sounds like he has a new video and a bunch of new and updated signature products coming out!

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Threads Vol. 3


It’s that time of the week again for us to take a look at some interesting threads that are popping up over on Bikeguide! This week, in The Bike Shop, there’s been a pretty interesting thread that will probably take a lot of you guys who have been riding for a while down memory lane. The FRAME HISTORY? has everyone talking about the history of frames they have rode over the years. Some go waaaaay back and I guarantee you will say “Ooooh! I remember that one!” a bunch of times. Definitely an interesting read and a good one to get in on!

Frame History?


The second thread is probably one that’s catching my eye again because my neighbor has been spending the last few days revving his engine on his Harley to get it ready for the season. It’s been in the upper 30′s and people are busting out their motorcycles here in Minnesota… I shit you not! The Motorcycles thread is 120 pages long and filled with every kind of motorcycle you could possibly think of. Anyone who is into motorcycles, or considering getting into them will be able to kill a lot of time paging through this one! Take a peek!


That wraps up this weeks round of Threads! As always, there’s a TON of stuff to check out on Bikeguide, so go take a peek and maybe get yourself setup with a FREE account if you haven’t yet —!

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Subrosa – 50% Off Pop Up Sale

Subrosa BMX Brand Bikes

The guys over at Subrosa just popped up a new sale in their CORNER STORE for you guys to get in on! They have selected a few softgood items and knocked them down 50% off for you. They have hats, socks, hoodies, belts and videos all available, so get on this!

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Sunday – Daniil Andreyevich Custom Wave C


We posted a photo of this frame Daniil Andreyevich custom painted up on our Facebook the other day and people were hyped. Today, Sunday posted up a few photos of the bike all built up. Talk about a crazy paint job! Take a closer look Right here!

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Mat Hoffman Bamboo Bike Check

photo 2_600x

If you follow Mat on Instagram ( @CondorBMX ), there’s a good chance you have been seeing some photos of his latest creation that he has been working on… again… popping up. If you haven’t caught on by the title or the photo above, Mat has been experimenting of the possibility of using bamboo as a feasible material for BMX. The bike itself looks pretty crazy, but based on what we’ve been hearing it sounds like this isn’t as crazy as it looks. If there’s one thing we know, Mat isn’t scared to try new things and BMX is in a much better place product and riding wise because of it.
With each photo we saw on Instagram, we started getting super curious as to just what Mat was working on. We were able to catch up with him to find out just what started this whole bamboo bike idea and learn a little bit about the results that Mat has seen so far! Let’s take a peek!

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Shadow Conspiracy – Simone Barraco “Barcelona Days”

Here’s a unique one! The Shadow Conspiracy have released Simone Barraco’s new banger of a video from his time in Barcelona on their Facebook! Hit that play button or click this LINK to see it in all its glory!

*It might need a few seconds to load on the site, so if you can’t wait, watch it on Facebook!

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Product: Profile Racing – 14mm Elite Hubs – Out Now


Here it is! We got our first look at these 14mm Elite hubs from Profile Racing last month at Frostbike, and now they’re available for everyone! The Elite hub is CNC machined right here in the U.S out of aluminum and features a ratchet ring with a one-piece chromoly 9 or 10 tooth driver with 6 pawls creating 204 points of engagement and sounds like a swarm of bees when you are riding and 5 sealed bearings to keep you rolling smooth. Now they have added the option of running a 14mm male axle for those of you who want to run the hub, but would also like to grind without the fear of wrecking the female axles.

You can pick this hub up in right or left side drive with colors of black, polished, matte black, red, blue, gold, green, purple, white and aqua for right side drive or in black and polished with only a 9-tooth driver option for left side drive (for now) or for existing Elite hub owners, a 14mm conversion kit has been made available that includes the axle, cones and jam nuts.

You can find out more about these hubs by clicking here or you can have your local shop hit up Profile Racing directly to get you one ordered up today!

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Product: Subrosa – Limited Edition Silva II Frame


Subrosa‘s Mark Mulville wanted to do something special for the release of his Silva II frame. So they teamed up with his sponsor, Emmitt BMX to do a special colorway and sticker kit that turned out so rad.
The Silva II is a full 4130 chromoly frame with a 75.5-degree head tube angle, 71-degree seat tube angle, 9″ stand over height, 11.6″ bottom bracket height and a 13.50″ – 14″ chain stay length. This frame has a heat treated head tube, bottom bracket and drop outs, double butted top and down tubes, a gusset on the down tube, curved seat and chain stay bridges for bigger tire clearance, flattened stays at the drop outs for hub guard clearance, removable brake mounts and an integrated seat post clamp. You can pick this frame up in 20.5″, 20.75″ and 21″ top tube sizes with the limited edition translucent black colorway with special graphics. More photos RIGHT HERE.

This frame is going for $289.99 exclusively through Emmitt BMX.

The Silva II is also available in chrome and smoke black everywhere else Subrosa is sold. Have your local shop hit up Sparky’s Distribution or hit up Dan’s Comp.

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Paul Shariff 2014 Edit

Hooooooly hell… I knew Paul Shariff was good, but DAMN is this video out of control. This video progressively gets gnarlier and gnarlier, so I would advise you watch the whole thing to prepare yourself for the hammers at the end. This kid kills it on a BMX bike!

Fifteen year old Paul Shariff has been putting in hard work for the past few months in order to put out this edit. From huge roof drops to super clean smooth riding, this kid can do it all. Aside from a few clips in Texas, this whole edit was filmed in Northern California.

Filmed and Edited by Kevin Johnson.
Audio: Painted Palms.

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