Out Of Focus: Top 3 – Backpacks

Words and photos by Aaron Nardi

I guess I would consider myself somewhat of a bag and backpack nerd. I’ve designed, used, researched, purchased, traveled heavily, and destroyed more bags than most people. My personal preferences tend to favor function and value over a cool look (although I have to say I like the look of all the bags below). So yes there are other options out there and some might be cooler, bigger, or offer more protection for one reason or another these are the bags I always come back to*. Beyond just function and style probably my favorite part about this bag that they are a little stealth and don’t scream “I HAVE EXPENSIVE SHIT IN HERE” like most tech and camera bags do…

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Sunday – UK Shop Stops Flyer


If you’re in the U.K, get stoked! Some of the Sunday team will be hitting a few different shops at the start of August!

August 6th – Foundation BMX
August 7th – Broadribb Cycles
August 8th – Waller BMX
August 9th – The BMX Box

If you’re near any of these shops, we highly suggest you hit these up because it’s going to be a good time!

Kurt Hohberger Bike Check


Click to see it BIG!

Talking about myself is one of my least favorite things to do and generally I try to stay out of the picture as much as possible, but on very rare occasions there’s something worth posting up for you guys to check out. The other day I was fortunate enough to build up a fresh new setup after spending the past few years piecing together random parts when they needed to be swapped out or when a brand had asked if I wanted to test things out for them. Needless to say, my bike was a complete mix of parts that had spanned over the past 4 years or so making for a pretty weird feeling bike. I’m so thankful that the guys at Fly Bikes sent through a care package to get me dialed back in! Based off the photo above, you can see why I felt this was a good enough reason to show this off. I’ve put together a quick bike check giving you a closer look if you want to see this stainless beauty! Let’s take a look!

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Cult BMX

Product: Cult – Logo Snapback Hats Out Now


Cult just got their new Logo Snapback hats in-stock! They will be hitting shops and mail-orders worldwide here shortly, but if you just can’t wait, pick one up in the Cult Webstore for $19.99 now!

Kent Pearson Bike Check


There’s something about building up a brand new setup that creates a feeling that makes it hard to stop smiling. The other day we caught up with our favorite front brake magician, Kent Pearson, and found out just build himself up a brand new Kink Titan setup. There’s no way we could pass up getting a look at this thing, so we got a fresh bike check together for you guys to get a closer look! Check it!

Name: Kent Pearson
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Kink BMX

Madera – Virginia Team Trip 2014

Madera dropped their brand new video from their team trip to the Virginia area they took recently! Needless to say, the whole team drops some amazing riding you cannot miss! How the hell does Erik Elstran do anything he does? Amazing.

The whole Madera team headed east this summer and shredded the streets of Richmond, Virginia with a quick stopover in Washington DC and Maryland. This was Erik Elstran’s first time on a trip with the guys so he decided to be as amazing as ever. Watch and see him and the rest of the dudes go hard.
Riders: Erik Elstran, Josh Eilken, Mike Hinkens, Tom Villarreal, Jeff Dowhen
Filmed and Edited by: Grant Castelluzzo
Phantogram- “dont move”

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Dan’s Comp – 60% Off Sale


Dan’s Comp are having a big sale with a ton of items up to 60% off for you to get your hands on! Hit this LINK for a look at all of the bikes, frames, parts, shoes, tees and backpacks they have available with huge discounts! This sale is for a short time, so get on it now.

Cult – Max Vu 02

It has been amazing watching Max Vu progress the past two years, but this new Cult video is absolutely MIND BLOWING! Max is a grind wizard and is already slaying rails out on the streets. Plus, Max is the first rider I’ve seen do a Rodeo grind in years! Must See for sure! This is the future of BMX!

LIL MAX VU was one of the main inspirations for the CULT JUVENILE line…Once he stepped on one though he has progressed farther than any of us can believe…Peep this quick edit from his local stomping grounds…Shouts to EPIC BMX, TCU and PHU…” – Cult

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Sunday Bikes

Kink – 2015 Complete Bikes Videos

Kink just released a bunch of promo videos featuring their team and a few young guns putting their 2015 complete bikes to the test! Check out all of the videos all in a row in the video above, or make the jump to check out each bikes video individually. You can also get a look at all of the bikes right here and damn are they looking good!

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Riding BMX In India


It’s pretty crazy to think about how much BMX has grown over the years and how many places around the world that have scenes that are growing incredibly fast with new talented riders popping up left and right. At the same time, there are still places in this world that BMX just isn’t a thing to them. It might come as a shock to you, but a country with an estimated population of 1.27 billion doesn’t have much for BMX going on.
The other day we had a video sent in by Shubham Nevi and Prateek Bhasin with riding from some of their local spots and it got us thinking about the country and how we really haven’t seen much from the place in the past. We got thinking it would be a good idea to talk to these guys about the place and their movement to bring BMX to the country. Let’s see what they had to say!

Names: Shubham Negi and Prateek “Go Green” Bhasin
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