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Well, the week in hell Las Vegas for Interbike wrapped up on Friday and I managed to make my way to MOST of the brands that were in attendance this year! We did manage to miss a few of the suites since they packed up and left before we could even get to them, but that’s alright! Overall, despite there being fewer brands with booths or even attending, we saw A LOT of new product which was great. As expected, we saw less oil slick, more freecoasters and plenty of innovation going into revamping or designing existing products which is always a good thing. Below you can find links to all of the brands we did visit…

The Shadow Conspiracy


Bone Deth

Mutiny Bikes

Sunday Bikes and Odyssey

Kink Bike Co.


Tree Bicycle Co.

Profile Racing and Madera


Volume and Demolition

Stolen Bike Co.

Mutant Bikes

Fly Bikes

Wethepeople and Eclat


Haro and Premium


Fairdale Bikes

Simple Bike Co.

Interbike 2014: Simple Bike Co.

 photo IMG_1161_zps66bed6f2.jpg

Literally about 10 minutes before Interbike shut it down for 2014, we bumped into Niels from Simple Bike Co. who was walking around the show with a back pack with a few goodies inside! We convinced him to open up his bag and give us a look at some of the new product he has coming from the brand for you guys. Oh, and they’re going to be available here in the U.S again since Tree Bicycle Co. will be distributing them! Let’s take a look!

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Interbike 2014: Fairdale Bikes

 photo IMG_1074_zps3212956b.jpg

Alright! Sorry for the delay on this one. We wrapped up the 3rd day swinging by the Fairdale booth and between travel time and getting caught back up this one took a minute to get posted! But that’s enough of that! Let’s take a closer look at what Taj Mihelich had on display at this years Interbike for the brand. Yeah, these aren’t BMX bikes, but they’re still a BMX brand in our eyes!

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The Daily Grind BMX

Simple – Ole Andre Kristiansen – Summertime in Copenhagen

The guys over at Simple Bike Co. sent through Ole Andre Kristiansen’s new video that he filmed over the course of the summer out in Copenhagen. We’ve known Ole has been good for a long time, but damn did he step it up for this new one! Amazing riding, great spots and some clean film work. Definitely one you gotta see!

Ole Kristiansen from Bergen, Norway set out for filming a few days in Denmark and here’s what went down. Thanks to all the locals for a great time in Copenhagen!
Sleep Stasis – Ammoncontact feat. Daedelus
Digging – The Doppelgangaz
Johan Nissen, Filip Hedin

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Sunday Bikes UK 2014 Video

Sunday Bikes dropped this phenomenal new video featuring some of their crew getting down over in the U.K! Despite some wet weather, they managed to cruise a ton of street spots, trails and parks during their stay and came through with some amazing riding at each spot. Check this video to see how it all went down! Must See for sure.

The thing about England is it rains a lot. In fact, it rained on us almost every day we were there, but we would not be deterred. Gary Young, Chris Childs, Mark Burnett, and our UK guy Danny Stanzl made the most of it and still managed to ride everything: street, parks, trails, you name it the dudes killed it. Hell, Mark was even doing rail rides down stairs in the rain. Enjoy, and expect a video from our shop stops soonish.” – Walter Pieringer

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Cult BMX

Cult – “Small Talk” Grant Germain, Joe Molina & Friends

More sections from the Cult “Small Talk” DVD surfaced today thanks to Ride BMX! This time around we have phenomenal sections from Grant Germain, Joe Molina and a ton of the Cult connects from around the world in the friends section for you! Hit those play buttons!

“The classification between amateur and professional in BMX has been discussed and debated, but never clearly defined. While the lines are still a little blurry, if we can agree that a professional includes a paycheck and a certain level of experience and skill, then we’re halfway there. So what is an am? Does BMX even need ams? Cult thinks so, and they helped set the precedent for an established am class in BMX with the release of Small Talk, their am-based video that gave Steven Mack, Josh Alderete, Iz Pulido, and Andrew Castaneda the center stage usually reserved for the pro riders.

“Grant is a flow rider from Long Island who had spent the summer in California. We filmed a bunch of clips for the mix part, but then realized that with a few more clips he’d have his first full-length video part. Grant definitely worked hard for it, and I think it was a good experience for him to be a part of the project. He has surely grown a bit since he’s been riding for Cult.“” —Richard “Veesh” Krumm

“Joe is probably the most surprising part to me because he sent us a web video he filmed up in his Salinas, California, area, and as soon as I saw it I said, ‘Hold up, we need this in the video.‘” —Richard “Veesh” Krumm

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Dew Tour – Brooklyn Street Style 2014 Preview

The Dew Tour dropped a preview of what’s to come next weekend in Brooklyn, New York for their Street Style contest! Stacked crew… This is going to be good!

BMX Street is back and this time taking over the House of Vans in Brooklyn. Watch Chad Kerley, Dan Lacey, Stevie Churchill, Jeremiah Smith and more take on the undefeated Garrett Reynolds.

It’s all going down Saturday, September 20, action starts at 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT, watch it ALL live at or download the NBC Sports Live Extra app.

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Interbike 2014: Merritt

 photo IMG_0997_zps57bcce9d.jpg

Next up, we cruised on outside of the main floor area and took the elevator up 27 floors to the Merritt suite to get a look at what Mike Brennan and Sean Curran have been cooking up out in New Jersey this past year. The brand is going into its second year and it’s cooking up a bunch of rad new product. Let’s take a closer look!

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Sunday Bikes

Product: Cult – Dak Frame


We got a preview of Dakota Roche’s new signature frame from Cult the other day in his Cultifornia video and here at Interbike, but we didn’t have the specs! Here it all is…
The new Dak frame is made from 100% Cult classic chromoly tubing with a 75-degree head tube angle, 71-degree seat tube angle, 11.8″ bottom bracket height, 9.25″ stand over height and 13.5″ – 13.8″ chain stay length. You can find gussets on the top and down tubes with a special Dak logo on the bottom, an investment cast seat post clamp, investment cast seat stay bridge, tapered seat stays, S-Bend chain stays to fit the big 2.40″ tires, removable brake mounts, 5mm thick heat-treated drop outs and custom graphics designed by Dakota himself. The Dak V2 will be available in top tube lengths of 20″, 20.5″, 20.75″, 21″, 21.25″ and colors of black and brown. Expect this frame to be hitting shops and mail-orders worldwide soon!

Check out the brown version right here!

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Interbike 2014: Haro and Premium

 photo IMG_0948_zps5ca11381.jpg

Making the rounds, we cruised on over to the Haro and Premium booth to get a closer look at what they had cooking up! Turns out they have a bunch of dialed new complete bikes along with new frames and parts! Let’s get a closer look!

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